How to Grow a Thicker Beard (Faster and Better)

The beard. A symbol of manliness. Throughout history, beards were always associated with power, wisdom, leadership, masculinity, and virility.

The wise old man from the movies? Always had a beard. The tribe leader? The king? A full-bearded man on the throne surrounded by clean shaven subordinates.

Having a beard gives a powerful statement: “I am a man”.

From a psychological point of view, it’s a sign of maturity. And from the female’s perspective; attractiveness and ability to father children.

But before we go on to grow it thicker and faster, do you know what is the “best” way to grow a beard?

The four weeks rule

You are probably reading this because you believe your beard lacks the density to fill up.

How to grow a thicker beard faster

Rage! Increase my beard!

However, most beards never come into existence, because the individual underestimates his beard’s actual potential.

In other words, many don’t ever grow a beard because they falsely believe their beard is too patchy — that it does not have enough coverage to connect and give the appearance of a ‘full beard’.

You must let your beard grow for at least four weeks. Only then, most beards start to connect. Only after a decent amount of time, you can evaluate your beard’s true status.

Commit. Growing a beard is a commitment. Growing a stubble is easy. It’s just a few day’s wait. After that, it only requires basic grooming for maintenance.

As for growing a beard, do not touch it for at least four weeks. Many are surprised by how thick it actually is.

Don’t start shaping your beard too soon either — you will most likely cut off more than you’ve wanted. You need to give your beard time to grow to a respectable length and show you it’s “real lines”.

After four weeks, you have two choices. You can continue to grow it into a majestic and natural ‘yeard’, or you can groom and shape it. Going for a ‘yeard’ will earn you more respect (particularly in the bearded community), while grooming will make it more presentable. The latter is best done by using a proper beard trimmer and scissors.

Don’t forget beard oil. Start applying it as soon as you start growing a beard. It makes it look healthier, younger and extra kissable (same goes for your skin). Beard grooming products exist for a reason.

Many fail to understand the 4-week rule. It’s the reason so many beards never come into existence in the first place.

However, most of you reading this guide are here because you know you can’t grow a full beard. You are aware of the lack the density and it’s noticeable.

There may be at least one major thing going for you though. You most likely don’t suffer from male pattern baldness (or ever will).

Those who are capable of growing a beard since a very young age are prone to hair loss. Only a few lucky bastards can grow a full, connected beard while never get to suffer from MPB.

One last thing. Don’t fall for the: “shaving it will make it grow faster” myth.

You grow a beard by letting it grow, not by shaving it.

But enough rambling. Back to the point. You are here to grow a beard faster and thicker.


I have compiled a list of all the things you can do to grow a thicker beard. If you find anything missing, you are welcome to write it in the comments below. If it holds any truth (and a reference), I will add it to this guide.

How to grow a beard thicker, faster and better

For the matter of growing a beard “faster”, you need to understand one thing. All human hair grows at the same rate. (Which is about half an inch or 1,25 cm per month).

I know you’ve all got that friend who can “grow a beard in two weeks”. It does not mean his beard grows faster; it just becomes apparent sooner.

There are three factors that give the illusion of growing a beard faster:

  • Color (darker hair appears thicker)
  • Diameter (some have large, thick hairs; others have fine, thin hairs)
  • Density (thicker beards fill up faster and so appear to grow quicker)

We can’t make (facial) hair grow faster — but we can make it thicker.

1. Health, Nutrition, Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

The male hormone testosterone has a tremendous effect on facial hair growth. It’s what creates facial hair follicles to begin with. The more testosterone you have, the more likely you can grow a full beard.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a byproduct of testosterone. Both hormones play a role in forming and growing facial hair. (As well as secondary sex characteristics, such as penis growth, body hair, nose hair…).

“Findings suggest that T and DHT may have independent roles in the control of male facial hair growth, i.e. T for hair follicle priming and DHT for promotion of linear growth.” [10]

By increasing your testosterone and DHT levels, you can cultivate a thicker beard.

We will take in account everything you can do to enable your beard the most optimal and fertile conditions.

Let’s start by forming a solid natural foundation.

Here is how you can grow a thicker beard naturally:

a) Exercise

You’ll find this tip in every guide about anything. But what can we do — it’s true.

Retro Runner

Work that beard.

Exercise affects facial hair in three ways:

  • Shedding excessive weight increases testosterone. [1]
  • Short intensive exercise is proven to increase testosterone and prevent it from declining. Particularly weightlifting and strength-oriented HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Although, any exercise has a positive effect on your health and testosterone. [1]
  • Exercise increases blood circulation. (Blood carries proteins and vitamins to your hair follicles). [2]

Exercise also makes you more handsome.

b) Stress

Some evidence has shown cortisol reduces testosterone. If you are under chronic stress, your male hormone levels may be suffering.

From a biological point of view, this may be due to testosterone associated behavior (aggression, mating and competing) may lower your chances of survival in an emergency.

Stress also constricts blood vessels, causing the hair root to receive fewer nutrients. Hell, it can even cause hair loss. [1] [3]

Control stress. I know this is easier said than done. What helped me was meditation — being present.

I book I would suggest is ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. It will change the way you view (and handle) stress and emotions.

c) Rest

Healthy bodies need sleep to function. You need to regenerate to keep your testosterone buzzing. A night’s sleep of 7-9 hours should do for most. [4]

Sleep is essential for your well-being and, in this case, growing facial hair.

A study in 2011 by the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed if you sleep for 5 hours or less your testosterone levels suffer as much as 15 percent. [5]

d) Diet

Stick to a healthy, nutritious and vitamin-rich diet. Eat vegetables — they have a profusion of vitamins and minerals. Usually, the worse they taste, the more nutritious they are. Also, hair is a protein filament — eat plenty of protein-rich foods. [6]

Foods like cruciferous vegetables, kale, brazil nuts and eggs also increase testosterone. [12]

Go on a diet. Studies have shown overweight men can boost their testosterone by losing weight. [7]

e) Supplements

facial hair growth products

They aren’t crucial if you are on a well-balanced diet. However:

“Iron, vitamin E, vitamins B (particularly biotin), vitamin D, selenium, copper, magnesium and zinc” — all play a crucial role in hair growth. Vitamin and mineral deficiency can even cause hair loss. [6]

You can also find oral supplements for facial hair growth. A popular example is Vitabeard. Beard champions like Jack Passion claim they take it with excellent results. [2]

It can help to a certain degree.

If you find it overpriced, a simple multivitamin can work as well.

2. Genetics and Procedures

Genes predetermine facial hair thickness at least by 85%.

You can live the healthiest life and eat the most nutritious food, but you are “stuck” to a certain degree with what’s written in your genes.

But since you can change genetics, consider the following:

a) Time

Yes, time. Wait. Unlike height, facial hair never ceases to develop.

Eric Bandholz from Beardbrand explains it in this video. You can see a graph demonstrating beard growth potential over the years.


You should consider this particularly if you are still in your teens. As you head into your 20’s, your facial hair will begin to sprout from all sides.

Don’t concern yourself with density too soon.

If at you are thirty and facial hair is still nowhere in sight, however, it’s not in your cards. Your only bets are either a transplant or an extreme response from minoxidil.

b) Facial Hair Transplant

Since 2007, beard transplants are up by at least six-fold. [8]

Judging by how popular beards have become in the last years this is unsurprising.

The hair comes from either the back or side of your scalp. It depends on what more resembles your facial hair. But note the donor hair they extract is limited. Keep this in mind if you are planning to do a hair transplant to cover up male pattern baldness. [9]

The transplant may cost well up to $7,000, and takes between two and five hours. It rarely requires second procedures. After two weeks, the transplanted hair falls off and regrows three months later.

If you can afford it, the option is available.

A transplant may be your only solution if you have no facial hair at all. Talk to your hair restoration specialist.

But if your beard is patchy and incomplete, there are hair growth stimulating products you can try first. You can find more in the next chapter.

c) Hormone Therapy

I wouldn’t recommend it for the sake of a thicker beard. It poses serious health risks and the effects are not guaranteed. [11]

But female-to-male hormone replacement therapy patients begin to develop facial hair. It shows how important is testosterone.

3. Products for Stimulating Facial Hair Growth

Products that stimulate facial hair exist — but know what you are getting into.

a) Minoxidil

rogaine foamIf you are balding, you know what I’m talking about. Minoxidil, commonly referred to Rogaine, is incredibly effective for growing hair. Anywhere.

Minoxidil began as an oral medication for high blood pressure. After patients had begun reporting hair sprouting all over their body, topical minoxidil was born.

Minoxidil is FDA-approved only for hair loss. Use it at your own risk.

One way to use it on your face is to apply it once per day, leave it on for 4 hours, and then wash it off.

Itch is a common side effect of this treatment, so I would suggest you to moisturize.

If you decide to try minoxidil, be aware of the risks. Do more research. But it can provide you with excellent results.

You can find an outstanding F.A.Q. and user feedback on the Beard Board Forums.

b) Beard Growing Oils and Sprays

You can find plenty of products on Amazon designed to grow facial hair faster and thicker.

But their effectiveness and potency is debatable.

Some are even filled with fake reviews to boost their ratings and sales.

I don’t want to put all these products in one basket and say they are all snake oil. Some may work — but don’t expect miracle results.

If you are willing to try them out, go with the ones that promise a refund in case you are not satisfied (e.g. Beard Growther ).


When contemplating to grow a thicker beard first consider your age, always.

If you are a teenager and it’s patchy, expect a lot of thickness coming in the next few years. No need to worry yet.

If you are in your twenties, know that your beard will continue to develop, although at a slower rate. Produce fertile conditions for your beard to grow. Eat healthy, exercise, get a lot of rest, manage stress, take a multivitamin.

For something more high-level — try using minoxidil. It will work, but effectiveness varies with each individual.

If you are in your thirties and you still don’t have any facial hair whatsoever, it’s not in your genes. Nothing will work — save an immense response from minoxidil or a facial hair transplant.

But whatever happens, Action Hank said it best:

dexter beard on the inside

I hope you’ve found this guide useful. Share this guide with your patchy-bearded friends to give them an extra boost.

Opinions and suggestions are most welcome in the comment section below.

How thick is YOUR beard?


Last updated June 8, 2015.


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