domen hrovatinHi, I’m Domen – a facial hair addict and someone with personal experience when it comes to male pattern baldness. I’ve combined both aspects of my life to create Balding Beards, a site for men who want to learn all they can when it comes to beards, hair loss, grooming and grooming products.

But let’s start from the top. Male pattern baldness and beards, which are stimulated by androgen activity, personify manliness. Most men will face balding and baldness at some point in their lives, although it can vary widely from person to person. For some men, going bald can be the cause of much angst and they may seek medical treatment to lessen the impact.

The flip side, however, is that many men who experience male pattern baldness have the ability to grow thick, full facial hair that is worthy of envy. Properly maintaining that beard to help it reach its full potential is something every man should consider; like many things in a man’s life, however, a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t always going to serve your personal needs and tastes. Let’s face it, people are visual beings, so looking your best at all times will help you feel better about yourself, enhance the way people perceive you, and even help you succeed in the many areas of your life.

That’s why I started Balding Beards. I understand that men have a lot of questions when it comes to facial hair, hair loss, and grooming. While there’s a lot of easy-to-access information out there, none of it goes into great detail about these topics. Our mission is to go beyond basic facts to provide the latest, most detailed and highest quality information for men who are seeking truly relevant answers to their questions.

If you’re looking for in-depth information on how to grow a thicker beard, we’ll have it. We’ll explain in detail the many elements that go into proper beard maintenance. We understand that hair loss can be of great concern and we’ll help you deal with it. But we don’t stop at just beards and hair loss. Want to know how to properly apply cologne? We have you covered. We’ll guide you through the process of layering your clothes to help you always look your best.

We’ll also discuss the tools of the trade when it comes to men’s grooming – from beard trimmers and nose hair trimmers, to products such as beard oil and what it’s made of. We understand that proper grooming involves a whole body approach in which no stone should be left unturned.

We’ll regularly review and compare products related to facial hair, hair loss and men’s grooming. The reviews will contain links from affiliates, from which we receive a small commission, and we also make money through Google ads. We’re open and honest about where our money comes from. While we’ll always be grateful if you buy through our affiliate links, we’ll never pressure you to do so.

You can also be assured that we put a lot of time and effort into researching all of the products we review, and in the vast majority of cases we’ve either used the product and/or continue to use it today.

As men, we like to have fun, too, and we’ll often take a light-hearted – yet still informative – approach to what we write for this website. Balding Beards is updated with new articles about three times each month and we’ll also update old posts when necessary. Again, our goal is to provide men with the latest and most relevant and recent information available. (We also run a footwear resource website Footwear Ox – another obsession of ours. If you care about your feet be sure to check it out.)

The bottom line is that we know you’re faced with a lot of decisions when it comes men’s grooming. We want to make those decisions easier for you by providing the kind of information that’s truly helpful. Enjoy the ride.

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