5 Best Electric Razors for a Super Smooth Shave: A Review [Jun. 2017]

best electric shaverLet’s take some time to talk about electric razors. Yes, you’re on a website that’s decidedly pro-beard. Understood. But even if you rock a beard, you have to maintain it. That means having a defined cheek and line. Not to mention if you have a goatee or some other type of facial hair style. And this certainly includes the gents who can’t wear a beard due to their profession.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at what we think are the best electric razors of 2017, what to keep an eye on, and all sorts of information which will help you shave like a man. After all, you didn’t think you’d have to give up shaving completely, did you?

Our number one pick? The 790CC Pulsonic Shaving System , the best rated electric razor from the premium German electrical appliance brand Braun.

What to keep an eye on in order to get the best electric razor

Keep a few things in mind before you begin searching for the ideal electric razor. You can start by considering the thickness of your beard. If it’s forest-like thick, then don’t settle for a cheap electric razor. It won’t get the job done. Other things to look for:

  • Does it have a money back guarantee, especially a 30-day money back guarantee? Buy one that does, because it takes about 30 days for your skin and facial hair to adjust to the new shaver.
  • The standard warranty for shavers is two years. Check to see if the foil and blades, or shaving heads and cutters, are covered under the warranty.
  • A pop-out trimmer. This is great for dealing with longer hairs or for shaping sideburns, as well as cheek lines and the neck line if you have a beard.
  • The electric razor should hold enough of a charge that it provides at least 45 minutes of shave time. Even better, some will let you keep shaving when they’re charging. There’s nothing worse than getting half of the job done and your razor rounds out of juice.

These electric shavers were chosen on the performance, popularity, positive feedback and our personal experience. Now let’s roll up our sleeves and dig into the best electric shavers for men on the market.


The 5 best electric shavers of 2017

So, here they are, the 5 best electric shavers of 2017:

1. Braun Series 7-790CC Pulsonic Shaving System

braun series 7 799ccThis is the top of the line when it comes to the popular Pulsonic line manufactured by Braun, a well-respected German company which makes personal products and electronics. The Braun Pulsonic has been called the world’s best shaver by a leading market research institute. And the 790CC is the leader of the pack when it comes to the Pulsonic line.

Yes, you’ll pay more than you would for a standard shaver, but the 790CC Pulsonic is a well-designed, well-made cordless shaver that should last years with proper maintenance. What’s not to like? It’s waterproof, so you can actually rinse the unit under the faucet between shaves (although it comes with a cleaning unit for easy cleaning, as well).

The Series 7 comes with three different settings which allow you to customize the shaver to your facial hair, or for when your beard has different growth lengths. The settings vary from sensitive to normal, to intensive.

The Optifoil shaving head moves and adapts to individual facial skin and promises the closest shave not only over other Braun shavers but also other brand names. It’s a unique design that’s made to trim more hair at one time, as well as trim closer to the skin. The shaving head is also contour-adapting so that it will shave easily over the neck and jawline. It quite possibly is, without a doubt, the best foil shaver of 2017.

The 790CC also features Activelift technology, which is a patented middle trimmer that can grasp hairs lying flat against the skin.

Important note: Braun recently added another variant to its Series 7 line of shavers, the Braun 7 799CC. This shaver is capable of both wet and dry shaving. This is a great addition for those who prefer wet shaving with less skin irritation.

In writing about the Braun 7 799CC, Amazon reviewer “D.Smith” said:

The real test is the shave – and this is the best result I’ve ever had from shaving with an electric. My face right now feels so shockingly smooth, I’d swear I shaved with a blade this morning.


  • Optifoil technology provides a remarkably close shave
  • Completely waterproof
  • Easily handles problem areas like the neck and jaw line
  • Extremely comfortable, great for sensitive skin
  • Three personalization modes for easy adjustment to skin type


  • Cleaning fluid tends to evaporate once the seal is broken

amazon cta


2. Panasonic ES81035 Arc3

PANASONIC ES81035 ARC3The sharpest blades just got sharper. Panasonic has called on nanotechnology to polish the sharpest 30-degree blades for an even better cutting performance. That’s important, because while most blades offer a range of 45- to 90-degree blades, this blade comes with the sharpest blade there is.

There’s a lot to like about the Panasonic Arc3, which offers great value (around $76) with a great brand name. Possibly the best men’s electric razor under $100. It’s also waterproof, allowing you to shave in or out of the shower, and use with water, soap, shaving creams, foams, gels – you get the picture. But if your desire is to shave dry, the Arc3 will certainly get the job done.

The Arc3 comes with a pop-up trimmer that can be used for individual grooming of the mustache, beard, or sideburns, and is contained within the shaving unit. It’s great for trimming in narrow areas, like around your nose and lips, but also handy for detailing your beard, goatee, mustache, and sideburns.

Three independently rotating blades, which feature stainless steel foil, are designed to shape and remove your facial hair as expected. The foil patterns are designed to trim long or misaligned hairs with speed and efficiency.

While it doesn’t come with its own cleaning unit, the Arc3 Shaver has a turbo cleaning mode which allows you to accelerate the motor to 17,000 RPM and shake off any hairs or other residues that are stuck to the foil or the blades. You can even rinse the shaver under the tap with this mode, but make sure to remove the foil first. Shake off the water when you are finished, then let the turbo mode spew out any remaining moisture. Cleaning the Arc3 doesn’t take long, but should be done regularly to keep it from jamming or slowing down.

The Arc3 also comes with a charging cord which brings the battery back to full power in one hour’s worth of charging. The charge will last 45 minutes, which equates to about 14 different shaves. The 10-stage battery indicator will let you know when your shaver needs a charge.

Said Amazon reviewer “goodwir”:

Panasonic takes electric shavers to a level that is comparable to a blade without the mess and pain. Shaving is much quicker because there are few do-overs and it does not irritate sensitive skin. A remarkable and greatly needed advance in electric shavers.


  • Can be used for wet and dry shaving
  • The best electric shaver for sensitive skin for men
  • Sharp blades provide clean, close shave
  • One of the fastest shavers available
  • Great value


  • No separate cleaning unit

amazon cta

3. Braun 3Series 340S-4


UPDATE: There is a new version of this product, the Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Wet&Dry Electric Shaver for Men

The 340S-4 is the latest generation in Braun’s Series 3, which offers both wet and dry shaving options. If you’re looking for a clean, close shave every day before work, the 340S-4 won’t disappoint.

Good for both thin and thick stubble, this electric shaver has a unique foil design intended to trim hairs growing from different directions. It’s triple-action cutting system efficiently captures both short and long facial hairs. Senofoil Technology includes a middle trimmer that lifts the low-lying hair and cuts it to the desired length. A real strength of this razor is that delivers great performance when it comes to shaving stubble that has been left untouched for a number of days.

Another advantage with the Series 3 is low-cost replacement parts. Braun recommends replacing parts every 18 months; for $20 you can get a new set of shaver heads.

Amazon reviewer “cwami” has this to say about the Braun 3Series 340S-4:

I shave every day, and I shave my full head, not just my face. I find this (razor) to be very comfortable …


  • Good for short and long hair
  • Wet & dry shaving
  • Incredibly smooth
  • Triple Action FreeFloat System
  • World’s No. 1 foil shaver brand


  • Cord option not available
  • Some find it a bit noisy

amazon cta


4. Philips Norelco Shaver 2100 (Model 6948XL/41)

PHILIPS NORELCO SHAVER 2100 MODEL 6948XL 41The Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 is the evolution of a classic design that hasn’t changed much over the years – think of it as an updated version of the electric shaver your father might have used. It’s an entry-level type of razor that comes with three independent shaving heads, giving you close, clean shave at a reasonable price.

A real strength of this shaver lies in Philips’ “Flex and Float” system, which combined with the self-sharpening blades catches and cuts more hair than other razors. The life expectancy of the blades is a year, perhaps not as long as some, but also not as short as other models. This patented “Flex and Float” system enables each blade to follow the contours of your face independently, as well as capturing more hairs in one pass. With less additional back-and-forth movements you’ll also minimize skin irritation. It also makes for a fast shave. Moreover, self-sharpening blades are less apt to wear out.

This shaver comes with a pop-up hair trimmer on the back of the unit, which allows you to trim off pesky hairs from your beard or mustache, as well as to nicely trim around beards. You can also take care of those pesky stray hairs on the back of your neck.

The Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 shaver is for dry shaving only and cannot be rinsed under the faucet, but because that’s OK since there will be less gunk to clean out because you’re not using shaving gels, foams, or lotions. You can pop the head out of the shaver and clean that out under the tap, however, but not the entire shaver since it’s not waterproof.

One full charge of the Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 will give you 35 minutes of shaving time. There’s a battery status light on the front of the charger to let you know how far along the charge is; it typically takes eight hours to charge it fully. But it also works well with the power cord attached.

No, it doesn’t come with a lot of frills, but at $45 it costs less than a set of blades for other highly-rated razors. But you’ll get a very reliable machine from a company that has considerable expertise. It’s quiet, light and easy to use, comfortable and might just be the best budget electric shaver you can get.

Said Amazon reviewer “Edward Roth”:

This is one is so quiet that, at first, I wasn’t sure it was working! It also cuts closer and better than previous Norelcos I’ve owned. They must have re-designed the heads or something to get it to cut so smoothly and quietly.


  • Affordable
  • Quiet
  • Durable self-sharpening blades
  • 45-day risk-free trial
  • Light, easy to use


  • Isn’t waterproof

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5. Philips Norelco 1150X46 6100

PHILIPS NORELCO 1150X46 6100This is a great shaver for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s user-friendly and doesn’t make shaving seem like a chore. If you’re used to the close shave of a traditional shaver, then you’ll truly want to give the Philips Norelco 6100 a try.

It also delivers top-notch performance in a variety of ways. Its Lift and CutSuperior technology lifts up even the flattest hairs for the blades to trim off, without discomfort or irritation.

Meanwhile, the GyroFlex 2D technology enables the shaver to follow the contours of your face without the need to apply high pressure or friction. It easily guides its way around your face and neck, and won’t miss short-hair stubble.

The Philips Norelco 6100 is cordless and comes with a lithium-ion battery that lasts longer than most and charges quickly (just one hour of charging will give you 40 minutes of shave time). There’s also a highly-convenient three-minute charge option that enables you to quickly charge the shaver if you forgot the night before and it’s out of juice. This will give you enough charge for one shave.

Because the entire shaver can be safely immersed in water, it’s great for wet and dry shaving. Feel free to shave with water, shaving gels, foams, and lotions. Air holes are conveniently placed on the body which allows water to drip out and the shaver to dry.

Another great feature of this razor is its hair collection chamber. Your spouse or significant other will thank you when there are no tiny hairs left behind the bathroom after you’ve had a good shave.

Amazon Vine reviewer “Joseph Siegler” said this about the Philips Norelco 1150X46 6100:

I give this (shaver) five stars quite easily, and without exaggeration. The heads collapse and move around to contour my face, which is probably why it works on the neck hair so well.


  • Great for shaving neck hair
  • Best rotary shaver 2017
  • Hair collection chamber
  • Quick charging
  • Good for wet and dry shaving
  • Little discomfort or irritation


  • May have to make multiple passes with the shaver, depending on the thickness of your beard.

amazon cta


Foil shavers vs. rotary shavers

As a general rule, foil shavers are better for soft skin and normal beards, while rotary shavers work better on thick beards.

How to use an electric shaver in 7 steps

Now that you’re ready to bring home your new electric razor and start tidying up those parts of your face now covered by your spectacular beard, here are some tips for using it. Follow these and you’ll be shaving like a pro in no time.

1. Give It Time

give it timeWe’ve already discussed how you should buy a razor that has a 30-day money back guarantee because you’ll need that time to give your skin and facial hair time to adjust. Don’t give up. You should start to see results in no longer than three weeks.

2. How To Hold It

how to hold itHold the razor at 90 degrees. Shave up and down and sideways when using a foil shaver. Shave in a circular motion with a rotary shaver.

3. Go Against The Grain

go against the grainUnlike how you would use a traditional blade, shave against the grain with electric shavers. Also, stretch your skin with your free hand to get a better shave, and cut in all directions.

4. Wash Later

wash laterDon’t wash your face before dry-shaving.

5. Go Easy

go easyDon’t press too hard, because it can cause irritation. Some areas may need more pressure, just be careful.

6. Bring in a Trimmer, if Needed

bring in a trimmerUse a beard trimmer or hair clippers to get your facial hair down to a “shaving” level if it’s too long. An electric shaver won’t be kind to you or your long facial hair, unless you like pulling, tugging, yanking … you name it.

7. Take Care Of It

take care of itAlways clean your shaver after use by using either a cleaning station, running it under the faucet (if it’s waterproof), or using a brush. This will prolong the life of the blades. And always replace dull blades when necessary – which is usually every 1 to 2 years for most models.

And that’s it, folks. What’s your experience with electric razors? We’d love to hear about it.

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