9 Best Beard Products Every Beardsman Needs in His Arsenal

best beard productsIf you’re serious about taking care of your beard, then you need a grooming kit.

Not just any kit, that is, but one that’s filled with the best beard products available, and that means more than just a beard trimmer and scissors. To keep your beard looking its best you need the works: oil, shampoo, balm, wax, and even a razor.

That in mind, we want to help fill your kit and we’ve included a list of the best beard care products to make your buying decisions easier.

Let’s get started. The 9 best beard products every beardsman needs:

1. Beard Oil

Great example – Smooth Viking Beard Oil for Men

smooth viking beard oil

Beard oil is a must-have for every man who’s serious about growing a great beard. Not just “a beard,” but a great one.

For one, beard oil is designed to mimic the natural oils you have on your skin. For the skin under your beard, which can easily become dry, itchy, and produce the dreaded beardruff, oil is everything, including when you want to maintain a healthy beard.

Beard oil, in short, hydrates your skin. If you live in a cold or harsh climate, beard oil will keep your beard from getting too dry and brittle.

Say what you want about the Vikings of old – those hairy, burly, men who could wreak a whole lot of havoc. Despite their rough and tumble reputation, they were also known for their grooming, including taking proper care of their behemoth beards.

So, when you see Smooth Viking Beard Oil on the shelf, you may feel a bit of nostalgia for our ancient brethren, who kicked ass and took names, all while their beards looked immaculate. Most of them, anyway.

Smooth Viking’s Beard Oil for Men is a similar multi-tasker in that it keeps your beard healthy in a variety of ways. Plus, it’s packed with natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, argan oil, pumpkin seed oil, and more.

The Smooth Viking formula is effective without being too heavy and softens your beard without leaving behind a greasy residue. Their oil is effective on the most unruly of beards overrun with brittle, stiff strands of hair.

Our friends at Smooth Viking want you to keep your beard well-maintained but don’t think you need to spend hours doing it. That’s why they make their beard oil – and other products – easy to use. Just a small amount of their oil gives you the softness and manageability that you’ll appreciate.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that your beard itch has taken a hiatus, hopefully not to return anytime soon.

Even the hardest of hardcore Viking will appreciate that.

2. Beard Balm

Great example – Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In ConditionerWe’ve mentioned it in previous posts but it’s worth repeating – the folks at Honest Amish simply know what they’re doing when it comes to producing top-quality beard products.

Beards have been part of Amish culture for at least a few centuries – Amish men grow beards once they get married, primarily for religious purposes – so it only figures that they’d have a wealth of insight when it comes to facial hair.

It only figures that they’d use the finest natural ingredients, as well.

Their all-natural Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner is the best in the business for a lot of reasons, including those already mentioned.

But there’s more:

  • Honest Amish Beard Balm is a 100% natural product that blends botanicals such as Argan, Jojoba, grapeseed, pumpkin seed and apricot kernel oils. It also includes butter such as shea, cocoa, and aloe that help shape your beard while repairing any patchiness that you may have.
  • It helps relieve the itching that plagues many beard wearers because of the way it thoroughly conditions your skin.
  • It comes to you with packaging that’s also a cut above the rest: a burlap bag that holds the beard balm and beard care tips. The bag can be re-used for your own transportation purposes.
  • In typical Honest Amish style, the Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner has a pleasant masculine scent that won’t overpower you. There’s even a hint of black licorice within the fragrance – which might seem odd but actually works very well.
  • You’ll love the shine this balm gives your beard. Not the kind of shine that will blind anyone nearby, mind you, but just noticeable enough to impress both beard lovers and non-beard lovers alike.
  • It minimizes dryness, split ends, and breakage of your beard hair follicles.
  • It comes in a thick, balm spread that’s easy to apply and spread evenly throughout your beard. The balm provides a strong hold that many oil-based products can’t.
  • The conditioner keeps your skin hydrated and comfortable throughout your busy day. You won’t be interrupted and aggravated by incessant itching.
  • There’s little mess while applying the Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner to your beard.
  • It makes shaping your beard easy and provides a strong hold.

The bottom line is that this is yet another product with the quality you’d expect from Honest Amish. When it comes to the best beard grooming products, they’re at the top.

3. Beard & Mustache Wax

Great example – CanYouHandlebar All-Natural Secondary Mustache Wax

CanYouHandlebar All-Natural Secondary Mustache WaxThe quest: find an extra-strength mustache wax that doesn’t look like it after application.

That is, a wax that gives you all the hold you need, without looking you’ve slathered it on.

Thank you CanYouHandelbar. You’ve managed to pull it off with your All-Natural Secondary Mustache Wax. You’ve got the stuff that’s “extra-strength” when it comes to hold but still keeps your mustache looking like it’s yours, not an overly-waxed pretender.

Well done, ladies and gentlemen.

A wax that manages to walk that kind of line – but still keeps your mustache from drooping sadly during the day – is worth having in your grooming arsenal.

A common issue with many facial hair waxes is that they’re too “tough” and leave your mustache (or beard) stiff and non-pliable. Styling it can be like combing a Brillo pad.

CanYouHandlebar, on the other hand, has the right mix of beeswax and carrier oils to make your facial hair do what you want. They use beeswax in a higher ratio than many other waxes, and their Secondary Mustache Wax comes in a set with their primary wax and provides extra hold.

You don’t need to use the Secondary Wax every day, mind you, but when used in combination with CanYouHandlebar’s primary wax you’ll get a hold that’s superior to any other product out there. If you’re willing to take just a little extra time in some mornings, you’ll be amazed by well this wax holds.

CanYouHandlebar Secondary Mustache Wax has 100% natural ingredients, as the name suggests, and contains no petroleum jelly or other chemicals. You can smell the beeswax when you open the tin, and it is easily made pliable by warming it for just a bit.

One reviewer even said that he’d left the tin in his pants pocket to warm and soften it before application.

To each his own.

Here’s the other thing: you can even leave it in overnight, and it’s still very pliable in the morning. You’ll wake up, shape your beard, and bada bing, bada boom. Hello, world.

The CanYouHandlebar Secondary Wax scent is just what we’ve previously mentioned – pure beeswax. It’s pleasant, far from overpowering, and helps keep your beard fresh throughout the day. In fact, you’ll hardly notice the scent, which isn’t a bad thing considering that it’s directly below your nose each day.

Moreover, if you’re serious about keeping your handlebar mustache in place, and a handlebar requires some serious hold, then this is the product for you, as well. The last thing you want is for your handlebar to go flaccid as the day goes on.

Don’t droop, fellas. Treat yourself to a tin of CanYouHandlebar mustache wax instead.

4. Beard Shampoo

Great example – Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo With All-Natural Oils

Professor Fuzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

All the way from the Land Down Under – Tasmania, to be specific – we give you Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo With All Natural Oils.

That it comes from Tasmania, an island filled with natural beauty, is only fitting because the all-natural ingredients in this beard shampoo are superb, not the least of which is its Kunzea Oil and Leatherwood Honey and Bees Wax found only in Tasmania.

Bees wax offers many benefits to your beard, including that it helps provide “hold,” but it’s particularly great for its anti-itch qualities. Oh, and it also makes your beard hair look and feel amazingly soft.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo comes in a bar form. Because it has no synthetic ingredients, it may dissolve faster than a traditional bar of soap, so you may want to store it outside or your shower to extend its lifespan.

Another thing to keep in mind: because this shampoo contains several of the main ingredients in beard balm, you may not have to use as much balm or oil on your beard as you normally would. But it’s a great complement to all other beard care products.

There’s more – much more – that make this one of the best beard shampoos available today, including other ingredients found in the Tasmania rainforest, such as a variety of essential oils, as well as Mount Wellington spring water. You’ll also find Tasmanian seaweed extract and cocoa powder.

The bottom line is that it works. It’s a simple, yet effective beard care solution that’s also good for use on your hair and body. You have to love that kind of versatility. As the folks at Professor Fuzzworthy’s put it, their products are “Often imitated, never equaled.”

5. Beard Brush

Great example – ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles Natural Firm Hog Hair and Pearwood Beard Brush

ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles Natural Firm Hog Hair and Pearwood Beard BrushLike shampoo, not any old beard brush will do when it comes to maintaining your beard.

Don’t use your girlfriend’s hairbrush to style your beard. Or, your own hairbrush, either.

Use the ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles Natural Firm Hog Hair and Pearwood Beard Brush, instead. You won’t be disappointed.

ZilberHaar’s signature brush as 100% natural boar hair bristles. The bristles are everything (well almost everything) when it comes to a  beard brush, and those made of boar hair are almost always superior to those made of synthetic materials.

Boar hair bristles provide the right kind of stiffness to glide through your beard hair, even the longest, most unruly strands. They’ll also evenly distribute your beard’s natural oils to leave you with a soft, clean, and manageable look.

We also realize that there’s more to a brush than its bristles. That’s another reason why we like the ZilberHaar Beard Brush; from its solid pearwood construction – the pearwood comes from Germany’s beautiful Black Forest region – to its smooth wood handle, it has the right stuff.

And you certainly want to have a good base and handle as you work your brush through your beard. If you’ve used a brush not made for your beard, then you understand how great (not) it feels to pull the bristles through a thick thatch of facial hair.


Grooming your facial hair with a brush designed for the job has many other advantages, as well, such as softening it and making it more manageable. By evenly spreading the oils throughout your beard, you’ll also lessen beard itch while meeting the challenge of beardruff.

The ZilberHaar Beard Brush should become part of your manscape kit after you’ve let your beard grow a month or so. By then, you’ll have a full beard, or something very close to one, and your brush will serve you as long as you have a beard. It works well even with a massive beard – such as a yeard.

Another thing to like about this brush is its size. It’s not too big or small, which makes it easy for you to carry with you throughout your day. You can keep it in your car, your briefcase, even your pocket.

You’ll be glad you brought it with you.

6. Beard Comb

Great example – Kent’s Handmade Combs

Kent’s Handmade CombsGo ahead. Try that cheap plastic comb on your beard mustache. You know, the one you bought for a couple of bucks at the drugstore.

Let’s us know how it works.

And then let us know when you’re ready to get serious about combing your facial hair.

Once you’ve established that, A) you’re serious about properly maintaining your beard and mustache, and B) that your cheapo plastic comb isn’t worth a damn, then it’s a good time to talk about a Kent’s Handmade Comb.

After running those teeth through your facial hair, all pulling and tearing and ripping, running a handmade comb from Kent’s will feel like taking the Ferrari for a spin after driving around in that clunker with a few hundred thousand miles on it.

Kent’s Handmade Comb is made for the job, i.e., combing and shaping facial hair. Moreover, it’s not like Kent’s doesn’t have experience: they’ve been in the comb and brush business since 1777. Rest assured, they’ve learned a thing or two during that time.

But what makes Kent’s Handmade Comb stand out from all the rest? Check it out:

  • A Kent comb’s teeth are saw cut, not injection molded like standard plastic combs. Injection molded combs are produced in mass quantities, and it only stands to reason that the mold gets worn from all the use – resulting in teeth that don’t pull smoothly through your facial hair.
  • A saw cut comb, meanwhile, leaves the internal surface of the teeth flat, which move through your hair without binding or pulling. It moves smoothly even through wet hair.
  • The tips of the teeth on Kent’s Handmade Comb are hand-shaped after the cutting process. They’re rounded to prevent the comb from scratching and irritating your scalp, and stimulate oil production that makes your facial hair shiny and more manageable. When it comes to styling your beard, good luck finding a comb that does it better than Kent.
  • Kent combs aren’t made of polystyrene plastic but pliable (yet stiff) cellulose acetate. The result is a comb that has a pleasing glossy finish.
  • Kent Handmade Comb will feel pleasing in your hand. It’s the ideal size and weight.
  • While Kent always delivers superior craftsmanship and products that are second to none, their combs and brushes are very affordable.
  • If you still don’t believe us, check out this video:

So, go ahead. Ditch the rest and try the best. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Beard Trimmer

Great example – Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer Series 5100

Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer Series 5100The Philips Norelco Series 5100 capably deals with issues that plague other trimmers: tugging, limited battery life and, last but not least, poor cutting quality.

Instead, the 5100 makes your trim easy and stress-free while providing exceptional convenience.

First introduced in 2014, the 5100 has become a popular choice among beardsmen because of all that it offers, such as:

  • Innovative lift and trim technology that eliminates tugging
  • 17 built-in precision length settings and a zoom wheel that locks in each setting
  • An advanced lithium ion battery that delivers over an hour of run time (after an hour charge)
  • Easy washing because it’s water-resistant
  • Rounded comb technology that helps deliver a skin-friendly and more even trim

And there’s much more to like about the 5100, including self-sharpening blades that are double sharpened to help cut hair efficiently while avoiding skin irritation. You’ll also love that it cuts evenly through any length of beard, no matter how coarse or unruly. You get an even cut without feeling like you’re tearing hair from your face.

The 5100 is also good for corded and cordless trimming, and it looks great, too. And quite possibly one of the best beard trimmers currently you can lay your hands on.

Hey, you look good. You might as well have a trimmer that does, too.

8. Beard Scissors

Great example – Professional Mustache and Beard Trimming Scissors

Professional Mustache and Beard Trimming ScissorsNo self-respecting beard and mustache grooming kit is complete without a good pair of scissors. But not just any scissors.

What you truly need is a pair of scissors designed for the job – a pair specially made for your facial hair. And not just any scissors for facial hair, but the Professional Mustache and Beard Trimming Scissors.

Handcrafted in England and made of the highest quality Japanese steel, the Professional Mustache & Beard Trimming Scissors are what you need to keep your mustache and beard from becoming unruly.

Again, you don’t want just any old scissors, but a pair that gives you a precise cut while handling the fine details. They should be sharp, easy to handle, but long enough to clip your facial hair properly.

The Professional Mustache and Beard Trimming scissors do all of the above and are also great for trimming your eyebrow hair. They’re hard to beat when it comes to beard styling products.

As the name suggests, these scissors are good enough for professional use but also ideal for any man’s home kit. You’ll be able to cut fine angles on your beard and mustache hair and they’re easy to handle even if you have hands that are larger than most.

They even come with a gold finger rest (in the top handle) that provides more supported grip.

While the blades are surgical sharp, the tips are rounded to reduce the chances of nicks and cuts – especially in the more delicate areas of your face. They even look great and should last you for many years.

Finally, if you don’t like them, no worries. Just send them back for a full refund.

Not that we think you’re going to send them back.

9. Best Razors

Even if you’re fully-bearded, well on your way, or just getting started, you still need a razor. Whether it’s for touch-ups or shaving the edges of your neck and cheek lines, your arsenal of beard grooming products must include a razor.

Here are a couple of quality razors you should consider:

Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor

Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable RazorGillette is one of those iconic brands that, unless you grew up in a cave, you’ve heard about since you were a wee lad.

Sure, not all big, iconic brands manufacture the best products, but the folks at Gillette know a thing or two about razors. They’ve been in the business since the start of the 20th century, after all.

When it comes to disposable razors, it’s hard to beat Gillette’s Mach3. It’s a top-of-the-line razor with many great features, including three progressively aligned blades.

Progressively aligned?

Yes. Specifically, the Mach3’s blades are positioned in a way that you get a cleaner cut with fewer strokes. As the folks at Gillette put it, for every stroke, you take the Mach3 takes three.

And who wouldn’t like a lighter workload, especially during their morning routine?

The Mach3 has other great features, including:

  • A lubricating strip at the top of the razor that helps prevent skin irritation. The strip is made with natural oils to soothe the skin, and it fades to white when a new blade is needed.
  • Spring-loaded blades that depress when pressed against the skin, which allow for a closer shave while easily moving along the contours of your face.
  • Three blades coated in Gillette’s patented DLC (Diamond Like Coating) that are sharp enough to give you a close shave every time.
  • A pivoting head that further aids you in avoiding irritating nicks and cuts.
  • An ergonomically-designed handle for a comfortable, sure grip.
  • The blades are placed in a way that makes them easy to clean.
  • It’s extremely affordable. If you’re on the road but without a razor, this razor is your go-to choice.

Then again, it should be your go-choice whether you’re traveling or not.

Merkur Long-Handled Safety Razor

Merkur Long-Handled Safety RazorIf disposable razors aren’t your thing, then take a good look at Merkur’s Long-Handled Safety Razor. It’s definitely the cream of the crop.

What makes Merkur’s razor so good? Let us count the ways:

  • Many shaving experts say that Merkur produces the best safety razors on the market. They’re made in Germany and have all the traits of fine German craftsmanship.
  • It has a simplistic design that consists of the handle, guard, and top. But don’t let the simplicity fool you – this a finely-crafted razor that gets the job done.
  • The blades are positioned between the guard and head of the unit, and the head unscrews easily to allow you to add and remove blades.
  • The Merkur Safety Razor has a 4-inch handle that’s longer than usual and ideal for men with larger hands, or for anyone who wants to shave at the optimum angles.
  • It’s also easy to handle because it’s lightweight and has a grip that’s virtually slip-proof (and great for you gents who prefer to shave in the shower). Weight is also important in avoiding nicks and cuts because the blades are very sharp and don’t need a lot of pressure to shave your facial hairs.
  • It also has a built-in guard to further help you in avoiding nicks and cuts. Many safety razors don’t have this feature. Yes, you can still nick yourself, but you’ll avoid any damage if you take your time and use the proper technique.

And if you’re a beginner to the shaving/safety razor game, you’ll appreciate having the built-in guard on your side.

What’s not to like?

Face, head – this safety razor does it all.

Last but not least, you should also consider an electric shaver for touch-ups. It saves you the hassle of having to apply lather. Albeit, at a heftier price tag. The Braun Series 7-790cc is an excellent example

That, my friends, wraps up our look at the best beard products you should own. There’s no shortage of quality tools out there, but we think the ones we’ve listed here will always serve you well.

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions. Is there a product you think should be on the list? What are your experiences with any of the ones we’ve listed here?

We’d love to hear from you.

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