5 Incredibly Interesting Beard Facts

If you are already a proud owner of long facial hair, you may be already aware of some of the interesting beard facts listed below.

However, if you don’t own, nor rent, you might be surprised that…

beard facts

Fact time!

1. Most compliments will be expressed from other men

That’s right. Once you grow out your beard, particularly if you have good thick genetics, most compliments will be given to you from other guys.

Now now, you should still get a degree of remarks from women, considering you keep your it well groomed.

But women don’t notice beards as much as other men do.

Full beards are considered to be an alpha trait. A lot of guys who lack the power to grow a thick mane will be envious.

Not to mention growing one out takes courage, and they look charming as hell.

2. You will save 4.5 months of your life

The average man will waste 4.5 months or 139 full days shaving what they shouldn’t. Image what you could do in that time.

Time could be better spent traveling, exercising, scuba diving, learning a new skill, spear hunting, or playing video games to put your worries at rest, particularly if you are on a tight schedule.

3. … And maybe add even a little more by being healthier

Beards have a positive effect on your health by protecting you from harmful UV rays, thus slowing your aging process on your face. They also act like a filter they protect you from allergies like pollen and other allergens.

4. Some people will be afraid of you

If there is a phobia for everything, then there must also be a phobia for beards. Yup, sure is. It’s called Pogonophobia. And there are a variety of reasons for it.

For example, someone might have had a negative, or traumatic event in the past with a bearded person, and later developed a phobia for beards as a defense mechanism.

Other, it might come off as untrustworthy, and triggers a phobic effect, because it can be irrationally associated with homelessness, uncleanliness or religious fanaticism.

And so on.

very scary

Way scarier than a beardless skull.

This can be easily fixed by keeping your face hair nicely groomed. Or, by just generally not caring what other people think.

5. Beards do not commit treason

… And therefore should not be punished.

On July 6, 1535 right before his execution, Sir Thomas More stated his beard has not committed any treason, and therefore should not suffer the same fate. So right before the executioner cut off his head, he saved his beard by putting it aside.

A noble hero.


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