Why You Should Be Glad They’ve Found ‘Poop Particles’ Inside Beards.

Beards — dangerous?

Many of you might have heard about the latest “attack” on facial hair. About a week ago, a lab study in New Mexico claimed they’ve found ‘poop particles’ inside individual beards.

It came as a shock to many of us, bearded or beardless beings. Some articles even went as far as saying beards are ‘dirtier than toilets’.

why you should be glad they have found this in beards

Good news everyone!

The media does a marvelous job of creating an unnecessary alarm. Just for the sake of attention.

A while ago, I did some research and wrote an article about four health benefits you get for growing a beard. One healthy benefit is beards trap particles of dust and pollen from entering your nose and mouth.

Facial hair is our natural filter.

Let’s say that for some reason you are exposed to ‘poop particles’. If they wouldn’t get trapped inside your beard, where do you think they would go?

Inside your mouth.

You should be thankful your beard has caught the fecal matter and prevented it from entering your system.

It means your beard works.

Beards are our friends. They grow for a reason. If beards were detrimental to our health, why would they grow in the first place? Every part of our body serves a purpose. And beards are, among other things, our natural bodyguards.

So what did this study found? Unclean beards are dirty.

What a great discovery Columbus.

If you don’t wash your beard, it’s natural it’s going to become dirty after a while. That is why some beards in the study showed this bacteria.

If there is anything positive to take away from all this, it’s the reminder to stay clean.

‘Poop particles’ can be found almost anywhere. Phones, remote controllers, you name it. Anything that is frequently used or touched.

So remember brothers, beards protect us from external harms. They are here keep us healthy. Just remember to wash them regularly.

Keep on bearding! Don’t let this stupid pogonophobia change the way you see your precious.

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