4 Steps How to Make Your Beard Soft as a Cloud

how to make your beard softTo you, it’s your beard. Handsome. Rugged. Even irresistible. So what if it’s a little bristly and a little rough? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

Well, think again tough guy. As good-looking as your beard may be, or you think it may be, if it’s as rough as sandpaper it’s not living up to its full potential. Worse, it could be rapidly becoming a turn-off to your romantic interest.

Not that it’s entirely your fault. There’s a good chance you were blind to the ways – and whys – about how to make your beard soft.

Or, you thought it wasn’t that big of a deal. Well it is, and you don’t have to live in the dark ages any longer. That’s the good news. The bad? There really isn’t any when your beard is soft, looking better than ever, and being everything it is meant to be.

That said, let’s face the music and get down to business.

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Which means uncovering a couple of reasons why your beard isn’t soft:

  • Split ends – Yes, your beard has them. When you trim your beard frequently, the cut ends are far more abrasive than other uncut hair.
  • Too dry – Just like a nice head of hair needs to keep moist, your beard shouldn’t be allowed to dry out, either. Here’s something to think about: if you’re not drinking enough liquids one way dehydration can manifest itself is in a brittle, dry beard. But there also all kinds of products out there to help keep things moist and soft. We’ll mention a few in a little bit.
  • Lack of attention – Your poor beard. It only gets attention when you trim it, or when your significant other/love interest cut themselves on it because it’s too rough. OK, slight exaggeration, but you get the picture. Show your beard some love! And here’s how:

4 Ways To Make Your Beard Softer

wash your beard1. Wash, Condition, Repeat

If you’re not shampooing your beard three to five times a week, you’re probably leaving some dirt and grime behind (or yesterday’s food particles).

Give your beard a thorough shampoo and then rinse it just as thoroughly. Shampoo and conditioner left behind won’t do you any favors in terms of dryness.

A note on shampoo: milder is better. It will help scrub the skin (tenderly) while also washing your beard. You can try the shampoo and conditioner you are already using, but know that there are products available designed specifically for your beard.

2. Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Two essentials to the softer beard process, beard oil and beard balm should from here on be found in your shaving kit. After washing up in the morning, put a few drops of beard oil in your hand and gently massage it into your beard all the way down to the skin of your face.

This will add moisture to your beard. At night, add a small amount of beard balm to your beard, rubbing it in with your hands the same as you did with beard oil. The beard balm will take on those nasty split ends and knots – and win.

You can also read all about beard oil in our guide.

3. Comb It

Want a great tool for softening your beard?

Then a boar bristle brush also needs to be in your arsenal.

It’s easier on your facial hair than other kinds of combs, while it also evenly distributes the natural oils of your skin across the hair.

It can also comb away and dirt and impurities that are keeping your beard dry and bristly.

4. You Are What You Eat (Or, At Least, Your Beard Is)

We’ve already mentioned the part about hydration and it’s role in a rough, or soft, beard. But there are also several foods that can help make your facial and body hair softer.

Food containing omega-3 fatty acids will definitely help, so eat that piece of coldwater fish while knowing that your beard is enjoying it, as well.

You can also find those omega-3s in foods like walnuts and soybeans.

Taking a multivitamin, especially one with beta carotene (Vitamin A), will also help.

The Products

products for making your beard softNow we know that shampoo, conditioning, thorough rinsing and a healthy diet all contribute to developing a beard that’s as soft as a teddy bear. But let’s dig deeper and get into the stuff you can buy to help take your beard-care to the next level.

Shampoo and Conditioner

There are plenty of choices available under this category, but some to consider include Jack Black Double Header Shampoo & Conditioner, Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo and (on the more expensive side) Bumble and bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner.

While there’s nothing wrong with trying the shampoo and conditioner you already use, products produced especially for facial hair are usually better in the long run. Besides, your beard won’t smell like your head hair.

Beard Oil

It’s hard to go wrong with beard oil. It moisturizes, it conditions, it smells good – it’s as if it spouts directly from the Fountain of Youth.

OK, slight exaggeration, again, but if you’re serious about making your beard look and feel its best, then it’s time to get serious about beard oil.

Here’s another plus – beard oil is great when you first start growing a beard because it cuts down on the itchiness by softening that new growth. You can even use the stuff to shape your beard if you have nothing else on hand.

Here are just a few company/product suggestions the next time you go beard oil shopping (and we hope it’s soon): The Gentlemen’s Beard Club, Honest Amish Beard Care, and anything by Beardbrand.

Beard Balm

Like beard oil, beard balm conditions and moisturizes your beard. But it’s also great for shaping your beard, and it gives more density to it. 

Beard balms with natural sealants – rather than synthetic – generally make your facial hair softer and healthier.

There’s nothing overly wrong with synthetics, but they’re probably not for you if your skin is easily irritated.

The nice folks at Honest Amish can also hook you up with a quality beard balm, while among other to consider are Smooth Viking Beard Care, or something by the Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

Boar Bristle Brush

Besides distributing the natural oils of your skin efficiently across your bear, a boar bristle brush also has a massaging effect that increases the blood flow of the skin beneath your beard. And that makes for a happier, healthier beard.

So, before you brush it, take a lot at the quality items from the Rocky Mountain Barber Company, or the Texas Beard Company.


So, there you have it fellas. No more excuses for that rough and tumble porcupine-like beard. Wash it, comb it, treat it with oils and balms, eat right, and you’ll have the beard of your dreams. You, and others, will be happy you did.


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