4 Definite Reasons to Grow a Beard

To beard or not to beard? The eternal question. Every man has a point in their lives where he asks himself whether he should beard himself or not.

grow a beard

I think it’s time.

The most common reason blocking men from resisting the razor is their job or career. Many fear they might get fired, become an outcast and if unemployed, remain so.

Another common reason is the fear of female rejection, thinking a bearded face might come off as unattractive and homeless.

So they don’t take any risks, don’t want to stand out and blend into the crowd of the clean shaven men.

But what if I were to tell you that a beard can help you in these circumstances. The key is just to not come off as a homeless terrorist. Groom the hell out of that beard and buy a nice haircut. You are in for a surprise.

If you are on the brink of growing a beard, these four reasons might just give you that last push you oh-so-needed.

Why You Should Grow a Beard:

1. Masculinity, Dominance, and Confidence

Manliness. This one should not be a surprise. Beards are probably the easiest way to distinguish men from women when clothed.

A bearded face is a face treated with respect and is synonymous with masculinity, dominance, assertiveness and tree cutting skills.

Fun fact: From a historical point of view beards signal confidence, as beard-grabbing can be disadvantageous in a fight.

The sole act of wearing a beard can put in you in a state of alpha-like mentality. Similarly like wearing different apparel, wearing beards can make you act differently. Trust me, I have experienced this first hand.The change might not be like day and night, but the feeling’s there and the feeling’s good.

It’s simple. More beard, more man.

2. It makes you appear more aggressive

According to studies, men with beards were consistently rated as more aggressive compared to the clean shaven dudes. Also, a scowl wearing a beard was also deemed the most menacing. While this might not be a goal for everyone, it’s doubtless that it breeds respect.

beard vs nobeard

Notice how much less you want to get in trouble with the one on the right.

A picture can say a trillion words.

3. You will look more mature

Rocking a beard has a side effect of making you look older, or rather more mature. People who look mature are deemed wiser, capable and more trustworthy. Guys make the mistaking thinking a beard will hurt their chances of getting a job. This is wrong. As long as you keep your beard nicely groomed and trimmed, it’s there to help you.

grow beard

He has a beard? Hire him!

That’s right, beards, as long as they are well groomed, make you distinguished from the other candidates. This way an employer will have an easier time to remembering you. Maturity is associated with trustworthiness and capability. So there’s your advantage.

Do you want to increase your chances even more? Grow a mustache. The Mustache is the most employable facial hair. A mustache is very serious. Serious about the job.

But whatever you do, don’t sport the stubble while looking for a job. Unless you want to decrease the chance of getting hired (and stay on welfare).

Although it’s arguably the most sexually attractive type of facial hair, it does not do well at job interviews. Reason? It makes you look more unkempt.

4. You can look more attractive

When there is a lack of beards in society, wearing one can be sexually advantageous. Be the black sheep. Features like beards are most attractive when they are rare in society. Seeing only a few people in your town bearded? Want to stand out? Get laid? Beard.

This makes sense. Some good advice on how to attract the opposite sex (or same sex if that’s your thing), is to find your best features and show them off. Capable of growing a great beard? This might be it. Don’t be bland. Stand out of the crowd. You will get more attention.

A man should grow a beard at least once in his lifetime. Give it a go. It might just… grow on you. (I apologize for that)


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