8 Basic Hair Grooming Tips Every Man Should Follow

grooming tips for menIf the hair is getting thinner on the top, it’s a good idea to let it go everywhere else right? The more hair the merrier?

Well, sort of.

While growing facial hair certainly gives you a look with more style and character, letting that hair go wild may give you a bit too much character.

Getting that well-groomed look means keeping your hair in check, and not just the hair on your face.

Grooming tips for men include keeping track of any body hair that threatens to break out and do a little dance of its own.

Let’s face it, people will notice if you are making grooming mistakes, and it is much better to find that nose hair on your own than to have your significant other point it out to you.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a day in a man spa, or even a lot of time getting ready in the morning to make sure you have that well-groomed look.

All you need are a few minutes now and then to follow these 8 easy grooming tips to make sure your hair doesn’t have a mind of its own.

8 Basic Hair Grooming Tips for Men

#1 Trim Your Mustache and Beard

trim your mustache and beardRemember when you didn’t have a mustache or beard? You probably had to shave every day. Well, guess what? Your facial hair is still growing, and it still needs a weekly trim to keep it in check.

Messy beards may work for the Duck Dynasty guys, but most of us do better with a neat and trim look.

Nothing fancy required. Just use a beard trimmer to go over everything lightly and cut it all the same length (or you could leave the goatee area a little longer). Make sure the edges where the hair ends are neat and crisp.

#2 Control Your Eyebrows

control your eyebrowsI bet you haven’t even noticed whether your eyebrows are out of control. Real men don’t pluck their eyebrows, so don’t worry, these grooming tips for men aren’t going to make you get out your tweezers.

However, at least once a month you do need to take a look at those things above your eyes and see if they look like clean, fully separated eyebrows or bushy caterpillars that are threatening to scare the neighbor children.

Don’t let your eyebrows become more frightening than Frankenstein’s. Keep them in check by trimming them with a small pair of scissors once or twice a month or so.

#3 Banish Nose Hair

banish nose hairTop grooming tip for men: no one finds nose hair attractive. Moreover, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean other people can’t.

Most people probably look up at you from below, especially if you are tall. You don’t want them paying more attention to your nose hair than your smile.

So get rid of it. Get a nose hair trimmer and it is gone in less than a minute. Just do it.

#4 Ear Hair Be Gone

ear hair be goneThe older men get, the more prone they are to growing hair in odd places, like their ears.

Unfortunately, you may not even notice hair on your ears unless you look. Grab a side mirror and take a close inspection. If you don’t, someone else probably will. Luckily, you can use the same trimmer you use on your nose.

What should you trim?

Pretty much anything you can see. Check both the inside and outside of your ears but don’t dig into your ear, just trim until you can’t see the ends of hairs.

#5 Have a Naked Neck

naked neckNow this is one of those grooming tips for men that you can easily forget because whoever does your hair probably trims the hair on your neck too.

However, those neck hairs grow back just as fast as a beard. Unless you get a weekly trim, you need to neaten up that neckline at least a couple of times a week.


You can shave with hair clippers or trimmers in less than a minute, or you can shave it with a regular or electric razor just like you would a beard. Shave from the bottom of your hair to underneath your collar for a neat look.

#6 Don’t Stumble over Stubble

control stubbleAccording to 2013 Australian study, women found “heavy stubble” of about 10 days growth to be the most attractive type of facial hair.

While the unshaven look may make a man seem dashing and carefree, you actually may have to work harder to keep stubble looking good than you would a beard.

If being a babe magnet is your aim, spend some time with a stubble trimmer and scissors to trim that four o’clock shadow to keep it from looking sloppy.

#7 Get the Right Tools

grooming tools menAnother chance to buy tools. Not that a nose trimmer is as exciting as a chainsaw, but you still owe it to yourself to get some quality equipment for manly grooming.

Every guy knows that when you have the right tools the job goes a lot easier.

So invest in the tools you need for following these grooming tips for men.

What should you get? A good investment would be a nose and ear trimmer, some scissors, a beard or stubble trimmer and a razor for your neck.

#8 Find a Routine

routineSet up a routine to make this work. The goal should be to make it fast and easy.

What is a good schedule?

That depends on how thick your androgenic hair grows–but a general rule is to trim your beard and mustache twice a week, nose, ears and the back of your neck weekly, and eyebrows once or twice a month.

Just like your car runs smoother when you do regular maintenance, your style will be smoother when you follow these grooming tips for men to:

  • Get the right grooming tools and find a routine.
  • Trim your mustache and beard twice a week, or shape your stubble.
  • Neaten your eyebrows bi-monthly.
  • Eliminate ear and nose hair weekly.
  • Shave the nape of your neck once every week or every other week.

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