5 Greatest Minds Behind The Beard Of All Time

Do you believe coincidence alone can be powerful enough to cause success? Or do you believe that some things or traits in particular are always synonymous with greatness? Let’s take a look at beards for example, and what are they often associated with. To name one category, beards are often synonymous with knowledge, wisdom and intellect, as they are often in company of wizards, sages, philosophers, great thinkers, scientists and so on.

great beards

You can think of beards whatever you want, but coincidence can never be the only reason why people achieve great things. There are always some specific reasons, and the reasons can be identified and explained.

Why did some many influential figures in history have a beard? Is it because beards breed success? Or is it the other way around, and they are a byproduct of success?

In one way, or the other, beards were often worn by highly capable individuals who greatly influenced the way we live today.

Here are some historic examples of the intellectual capabilities of the bearded man:

5 Greatest intellectuals and historical figures who had a beard

Leonardo da Vinci, the alien from the future

leonardo da vinci beardLeonardo da Vinci was a man of seemingly endless knowledge. Perhaps known best as an artist for his works like “The Mona Lisa” and the “The Last supper”, Leonardo was also a groundbreaking scientist way ahead of his time. This great mind (and beard) was born in Vinci, Italy in the year 1452.

This man’s mysteriousness is only paralleled by the perplexity of the universe and the creation of time itself. No wonder the ancient aliens had to do a show about him claiming he had help from unworldly beings.

To be fair, he does seem a bit suspicious. Other than the great artworks, this sole man invented or drew sketches and blueprints for a flying machine, helicopter, armored car, weapons, a robot, scuba gear and so on, more than 500 years ago. Jesus, that man’s brain worked.

Leo began growing a yeard at a very young age. He liked it and kept it for life.

mona lisa looking at your beard

She’s looking at your b.

Some say his beard was the main source of his inspiration. Due to its length, Leo would often wake up in bed with his beard in form of alluring artworks and complex inventions, which were the basis of all his creations.

Galileo Galilei, the science guy with balls

Galileo beardThe father of modern science, Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy in 1562. Galileo was a mathematics professor and pioneer in astronomy. Gal was a supporter of the Copernicus theory that the earth revolves around the sun, contrary to the popular belief at the time that the earth was the center of the universe. The church didn’t like his ideas, and accused him of heresy, locking him in house arrest for the remainder of his life. It was there where Galileo then wrote his ultra successful book “Two New Sciences” which summarized all of his work and findings during his last forty years.

Galileo was the man responsible for developing modern astronomy. He was also the guy who dropped two objects of the same material and different mass from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and so proved the law of constant acceleration. And by doing stuff like that, he ushered a new era of science. He was also the guy who started the whole “make an experiment in order to test a hypothesis” thing, which became very popular among modern scientists.

the bearded earth

What a wonderful world.

What a great bearded guy. In the name of science and human progress, Galileo had the courage to stand up to the ultimate authorities at that time, the church and the Pope himself, and told the man how it was. His courage for this endeavors was doubtlessly fueled by his awesome beard, because, well, you know, beards are manly as fuck.

Charles Darwin, another bearded man who had the courage to stand up

charles darwin beardAh yes, Darwin, probably the most despised person to ever live by every religious person since 1859. Charles Darwin was born is the small town of Shrewsbury, England in 1809. Darwin was a naturalist by profession, and is best known for his widely controversial at the time, but nowadays generally accepted as fact, theory of evolution.

At the mere age of 22 Darwin embarked on a 5 year long voyage aboard the British HMS Beagle to study the natural world. As he observed the animal-rich places in the remote corners of the earth, one day Darwin wrote he was “like a blind man given sight”. After observing the animals on the Galápagos Islands, Darwin noticed examples of the same species of bird developing long beaks for pecking insects on one island, while heavy beaks to crush nuts on the other.peter griffin beard bird

After years of research, Darwin came to the conclusion that all species must have a common ancestor. In 1859 he published “On the Origin of Species” promoting his theory of evolution with facts and research. The book was a tremendous success, and shortly after the theory became fact in the scientific community.

A portion of religious people continue to deny evolution to this day. But revolutionary facts take time for everyone to be accepted, and humanity is on the right track. It is speculated that Darwin’s beard had a humongous influence by granting him the bravery to publish his revolutionary book in his time, while also greatly contributing to his credibility.

Sigmund Freud, the coked up father of psychoanalysis

Sigmund Freud beardSigmund Freud was born in 1856, Freiberg, Austrian Empire, now known as Příbor in the Czech Republic. Freud was the an Austrian neurologist, and is most credited for developing the techniques and theories of psychoanalysis. Unlike other psychologists at the time who used to treat mental patients only with drugs at the time, Freud began using a highly controversial, yet successful method for treating mental illness, “listening to what the patients had to say”.

Freud was a quirky, eccentric guy and with a profound fear of travel. He also praised and had an affinity for cocaine, claiming it was useful for treating morphine addiction, depression and could also be used as an anesthetic. Although, that didn’t turn out exactly well, as it turned out to be severely addictive, they still use it as an anesthetic to this day.

cocaine medical use

Only legal if you are a doctor.

Shaken after his father’s death, Freud decided to analyze himself, something no one has ever accomplished. When he was done treating his patients for the day, he would lie on the sofa and listen closely to his deep inner thoughts. He was able to lift up his own resistance, and began to interpret his own subconscious.

What a peculiar and awesome dude. Sigmund Freud is just another example of what unique, influential and intellectual personas beards can provide.

Aristotle, the bearded man responsible for starting it all

Aristotle the first scientific beardAristotle, otherwise known also as “The Philosopher” or “The Master” by many of his scholars, was an ancient Greek philosopher and the world’s first scientist. Aristotle was born in the Macedonian city of Stagira in 384 BC.

At the age of eighteen Aristotle joined Plato’s Academy in Athens, another renowned bearded philosopher. Although an outstanding student, Aristotle opposed some of Plato’s teachings, proving he also had a brain of his own. After Plato died, he then went on to travel in Asia Minor (Turkey), where he presumably studied biology.

plato aristotle beards

Aristotle and Plato came to an agreement that having a beard is badass.

Once he became tired of all his discoveries, Aristotle went back home to Macedonia to become a tutor of a young boy, who only turned out to be Alexander The Great.

This bearded man’s curiosity was unparalleled, he questioned everything. He studied how animals like squids reproduce, how does a chick grow in an egg, and why it’s easy for plants to grow in one place, and hard in another.

He also searched for answers to philosophical questions like “What makes people happy?”. To which he believed the answer was having the right virtues, like courage and magnificence. Virtues every true bearded gentleman has.

It can’t be a coincidence that all this valuable contribution to mankind came from men who grew great beards. Was it the stroking of the beard that helped them to come up with such awesome discoveries and achieve utmost greatness? Or do beards give you some magical power after they grow to a certain length?

It’s time to grow a beard and find out.

Can’t grow a thick beard? This might help you.

Oh, and did I mention that all of these gentlemen were balding as well?

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