7 Best Undershirts for Men (V-Neck & Crew Neck)

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best undershirts for men
In a hurry? Here are our top picks:
Best for Softness, Comfort Tani Men’s SilkCut V-Neck Undershirt


Undershirts are a terminally underappreciated part of a man’s wardrobe.

Even if they love them, few men regard even the best undershirts as a truly essential item.

But that’s a mistake: not only are they great for tackling sweat, they’re also comfortable, make you feel more secure, and can look fantastic.

In this review, we’re going to show you some of the best undershirts for men – to convince you that they really ought to be considered an essential.

But we’re not only going to look at great products:

We’re also going to explore the differences between undershirts and other kinds of shirts, and hopefully start a conversation about what really are the best.

Before we get into that though, we need to explain exactly what makes the best undershirts standout.

Quick summary

bb2-table__imageThompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt with Underarm Sweat Pads
  • Patented sweat-fighting technology
  • Underarm pads to further fight sweat
  • Durable and comfortable
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bb2-table__imageTani Men’s SilkCut V-Neck Undershirt
  • Material is soft and thin but also long-lasting
  • Stretches into shape for a perfect fit
  • Bonded stitching prevents irritating the skin
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bb2-table__imageAmazon Essentials Men's 6-Pack Crewneck Undershirts
  • Great price
  • Tag-free and easy to wash
  • Comfortable and soft
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bb2-table__imageCalvin Klein Men’s Undershirts Cotton Multipack V-Neck
  • Ideal fit
  • Stylish enough to be worn on its own
  • Very breathable
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bb2-table__imageLacoste Men’s Essentials Cotton V-Neck Undershirt
  • Made of 100% Supima cotton
  • Tag-free neck
  • Quality construction
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bb2-table__imageHanes Men’s Ultimate Freshiq Tall Man Crew Neck Tee
  • Generous length that’s ideal for taller men
  • Advanced odor protection
  • Tagless
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bb2-table__imageFruit of The Loom Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt
  • Revamped product for better fit
  • Stretch-free collar
  • Maintains its shape and softness
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Before you buy: 8 Things you have to consider and look for when buying an undershirt

1. What are your needs?

Fundamentally, the most essential thing is for you to know what you want your undershirt for – when will you wear it, and what does it need to do for you.

A simple example is sweat: if you’re primarily wearing an undershirt to keep your sweating under control, you clearly need to look into moisture-wicking undershirts that will help you out in that department. For this, something like Thompson Tee’s Sweat Proof Undershirt With Underarm Sweat Pads would be ideal.

But there are plenty of other reasons you might need one: to go with a dress shirt; to keep you warm; in case you want to take your shirt off.

Knowing why you’re buying an undershirt is a huge step towards finding the right product for you.

2. Material

Now that you know what your undershirt is for, you need to choose a material:

Cotton is an excellent choice – especially if it’s high-quality cotton – and tends to be unbeatable for comfort and sheer breathability.

However, synthetic fabrics are often the best for sweating, as they have moisture-wicking properties. They don’t tend to be as comfortable, though.

There is also a range of blended fabrics available, meaning you could get the best of both worlds. Something like Tani Men’s SilkCut V-Neck Undershirt is a great example, with its MicroModal fabric.

3. Fit

Clearly, it’s important that you choose an undershirt that fits you properly and you feel comfortable in. But with undershirts, it’s also crucial that you consider what you’ll be wearing it with and how you want to wear it.

Some undershirts aren’t long enough to stay tucked in, for example; others are too loose to appear seamless underneath your overshirts.

Because there are various different fits available – from slim fit to relaxed fit – you need to know exactly what it is that will suit your needs best.

4. Type

There are a variety of ‘kinds’ of undershirts, and you need to be confident about their differences.

While we’ll discuss the differences in detail later in the article – as well as discussing the relative merits – it’s useful to know right off the bat that undershirts come with both Crewnecks and V-Necks, as well as a variety of sleeve lengths.

5. Color

Color may not seem like a major concern, but it’s important to remember that you’re going to be wearing your shirt with other clothes, and that means it needs to blend in with them as well as your skin.

White undershirts are probably the most popular: they tend to blend in nicely and work on a range of complexions. However, black undershirts are also increasingly common, especially for men with dark complexions or who are more likely to sweat, as the color hides it better.

6. Stitching

You can tell a huge amount about the overall quality of an undershirt from its stitching. Not only that: some undershirts – Tani Men’s SilkCut V-Neck Undershirt – feature stitching which actually eliminates skin irritation and makes the shirt more comfortable to wear.

7. Care

How easy is it to clean your undershirts? Will they last or lose shape after a few wears? You ideally want an undershirt which is simple to clean and will last the course.

A product like Thompson’s Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt with Underarm Sweat Pads is a great example of a truly durable, long-lasting product. And that makes it a great investment – despite the steep price.

You should also be very careful to read the care label before purchasing, to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself in for.

8. Value

Getting a good deal for your money is vital, and we’ve tried to provide a clear outline of what you should expect for your money in this review.

There is still a lot of choice here: you can opt for something cheaper and decent, or spend far more and get a truly luxury product.

Amazon Essentials’ 6-Pack Crewneck Undershirts are a great example of products that absolutely get the job done and can save you big time; Tani Men’s SilkCut V-Neck Undershirt is very much at the other end of the spectrum, costing far more but delivering exceptional quality.

The 7 best undershirts for men

1. Best overall, sweatproof: Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt With Underarm Sweat Pads

Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt

What stands out about this undershirt

  • Patented sweat fighting technology (Hydro-Shield)
  • 100% premium combed cotton
  • Durable and comfortable

The best undershirt for

Men who want the best overall sweat proof undershirt


However much you enjoy sweating – at the gym, out for a run – nobody wants to sweat in normal life, at the workplace, or in a bar. It’s not just embarrassing: it’s considered suspicious like you’ve got something to hide.

But we all know how common it is to sweat for no good reason, or just because the heat’s a little much. So an undershirt like Thompson Tee’s Sweat Proof Undershirt with Underarm Sweat Pads is, quite simply, a godsend.

It is the best undershirt for sweat you’ll find, and that’s no accident: they’ve invested a great deal of time and money into developing their patented Hydro-Shield technology, which blocks 100% of underarm sweat, removing embarrassing marks and keeping you cool.

The Hydro-Shield consists of a thin hydrophilic membrane that’s fully integrated into the undershirt, engineered to block moisture totally.

And there’s more: they’ve also fitted their undershirt with underarm sweat pads to provide extra protection. And unlike many shirts with this feature, they aren’t bulky or uncomfortable – in fact, Thompson’s undershirt is shockingly snug and easy to wear.

It is made from 100% premium cotton; features a crew neck collar; is easy to clean, despite the technology; boasts quality stitching to ensure it stays in shape longer and is extremely soft.

So while the price is a little steep for some, you can feel confident you’re getting true value here.

Type: Crew neck

The good

  • Exceptional sweat-protection
  • Great comfortable fit
  • Very durable

The bad

  • Let’s be real: they’re expensive

2. Best for softness, comfort: Tani Men’s SilkCut V-Neck Undershirt

Tani Men’s SilkCut V-Neck Undershirt

What stands out about this undershirt

  • Micro Modal Air Fabric
  • Bonded stitching eliminates skin irritation
  • Great fit, thin, and lightweight

The best undershirt for

Men who want the most comfortable, softest undershirt possible


Tani Men’s SilkCut V-Neck Undershirt is the most comfortable, softest undershirt you’ll find, providing all-day comfort for any kind of man.

Its Micro Modal fabric is incredible: not only is it exceptionally soft, it wicks sweat and moisture to keep your whole body cool, dry, and feeling fine.

Because of it, the shirt fits very snugly – allowing you to show off that gym body. But it won’t make you feel constricted, as its material is beautifully elastic with a small amount of Spandex to give you the space and flex you need.

Tani has also gone out of their way to avoid hemming or sleeve stitching because those can cause real irritation to the skin. Instead, their sleeves and neck are heat bonded in Italy, which allows them to be both highly durable and highly comfortable.

It is machine washable, and despite the exotic fabric, proves very easy to maintain.

If you’re looking to wear Tani’s undershirt with a dress shirt, you’ll be very happy to know that it remains totally invisible, allowing you to avoid the awkward lines many undershirts produce.

Some reviewers feel that the V neck is a little too high – and maybe they’re right. But this is really a question of personal preference, and the vast majority seem to be completely thrilled with the fit, look and feel of Tani’s undershirt.

Type: V-neck

The good

  • Beautifully soft
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great sweat-wicking properties


  • Some reviewers feel the v neck is too high

3. Best affordable, value: Amazon Essentials Men’s 6-Pack Crewneck Undershirts 

Amazon Essentials Men's 6-Pack Crewneck Undershirts

What stands out about this undershirt

  • Sheer value
  • 100% cotton
  • Tag-free

The best undershirt for

Men who want the absolute best value 


Sometimes, what you really want is just a great deal. And that’s exactly what Amazon Essentials provides: a set of 6 perfectly decent undershirts for a crazy low price, that means you get so much for your money you won’t be able to believe it.

And it’s not like these are terrible quality shirts: they’re made from 100% cotton, with perfectly nice crew necks. They are machine washable, which is very nice, though you need to be careful with the tumble dryer’s heat.

They’re also tag-free, which is great and means they’re not bothering your neck the whole time. Plus the cotton proves to be both soft and durable, which may surprise some who assume cheap means disposable.

The fit is relaxed but not loose. And they don’t get in the way of dress shirts, so this could be a great purchase for men who attend lots of formal events.

Of course, they’re not going to compete with the big brands on quality: the neck has a tendency to roll, and the cotton, whilst soft and comfortable, is not a patch on the likes of Tani’s or Thompson’s.

Type: Crew neck

The good

  • Really inexpensive
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to wash

The bad

  • Can’t compete with the big brands on quality

4. Calvin Klein Men’s Undershirts Cotton Multipack V-Neck

Calvin Klein Men's Undershirts Cotton Multipack V Neck

What stands out about this undershirt

  • Classic brand
  • Fantastic multipack
  • 100% cotton

The best undershirt for

A combination of comfort, style, and brand recognition


Who hasn’t heard of Calvin Klein? An iconic brand that’s been around for nearly 50 years, as well as a leading designer in American fashion, CK is everywhere (110 countries to be exact).

You don’t become “iconic” without being good, and Calvin Klein offers high-quality choices for a variety of products, including with its undershirts that they describe as “minimalist and essential.”

You’ll also find them in a variety of fabrics – from pure cotton to soft modal blends – and they’re available in short sleeve, long sleeve, and tank top styles, as well as with crewnecks and v-necks.

Their Men’s Undershirts V-Neck cotton multipack is as good as it gets. They’re ideal as an under layer beneath your business shirt but stylish enough to be worn as a casual top layer, if you so desire (and include the Calvin Klein logo, as you might expect).

We think you’ll like them for many reasons, including the fact that their size information is as advertised, i.e. you don’t have to worry about purchasing them and finding out they’re too big or too small.

They are considered a “regular” fit, meaning that there is a little extra room in the chest and body for comfort.

The multi-pack includes three, 100% cotton V-Neck short-sleeve undershirts. They come in a variety of colors, but we also think that they’re the best white undershirts for men.

Type: V-neck, short-sleeved

The good

  • Ideal fit
  • Stylish enough to be worn on its own
  • Very breathable

The bad

  • Some reviewers say they shrink too much

5. Lacoste Men’s Essentials Cotton V-Neck Undershirt

Lacoste Men's 3-Pack Essentials Cotton V-Neck

What stands out about this undershirt

  • Supima cotton
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Very lightweight

The best undershirt for

Lovers of extravagant materials


Let’s talk a little about Supima cotton. After all, it’s one of the most important reasons that Lacoste’s Men’s Essentials undershirt is a cut above the rest.

What is Supima cotton? It’s a superior type of cotton grown in the USA and also a very rare type, since it represents just 1% of all cotton grown in the world.

The biggest difference between Supima Cotton and regular cotton is the length of their fibers: Supima cotton fiber is about a half-inch longer than regular cotton fibers.

Shorter cotton fibers produce yarn that’s rougher and more likely to pile up on the surface (such as bunching up on the surface of an undershirt).

Longer fibers, meanwhile, add strength and softness to apparel, making them more comfortable to wear while resisting piling over time. Supima cotton is twice as strong as regular cotton and resists pulling and tearing, which makes for a longer-lasting product.

Moreover, there are no special washing instructions with Supima products. Simply care for them the same way you would for regular cotton.

When you consider all of the positive attributes of Supima cotton, it’s no surprise that Lacoste’s Men’s Essential undershirts would end up on the list.

They’re made of 100% Supima, which means you’ll get a lightweight, comfortable undershirt that will last a long time.

Lacoste is at the higher end of men’s fashion, and their undershirts are a great example of the company’s quality products.

You’re not just paying for the Lacoste label but also for a finely-constructed undershirt that runs true to size and won’t shrink the first time you wash it.

The Men’s Essentials package come with three tag-free V-neck tees with short sleeves and Lacoste’s distinctive croc logo. You can purchase a 3-pack in a variety of colors – white, black, and grey – or a 3-pack of a single color.

Type: V-neck

The good

  • Made of 100% Supima cotton
  • Tag-free neck
  • Quality construction

The bad

  • May run a little long

6. Hanes Men’s Ultimate FreshIQ Tall Man Crew Neck Tee

Hanes Men's 4-Pack Ultimate FreshIQ Tall Man Crew Neck Tee

What stands out about this undershirt

  • FreshIQ technology
  • Super comfortable
  • Unusually long cut

The best undershirt for

Very tall men


There are plenty of advantages of being tall. You can reach things others can’t, including that jar up on the supermarket shelf the lovely woman shopper can’t reach.

But, let’s be honest: undershirts are often tricky for tall guys. You need to find one that’s long enough and doesn’t come continually untucked throughout the day. Not all undershirts will meet your need.

Hanes has you covered, literally and figuratively, with its Ultimate FreshIQ Tall Man Crew Neck Tee, however. It’s an undershirt that has extra generous length, just for you taller gents. Indeed, they’re the best undershirts for tall men.

When you consider that the length of a Hanes tall crewneck is two inches more than XL sizes, you don’t have to worry about it not fitting nicely below your belt, and it won’t cause that uncomfortable feeling of your undershirt riding up on you as you go through the day.

But there’s also much more to like about this undershirt and Hanes’ tees in general:

  • It’s hard to beat the odor protection provided by Hanes’ FreshIQ technology.

It’s technology they use across their line of men’s underwear, socks, fleece products, and undershirts. What is FreshIQ? Well, it’s an antimicrobial finish that inhibits the sort of bacterial growth that often leads to odor.

Most textiles, including those used to make clothing, naturally aid the growth of bacteria, but Hanes has taken the extra step by ensuring that the bacteria doesn’t grow in the first place.

Hanes even has a campaign built around its FreshIQ technology called “End of the Smelfie.” Nice.

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort.

Hanes is obsessed with comfort, and its undershirts consist of 100% premium cotton and its patented ComfortSoft fabric. “Hanes makes you feel good all under!” is a familiar advertising slogan, and they stand by that claim.

The Hanes Ultimate FreshIQ Tall Man Crew Neck undershirt is tagless, meaning you get itch-free comfort without having to dig away at prickly spots that can drive a sober man to drink – or, a drinking man to sobriety, perhaps.

  • Its lay-flat collar will keep its shape, even after frequent wearings and frequent washings and drying.
  • The cotton is pre-shrunk, meaning it provides a more lasting fit than other undershirts.

So, have no fear, tall guys. Hanes is here.

Type: Crew neck

The good

  • Generous length that’s ideal for taller men
  • Fresh IQ advanced odor protection
  • Tagless

The bad

  • Maybe too long for some men

7. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt

Fruit of the Loom Men's Crew-Neck T-Shirt

What stands out about this undershirt

  • Stretch-free collar
  • Very durable material
  • Comfortable fit

The best undershirt for

Men who like to tuck their shirt in


Hanes, Fruit of the Loom – you’ve heard the names. They’ve been around a while, and many men consider them their go-to brands when it comes to under clothing.

Not that old dogs can’t learn new tricks, however.

Fruit of the Loom is long-known for the comfort of its products but recently revamped its undershirt line to better address the issue of the dreaded “ride-up.”

It also has reshaped the sleeves to provide a better overall fit and to keep them from being obvious under your outer shirt.

The fit, as mentioned, is secure enough to keep you from tucking in your shirt multiple times throughout the day. Moreover, the collar on the Men’s Crew Neck T-shirt retains its shape, even after frequent cycles through your washer and dryer.

Another notable strength of the Fruit of the Loom undershirt line is that it comes in more sizes (18) than any other brand and also features a wide range of colors that will work with just about everything you’re wearing over it.

All of Fruit of the Loom’s men’s undershirts consist of 100% Eversoft cotton fabric for ultimate comfort.

Type: Crew neck

The good

  • Revamped product for better fit
  • Stretch-free collar
  • Material maintains its shape and softness even after multiple washings

The bad

  • May become a bit baggy

Our criteria for choosing the best undershirts for men

Several factors came into play as we mulled which undershirts belong on our list of the top 7: cut, value, the needs of wearers, style, and comfort.

Comfort, if not king, is certainly a high-ranking official in the product satisfaction department; if it doesn’t feel good against your skin, chances are you’ll never wear it again.

Another things to consider is durability, i.e. how well is the undershirt able to stand frequent washing and drying? Not just durability, mind you, but how well the undershirt retains its original shape during laundering.

No one is happy to pull their undershirt out of the dryer and notice that it has the dreaded “bacon neck.”

Finally, we carefully considered the reviews of customers, as well as how popular and highly-rated the undershirt was at an online retailer such as Amazon. If a large number of people are giving a product a thumb’s up, the chances are good that it’s of high quality.

Why undershirts are different from all the rest

Undershirts are different. They’re not “different” in a negative way – not at all – but they’re definitely their own kind of animal, and they’ve come a long way over the centuries.

When most of us think of “shirt,” we think of that outer covering that keeps us from going around bare-chested all day (which is fine at the beach, not at the office).

It also helps protect us from the elements (including keeping us warm), and hopefully adds a whole helluva lot of style to our wardrobe.

An undershirt doesn’t have nearly the swag of a regular shirt, but, again, it has come a long ways since it was originally designed and worn to protect the skin against the rough, scratchy outerwear of many moons ago.

It also protected expensive outerwear from the grit and grime of human bodies, especially back in the day when daily bathing wasn’t the norm.

Undershirts were once common to the upper classes, who could afford things like a nice shirt and other outer clothing; working-class men were lucky to have more than one shirt, period.

It’s also worth mentioning that it once was considered scandalous to have any part of your undershirt showing – almost as scandalous as having your private parts exposed. You just didn’t do it.

Things are a bit more relaxed today – not when it comes to private parts, mind you, but for an exposed undershirt.

Today, the primary reasons for wearing undershirts are 1) to help keep you warm in colder months, 2) to protect your outer shirt from sweat and deodorant stains, and 3) to – in the case of performance undershirts – keep moisture away from the body.

A key question today is this: can you wear an undershirt alone? It’s a fair question, considering that they are undershirts and worn under shirts, sweaters, and other articles of clothing.

But, because undershirts have evolved so nicely, many men do wear them alone for the following reasons:

  • They’re lightweight and comfortable
  • Many undershirts look great and are considered casual wear
  • They’re worn with a lot of things, including jeans or under a suit coat, and look perfectly acceptable. But also keep in mind some of the reasons for not wearing an undershirt alone:
  • They’re usually form-fitting, which is great if you’re in shape or have a nicely-sculpted body. If you have 30 pounds’ worth of spare tire on your mid-section, you may want to rethink wearing an undershirt solo.
  • You can’t wear an undershirt under an undershirt – well, at least you shouldn’t – and therefore lose the advantage of proper sweat management.
  • You have to be careful what you wear with an undershirt. A tight undershirt with loose jeans isn’t a good look. Last but not least, some men wonder if they should wear an undershirt at all – either solo or under a business shirt. Some of the pros of wearing an undershirt are:
  • Sweat management and containment
  • Undershirts prevent chafed skin when worn under stiff evening shirts.
  • Undershirts provide warmth, especially in the harsh winter climates where it sometimes seems impossible to stay warm.
  • Undershirts prevent your chest hairs from sticking out of your dress shirt.

Undershirts are part of today’s culture, just like they were part of the culture of yesteryear. If they’re part of your wardrobe, more power to you. If not, then you may want to give them a try.

The great debate: V-neck vs. Crew neck

You’ll find undershirts in many different styles these days, including tank tops, long-sleeved, and even athletic undershirts, thanks to the efforts of Under Armour and others.

And then there are v-necks and crew necks – the two most popular choices among men and the subject of much debate: specifically, which style is better?

The answer is as much a matter of taste and personal preference as anything else, but it’s also more than that.

There are certain times when a v-neck is more appropriate than a crew neck – and vice versa – while one style may fit your body type and overall features better than the other. Let’s examine both styles:

Crew Neck – Still Relevant After All These Years

The original undershirt style is a crew neck, no questions asked. They surged in popularity after World War II, where members of the U.S. Navy wore them admirably, and became a garment no self-respecting youth in the 1950s would dare not wear.

Think of James Dean or Marlon Brando, iconic men’s men, leaning against a wall or motorcycle, decked out in a crew neck shirt while smoking a cigarette.

However, crew neck undershirts weren’t just for looks or part of a passing phase. Like all undershirts, they’re designed for sweat protection.

Nonetheless, you can still get away with wearing a crew neck undershirt on its own, with a lightweight jacket, or with a pair of jeans. It’s a classic look that still rocks in many respects.

The biggest disadvantage of a crew neck undershirt, however, is its high neckline.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you don’t want to wear a crew neck with a dress shirt, unless you plan to button the latter all the way to the top (like when you’re wearing a necktie).

Otherwise, an exposed undershirt under an open-at-the-top dress shirt is – let’s just say it’s not a great look and leave it at that.

A crew neck undershirt still has its place, mind you, but it’s important to consider how you plan to wear it.

V-Neck: The “New” Kid on the Block

The first v-necks rolled off the line in the 1960s, and they’ve surged in popularity over the past decade.

Now, they’re as much of a staple of men’s fashion as the crew neck was back when Brando and Dean were breaking hearts while making other men jealous (and secretly envious).

The v-neck and the younger generation seem to go hand-in-hand, with many current fashion adepts wearing them on their own. They come with many advantages:

  • The v-neck look kills it if you have a body sculpted through hours of hard work in the gym. You’ll show off those pecs and guns and be like catnip to the ladies (OK, maybe not catnip-strong, but still).
  • V-necks help make your face seem longer and more angular, which is the desired look for many men, especially those who have round or square faces.
  • V-necks solve the problem of wearing an undershirt with an open-collar dress shirt. That’s because the neck hangs down below the collar line and isn’t visible (or shouldn’t be) to others. And, hey, you can even show off some chest hair that way, if you’re so inclined. But be judicious; until the Tom Selleck chest forest look comes back, it’s best to at least keep your chest hair trimmed and properly maintained.

So, have we answered the question of what’s better, a v-neck or crew neck? Not really, but it doesn’t have to be about picking one style over the other.

Some men have a preference for one style over the other, but it never hurts to have a good selection of undershirts with various necklines on hand. You’ll appreciate the versatility.

But it’s not all about V-necks and Crew necks

OK, so v-necks and crew necks are the preferred undershirt style for most men, but we’d be remiss to not mention other types of undershirts, namely, tank tops, long-sleeved undershirts, and athletic undershirts.

1. Tank Tops

tank topIf you’re old enough to remember the 1970s, you’re old enough to remember the tank top craze which was all the rage for a while, at least in the U.S.

Tank tops came in a wide variety of colors and designs, and it didn’t matter how sculpted your body was, because it seemed like every man wore them. Well, they’re still around today, but not nearly as popular (and garishly designed).

Still, you can find a white cotton tank top anywhere and usually at a price that won’t make you or your budget blink.

If you’re a man who doesn’t sweat a lot, or who likes to wear very short-sleeved and low-necked summer shirts, then you’ll find tank tops useful. Some men still wear them without an outer shirt at all, but it’s not all that common.

Their biggest drawback is that they offer no sweat protection for your outer shirt. They’ll absorb the sweat on your back and chest, but that’s about it.

Tank tops are also useful for men who don’t have to button their dress shirt all the way up but, again, they provide no underarm protection.

2. Long-Sleeved Undershirts

long sleeved undershirtA light cotton long-sleeved undershirt offers the same sweat protection of basic undershirt styles while providing an extra dose of warmth for colder weather.

The long-sleeved undershirt is a direct descendant of the union suit, i.e. the full-bodied undershirt that almost looks like a pajama (and, at least back in the day, had a flap in the ass for obvious reasons).

Some long-sleeved undershirts have buttons at the collar, which can be opened for breathability when things become a bit too warm.

Though they are sometimes are worn alone, you may look a bit underdressed when compared to v-necked and crew-necked undershirts. Nonetheless, they come in wide range of colors.

3. Athletic Undershirts

athletic undershirtUnder Armour provides the most widely-known and visible examples of athletic undershirts – those moisture-wicking athletic shirts that resemble traditional undershirts.

Made of synthetic and microfiber material, athletic undershirts stay dryer and lighter than basic cotton undershirts.

The kicker is that athletic shirts aren’t truly undershirts in the traditional sense, because they’re most often worn alone and come in a variety of eye-catching colors, logos, and designs.

They’re great to wear during your workouts – which is what they’re intended for – but it’s more challenging to wear them as a true undershirt in a dressier situation.

Look for plain white or gray colors, if you want to keep an athletic undershirt discreet under your business wear.


That wraps up our review of the best undershirts. Do you have a favorite undershirt that’s not included on this list or have comments about any of the undershirts listed here? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We always welcome your feedback.


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Domen Hrovatin

Domen—a self-confessed facial hair addict—is a grooming professional, style enthusiast, and someone with deep personal experience and knowledge about male pattern baldness. His work was mentioned in countless notable men's grooming and style publications, including Beardbrand and AskMen.

  • The best undershirt ever was a Calvin Klein white crew neck T I used to wear in the 1980″s. The sleeves were short so didn’t poke out under the sleeves of my top shirt and hugged my underarms for sweat control. The collar didn’t stretch out and looked neat under my shirts. They quit making that pattern. Recently crew neck has gone out of style but I am a holdout. Lately been wearing Hanes Slim Fit from Target which has a strong collar, and has a close fit but is not all cotton.
    I appreciate your detailed article and the tip on the updated Fruit of the Loom. I’ll give it a try. I’m hopeful to find a new all cotton favorite.

  • Good article. It is very important to choose an undershirt. But it all depends on what kind of clothes you will wear. Personally, I wear an undershirt under my shirt. So I would like to add some tips. 1. The thicker an undershirt – the tighter a shirt. And vice versa: if the shirt is light, then an undershirt should be as thin as possible. 2. The bottom thing should not be more spacious than the top one, otherwise, your look will be too careless and even untidy. 3. An undershirt must be in good condition and good combinate with other parts of clothes. By following these simple tips, you can choose a right undershirt.

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