10 Best Men’s Suits for Every Budget & Occasion

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Whether it’s for work, weddings, funerals, or even graduation, a good suit is a staple necessity in the wardrobe for any man around the world.

A suit can make you feel confident.

And, most importantly, it can make you feel incredibly attractive.

The key is finding the best suits for men within your price range. Of course, you could go upwards of 10 grand, if you are looking to get the best tailors and use the best high-end men’s suits on the market.

However, for the majority of us, we’ll be looking for the best affordable suit, because we need something that’s not going to completely terrorize the bank.

In a hurry? Here is our top pick:
YFFUSHI Men’s Slim-Fit 3-Piece Suit

Our top pick would be would be YFFUSHI Men’s Slim-Fit 3-Piece Suit. It is made from superior materials and provides excellent value, as it doesn’t break the bank.

Not only that, but a 3-piece is hugely versatile and can be used in pretty much all scenarios – whether it’s for meetings, day-to-day use, or weddings.

Other than that one in particular, you may be on the lookout for a wider selection of suits to choose from, and that’s why we’re here to help you.

We want to help you with the top tips for purchasing suits, the rules for wearing a suit, and the differences between different types of suits.

Ultimately, we want this article to be the only thing you need for discovering the best suits of this year.

Quick summary

bb2-table__imageYffushi Men’s Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Great mix of materials
  • Versatile option for many people
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bb2-table__imageMinistry of Supply Men’s Velocity Dark Charcoal Suit Jacket with Dress Pants
  • "Made to move", flexible but robust fabric
  • Does not crease, forget ironing
  • Engineered clothing, innovative design and features
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bb2-table__imageSalvatore Exte Mens Suit Vested Three Piece
  • Modern or classic fit
  • Fits comfortably on the shoulders
  • Good for year-round use
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bb2-table__imageSebastian Cruz Couture Honeycomb Jacket
  • Entirely handcrafted in Italy
  • Suitable and complements any body type
  • Free worldwide shipping
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bb2-table__imageKenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Slim Fit Suit
  • Lightweight
  • A range of colours to choose
  • Good designer brand
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bb2-table__imageKing Formal Wear Elegant Men’s Charcoal Gray Three Piece Suit
  • Italian-inspired design
  • Elegant and versatile
  • Lightweight
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bb2-table__imageP&L Men’s Two-Piece Classic Fit
  • Flattering for all body shapes
  • Refined fabric for year-round usage
  • Nice jacket design, modern fit
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bb2-table__imageCalvin Klein Men’s Modern Fit 100% Wool Tuxedo Suit 
  • Superior brand name
  • Eye-catching modern style and fit
  • Quality 100% wool
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bb2-table__imageCloudstyle Men’s Floral Suit Notched Lapel Slim Fit Stylish Blazer
  • Unique, flamboyant design
  • Perfect as a social or party suit
  • Strong material but not heavy on the shoulders
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bb2-table__imageCloudstyle Mens 2-Piece Suit Peaked Lapel One Button Tuxedo Slim Fit
  • Suitable for proms, weddings or dinner parties
  • Pleuche material, feels like velvet
  • Coloured tux that stands out
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Before you buy: 8 Things to consider when purchasing a suit

1. Quality

The quality of any potential suit has to be one of your main priorities. When you think about it, you’ll likely be wearing your suit for the entire day on the days you wear it. The last thing you want, then, is a poor-quality suit that looks and feels budget.

That’s not to say that you can’t get something that is budget. There’s just a clear difference when it’s something that’s not worth the money it demands.

Ultimately, the quality of your suit comes down to a conjunction of various factors – a few of which we get into deeper later. For example, you’ll want to make sure the fit is right.

These days, you have the option to choose between a straight fit, a slim fit, skinny fit, or a tailored fit. Every one of us will look slightly different in each one.

Someone with a slim frame is going to suit a slim-fitted suit better, as it will hug tightly into the waist and be broad on the shoulders.

By this same token, someone who is slightly bigger will probably prefer to go for a tailored or straight fit, as it’ll be more comfortable on you in general.

Combining the fit with the right material, occasion, money, and comfort will ultimately make sure that you’ll have one of the classiest suits in terms of quality.

2. Comfort

A big part of any item of clothing is the comfort that’s associated with it. This saying is definitely reciprocated when it comes to suits. If you think about it, you’ll be wearing a suit pretty much all day on any given day you’re wearing it.


You’ll have it on all day.


You’ll have it on all day.

So if you didn’t realize it already, you’ll want to be wearing something that is at the upper echelon of comfort.

Take it from us: you don’t want a suit that’s uncomfortable. It makes your entire day a struggle, as you’re continuously battling with the tight shoulders, sweaty armpits, and dodgy trousers.

Instead, you need to take some time to find the most comfortable suit that you can. It’s not rocket science. Usually, you can guarantee comfort by choosing a particular brand or material.

The main take-home is just that you don’t want to be stuck wearing something that’s uncomfortable. A good, comfortable suit is one of those things that is difficult to put a price tag on, because it really can completely change the entire experience of wearing one.

3. Material

That moves us nicely on to the material. The material is what will separate good from bad when it comes to suits.

Suits can be made from a wide array of material or fabric. From cotton to cashmere, you’ll be able to choose one that fits your price range and still get the best one for that budget.

You can get superior materials for a cheap price range. Whether it be cotton, polyester, or viscose, they all can be great picks for suits.

On the more expensive end, you’ll be looking at silk, velvet, or cashmere. These are all considered some of the most luxurious options for suit materials and are only be available for those willing to separate with quite a bit of cash.

The best designer suits will be made from velvet or cashmere, because they guarantee such a high level of quality, durability, and comfort.

Ultimately, a lot of it comes down to the build quality from the manufacturer. Using silk does not guarantee a great suit, so it comes down to more than the material. However, for a rough guideline, this is the sort of thing you should follow.

4. Occasion

Similar to how a vest should be kept for either hot summer days or the gym, a suit is typically also kept for very specific scenarios.

Some of us will wear suits on a daily basis for work, especially if we’re in a corporate job. For these people, you’ll be more likely to be on the look out for some high-end suits. Why wouldn’t you? You’re in them all day, every day, and it’s how everyone sees you.

On the other end of the spectrum will be the rest of us. The suit gets a dusting down once or twice a year, tops. You’ll need it for the annual wedding or dinner party, and that’s it. If this is you, you may be better off shopping specifically for that occasion.

It’s easier said than done, we get that, but if you have any idea about what occasion you will need it for, it’ll make your life much easier.

To illustrate, if you’ve been invited to a black tie evening dinner, then you’ll probably want to ensure that you go out there and buy a tux and bow tie.

Similarly, if it’s a wedding, then you can probably get away with any sort of 3-piece suit that allows you to combine style and comfort.

Much of your selection will be dependent on the occasion your suit is for, and that’s why you need to plan accordingly.

5. Value For Money

This is something that is highly important. You want to make sure that you’re getting a suit that has great value. You’ll all have heard that more expensive does not necessarily mean better, and it’s the same for suits.

The perfect suit does not need to cost you thousands of dollars. You can genuinely find it for a lot less. Obviously, there are levels to this.

You don’t want to go out there and buy a suit that costs you about 20 bucks, because it’s likely to be awful, but you can certainly find ones that are affordable, stylish, and comfortable.

Also, you don’t want to have to go out there and buy a new suit every year because you’ve bought one that hasn’t got great durability or lasting value. Instead, you should look for a suit that makes a great investment.

A great suit should be able to last you anywhere between 2-10 years and survive many outings.

Assuming that you don’t gain or lose any huge amounts of weight, your suit should last you for upwards of a decade, once you’re in your 30s and above.

When this is the case, and you divide the price between all of the times you’ll be wearing it, you should definitely feel like it’d be worth investing a bit more.

6. Brand

It seems a bit strange to mention brand under suits, but it isn’t.

Some, like Tom Ford, have made their name off of the back of their excellent tailoring, and that’s why they’re known as the best men’s suits brands.

Similar to how you may have a favorite brand for your phone or for your games console, suits can be the same.

If you have a choice of style, then you will likely stick to the same manufacturer.

It’s also the same for comfort and fit. Ultimately, one brand may fit you better than others, and that’s enough for you to stick with them. Similarly, you may find that you’ve just had a suit with brand X before, and that’s why you’re going to stick with them.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Fortunately, many of the high-end, designer, and regular downtown clothing brands produce suits nowadays, and they’re not rare to find. If you have a favorite brand and fit, then we’re sure that you’ll be able to find it.

7. Fit

The fit is massively important, because there are so many different fits to choose from these days.

With suits that literally suit all body types, you’ll be able to find yourself a perfectly-fitted suit without the requirement of going to an expensive tailor.

Getting the right fit for your body type, though, can be more of an art than it is a luxury. You have regular, tailored, slim, and skinny fits to choose from, and perhaps even more.

Ultimately, you’re always selecting your fit based off of your chest size. Regardless of the cut, if you’ve got a 42 chest, then you should fit into a 42” jacket.

The one thing you want to avoid is picking out a suit size just because it fits. There’s a difference between one that fits and one that either leaves the jacket hanging over your hands, or, even worse, a suit that makes you look like a human coat hanger.

8. Style

When choosing a suit, you’ve got many styles to choose from. We’ll get into this, but one of the key distinctions is between a suit, a blazer, or a tuxedo.

A suit includes the trousers and is worn across many occasions, whereas a tux is really only a formal item and probably shouldn’t just be worn to the office for fun.

When looking a bit deeper into the styles and intricacies, many of us will have favorite lapel shapes, colors, and more.

The style will come down to a combination of personal preferences and occasion wear.

The 10 best suits for men

1. YFFUSHI Men’s Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit

YFFUSHI Men’s Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit

This slim-fit suit is a winner because of its quality-to-price ratio.

Boasting a combination of polyester and viscose, this suit is made from a superior blend of materials that ensures comfort for anyone who chooses to wear it. It is comfortable, breathable, and easy to wash.

Not only that, but the inner lining has been specially formulated to absorb sweat and prevent you from being overly uncomfortable whilst wearing it.

Not only that, but it is a great choice for those of you who are just looking for something quite general.

The reason for that is because it is an all-round versatile suit. It could quite comfortably be reused time and time again, whether it be for business meetings or weddings.

In fact, you could probably go to work during the day just wearing the blazer and trousers, then throw the waistcoat on and rock up to a wedding reception looking like you’ve dressed specially for the occasion.

If we then move onto the price, you’ll be pleased to know that this suit comes at an exceptional value. At its highest end, it still is affordable to the masses. It looks like it could easily be a lot more expensive, and that’s the hallmark to a great suit.

You don’t have to spend a lot, but you can look like you have.


  • Versatile option for many people
  • Great value for money
  • Good combination of materials


  • Slim fit not suitable for everyone

Bottom Line

Looking for trendy men’s suits that will be suitable across the board is difficult, but this is one of them. You can wear this suit to just about any occasion and look good doing it.

2. Ministry of Supply Men’s Velocity Dark Charcoal Suit Jacket

Ministry of Supply Men’s Velocity Dark Charcoal Suit Jacket

Ministry of Supply Men’s Velocity Dark Charcoal Dress Pants

Ministry of Supply Men’s Velocity Dark Charcoal Dress Pants

Ministry of Supply is all about pushing the envelope regarding the development of clothing for men. Founded by three former MIT students, the company does a lot of cool things – including incorporating NASA technology into their garments.

They also design classy, very functional clothes and their dark charcoal suit jacket – which comes with their dark charcoal dress pants – is a great buy. It features resilient stretch fabric that retains its lines and is very strong, but it’s also soft and comfortable to wear.

As the folks at MoS put it, everything about their Velocity line is “made to move.” Their fiber blend is engineered to stretch freely while allowing a full range of movement. In the meantime, their Velocity suit and pants maintain crisp lines no matter how you move.

Another thing to love about the Ministry of Supply’s clothing is that it’s nearly impossible to wrinkle and, in fact, the company all but dares you to try and wrinkle it.

Whether you pack them in a suitcase or stuff them in a carry-on, their Velocity suit jacket and dress pants remain iron-free.

Here’s the other thing: you won’t need to spend money on a dry cleaning bill because the Velocity clothing is machine washable. All you need to do is wash it in cold water and then hang it to dry.


  • Resilient fabric
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Allows for a full range of motion


  • May have to iron after washing

Bottom line

There’s a lot of like about Ministry of Supply’s clothing, including how it fits and the range of motion it offers. You’ll love how you look and feel in their dark charcoal suit and pants combo.

3. Salvatore Exte Men’s Suit Vested Three Piece

Salvatore Exte Mens Suit Vested Three Piece

There are plenty of reasons why Salvatore Exte’s suits are a good investment, including that they’re made for year-round use. And you’ll get plenty of use from them, including their men’s three-piece suit that includes a blazer, dress vest, and pants.

The latter comes in a vested modern fit or a classic fit. In each case, you’ll get a 2-button single-breasted jacket, flat front pants, and a matching color vest.

The blazer includes four outside pockets – three with flaps – a notch lapel, 4-button vented sleeves and matching full lining.

The matching vest is also single-breasted and includes two outside pockets.

We also like the flat-front pants that are lined to just below the knee and include two back pockets with buttons.

Salvatore Exte builds its suits for comfort; the shoulders are structured and lightweight, while the shoulder pads consist of natural fibers that form a smooth, curved shape that allows for maximum flexibility.


  • Its quality collar felt helps make for a comfortable fit.
  • Several colors from which to choose.
  • The shoulder pads allow for maximum flexibility.


  • Can be a bit baggy under the arms for some wearers.

Bottom Line

Salvatore Exte combines comfort and functionality in suits, which you can wear during any season.

4. Sebastian Cruz Couture Honeycomb Jacket


Not all men share the same body shape, in case you haven’t noticed. Whether you’re slim, trim, athletic, or a bit on the meaty side, Sebastian Cruz has a luxury suit for you, however.

Their honeycomb-design jacket is just such an example. It looks great, feels great, and doesn’t discriminate regarding body shape. That’s nothing new for Sebastian Cruz Couture, however, because they make some of the best menswear around.

The jacket, like the company’s other garments and items, is 100% handmade in Italy and, as mentioned, good for all body types. You’ll not only look great while wearing it, but you’ll also feel comfortable while knowing you have a fit that’s neither too tight nor too loose.

Sebastian Cruz uses Italian fabric with 1% elastane that helps mold the suit to your body type. The honeycomb jacket also consists of 47% cotton, 33% polyester, and 9% polyamide.

Sebastian Cruz also makes it jackets with four inches of extra fabric so that you can tailor your look to two sizes bigger or smaller, as needed. The chances are good that you won’t have to send it back because it doesn’t fit.

The Sebastian Cruz honeycomb jacket also features a satin peak lapel with a roomy buttonhole, a single-button closure, soft and natural shoulder construction, dual vents, satin covered buttons, and a Barchetta chest pocket.

Additionally, Sebastian Cruz will send you a free pocket square with your jacket. Make sure you add the pocket square to your cart when shopping online.


  • 100% handmade in Italy
  • Good choice for men of any body type
  • Shipped for free around the globe


  • Price

Bottom Line

The Sebastian Cruz Couture Honeycomb jacket is stylish, elegant, well-crafted, and perfect as a dinner jacket or for other occasions. You’ll love the fit and its classy look.

5. Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Slim-Fit Suit

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Slim Fit Suit

This designer suit is sold separately but can all be purchased by following the link. It is made from a combination of polyester and rayon, certifying that you’ll be getting great value for money – at least where the quality of the material is concerned.

It’s lightweight, great for warm days, and you won’t have to walk around feeling like you’re balancing a heavy suit on your body.

Kenneth Cole themselves say that their REACTION line is made with travel-smart and tech-savvy people in mind. The reason for this is that their suits are made from a clever stretch material that is resistant to creases and comes with social storage pockets.

The suit is a slim fit, meaning that it’s a modern style that is designed to tuck in nicely around your waist and down your leg. This makes you look like you’re stylish and know exactly how to dress.

The best thing about this suit is that the reviews seem to indicate that the fit is pretty much spot on. Sometimes it can be difficult deciding what fit you’re going to be, but it appears that this suit is true to size and should fit you like a glove.


  • Lightweight
  • Good designer brand
  • Plenty of colors


  • The items are sold separately

Bottom Line

If you need a suit for the summer or for warm days, then getting this suit could be perfect. It’s a lightweight and breathable suit that looks fantastic. You’ll have no problems finding the right fit for you.

6. King Formal Wear Elegant Men’s Charcoal Gray Three Piece Suit

King Formal Wear Elegant Men’s Charcoal Gray Three Piece Suit

This suit is made from a very soft and elegant fabric that is just made for comfort. It is all Italian-inspired, and that just adds that little extra touch.

The reviews all note how it’s lightweight enough to be worn in summer, which we find to be perfect. There’s nothing worse than popping on your suit for a summer wedding and just spending the entire day feeling like you’re dressed in a sauna.

Being a three-piece suit means that it is versatile enough to go across multiple different occasions. For example, a three-piece is ideal for a wedding or a formal party. Ditching the waistcoat makes the outfit a little more casual for other parties or work at the office.

Not only that, but you’ll get a complimentary garment bag with this suit, meaning that it’s suitable for travel, and that’ll prevent it from getting dusty and creased. This way, you’ll be able to put the bag into the car, plane, or train.


  • Italian-inspired design and fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • The trousers run large

Bottom Line

This elegant-looking suit comes from Italian-inspired fabric and is designed to fit perfectly. It’s a budget and versatile option that can’t go too wrong.

7. P&L Men’s Two-Piece Classic Fit

P&L Men’s Two-Piece Classic Fit

This suit is made from refined fabric for year-round usage, making it a great general suit for the office. It is made from polyester and rayon wool, a superior combination for suits in this price range. In terms of style, you get to choose between 8 different colors.

The craftsmanship is brilliant and innovative, too. With contrast lapels and a close-fitted design, the jacket is perfect for a modern fit that looks clean for all occasions.

The trousers will come with unfinished bottoms, meaning that you’ll need to go to a tailor and get them fitted properly, but that saves you from having a pair of trousers that don’t fit correctly.

It’s also made clear that it’s flattering for all body shapes, and that’s ideal for a suit of this design.

The reviews indicate that this suit is beautiful and is well worth the investment. Many say that it seems like it should cost much more money.


  • Great selection of colors
  • Good jacket design
  • Flattering for all body shapes


  • The fit can be difficult to get perfect

Bottom Line

This suit is excellent value for money, and many reviewers believe that the craftsmanship is levels above the asking price. Great suit that is worth the price if you’re looking for something just to wear around the office.

8. Calvin Klein Men’s Modern-Fit 100% Wool Tuxedo Suit

Calvin Klein Men’s Modern Fit 100% Wool Tuxedo Suit

Choosing a tuxedo could really set you apart from the others at a dinner party or at a wedding. As the classic choice for James Bond, it’s the epitome of style, and it really adds an extra edge to your wear.

This one from Calvin Klein is 100% wool and of exceptional quality.

Calvin Klein is a worldwide name, and with great power comes great responsibility. What we mean by that is they’ll go that extra mile to ensure that you’re happy with their products. The last thing they would want is an unhappy customer.

These suits by CK also are made to suit your everyday. The integrated technology prevents it from creasing and will also stretch in ‘all the right places’. From what we can see, the fit is perfect and fits true to size.

With that being said, it’s also a form-fitting ‘modern’ style design, so it could be worth buying a size larger if you’re a bigger man.

The primary negative is that the suit is sold separate (the blazer and pants), but that’s not a problem, as you can grab them both at the same place.


  • Great brand
  • Stylish wool tux
  • Great modern style fit


  • Blazer and pants sold separate

Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of Calvin Klein, then you’ll certainly be a fan of this suit. With form-fitting design, this tux provides an excellent look at a relatively cheap cost.

9. Cloudstyle Men’s Floral Suit Notched Lapel Slim Fit Stylish Blazer

Men's Dress Floral Suit Notched Lapel Slim Fit Stylish Blazer Dress Suit

If you enjoy standing out in a crowd, then we could have just found the perfect suit blazer for you.

Whether you’re looking to attend a graduation party, a wedding, a party, or just going on a date with your girlfriend, then you may want to take a look at this elegant-looking, stylish blazer.

Coming in six different color options, this suit jacket comes in a floral design and will really help you stand out. It just adds that extra bit of style and flash to your outfit, especially at a party or a prom-like evening.

The material is polyester and viscose, so you know that it’ll be comfortable and worth the money. It isn’t going to tear easily, and it isn’t going to feel like it’s a weighted vest either.


  • Unique, stylish design
  • Perfect for parties or dates


  • They may run slightly wide
  • Is only a blazer (no matching pants available)

Bottom Line

This blazer is somewhat of a masterpiece in its design. It is unique, flashy, and really adds a little extra bit of style to your outfit. If you love standing out, you’ll love the extra attention that this gives you.

10. Cloudstyle Men’s 2-Piece Suit Peaked Lapel One Button Tuxedo Slim Fit

Cloudstyle Mens 2-Piece Suit Peaked Lapel One Button Tuxedo Slim Fit

Often worn as a dinner jacket, this tuxedo is a welcome change from the typical ones you’d find. Coming in either a red or a blue, you’ll be able to turn up at dinner looking the part and getting all of the attention.

The material is pleuche, which is smooth and soft, similar to velvet, so you’ll love wearing this suit.

If you want to look at this from the angle of value for money, then this tux definitely looks more expensive than it is. Not only that, but the pleuche material will feel like it is luxurious, and you’ll have many happy dinner parties in this outfit.


  • Great colors for a tuxedo
  • Good choice of material (Pleuche)
  • Perfect for proms, weddings, or dinner parties


  • The sizing is quite difficult to understand

Bottom Line

Finding the right tuxedo can be difficult. Not everyone can look like James Bond, so you have to find something that suits you. This tux comes in two great colors that will help you to stand out and be the centerpiece of the party.

10 Rules for wearing a suit (A simple, illustrated guide)

1. Leave the bottom button undone


If you’ve got a jacket that has more than the single button, then leave the bottom one undone. Why? Because you just should. Really, the bottom button is just there for style, and when done up it just looks tight, strange, and begins to pull in weird directions.

2. Undo your jacket before sitting down


If you choose to wear your suit buttoned up, then you should always unbutton it prior to sitting down. If you don’t, then you could risk ruining the shape of your jacket. Not only that, but you’ll also look awkward, and no one wants that.

3. Color coordination is key


For those of you with just an ounce of style, this probably sounds really obvious, but you’ll be surprised at how many suits we see that just don’t utilize color coordination.

Just so you know, you want your shoes to match your belt, and you want your shoes to compliment the suit. You should never wear brown shoes with your black suit, or vice versa.

4. Your jacket should be ‘tight’


Whilst it may seem like it’s tight because it’s small, it’s not usually the case. You want your suit jacket to properly hug your shoulders.

Your suit should be form-fitting and fill you with confidence, and you won’t feel these effects if you’re just drowned out by a massive baggy jacket.

5. Your trousers should be ‘tight’


Again, you want trousers that are tight in the sense that they complement your legs. You don’t want to just have a straight cut fit that makes you look like you’re 2 foot shorter than you actually are.

Instead, you want to have trousers that sit perfectly at the top of your shoes, and they should be closely cut enough to look similar to a pair of jeans.

6. Always do your shirt’s top button up


The amount of people we see wearing a suit and tie with their top button undone is alarming. You look sloppy, and it shouldn’t be done. If you’re going to wear a tie, then you should always be doing up that top button.

We will let you off if you’re not wearing a tie, though. In that case, go for it. It can look good.

7. Your tie should be different to the rest of your outfit


If you’re planning on wearing a black suit with the exact same tie, perhaps think about something different. The tie is your chance to express yourself, and you can get away with some pretty cool combinations here.

In general, you’ll probably like going for a darker tie with most suits and for most occasions. But if you want to go out there with a pink tie, then go for it.

8. Bow ties should be worn with tuxedos


For those of you who don’t know, tuxedos should always be worn with a nice bow tie and not just a regular tie. The combination of a tux jacket and a bow tie can look beautiful, and we’d always recommend it.

9. Your jacket should stop before your cuffs


On your sleeves, you want a bit of your shirt showing. That is to say your cuffs, and cufflinks in particular, want to be on show. If your jacket completely covers them, then it’s probably too big, or your shirt is too small.

10. Have fun with it


The best piece of advice when wearing a suit is just to have fun with it. We always find that putting on a suit just adds a little bit of extra confidence that the majority of men need, and that’s why they’re so great.

We hope that you learn from these tips and utilize them, but we have only just touched the surface really. There are many more unspoken suit rules out there.

Suit, blazer, or tux?

Three different types of wear used for completely different occasions and situations, yet they’re so similar in design. For the majority of us, we already know the difference, but there are still plenty of people who will not know the difference.

For you, we want to dedicate this section to the pros and cons of each of the above and also explain when they should be worn over the others.


A suit can come in either a two-piece or a three-piece and will always involve a pair of trousers and a jacket/blazer. The suit itself can be of many different styles, whether it be double-breasted, single-breasted, skinny fit, modern design…the list goes on.

With a suit, you can either just wear it with the blazer and trousers as a look in itself, or you can add the third element: a waistcoat. This instantly adds an extra layer that looks very smart when worn to a party or if you’re looking to set a standard at work.

A two-piece suit, however, is perfect for those looking to wear a suit casually and remain pretty lightweight and comfortable.

Unlike a tuxedo, you aren’t expected to just wear a bow-tie. You could wear a regular tie or no tie at all.

You could even wear the top button of your shirt undone if you have no tie there at all. That look is our personal favorite when just wearing a suit for smart casual purposes.

In terms of occasion wear, you can’t really go wrong with a good, old-fashioned suit. It can be worn on an almost daily basis, and you can wear one on dates, to restaurants, to the pub, to the office, on an airplane…anything.

You’re really not limited to a certain dress code at all when it comes to a classic suit.


The primary physical difference that a tux has is the presence of satin material. Tuxedos look ‘shinier’, thanks to the satin on the lapels, buttons, and sometimes on the trouser leg. This provides a lovely difference

In terms of the shirts, a tux shirt is made with a collar that is suited to a bow tie. The rationale behind this is because tuxedos are typically worn with bow ties and not regular ones.

You’d typically wear a tuxedo for a dinner party or a wedding. However, you almost certainly wouldn’t wear a tuxedo to the office as part of your business wear. It’s exclusively evening wear and as part of a ‘black tie’ dress code for most.

So, the key differences are that a tuxedo has some satin touches, incorporates a bow tie, and would almost exclusively be worn as evening wear.


Buying a smart blazer to wear as part of your outfits can really spice things up for you when it comes to parties, dates, or even just work.

A blazer will typically be worn with jeans or regular trousers, and it’ll generally have a design or at the very least be a slightly different color to a regular suit design.

A blazer, in this sense, is different to a suit because it’s not designed to be worn as one. Instead, you can just wear a blazer over the top of your regular t-shirts and just instantly make yourself look like you’re dressed formally.

There really isn’t any particular occasion for a blazer. It’s possible to wear one to school if you wanted. It’s just a smart upgrade from your regular jacket, coat, or sweatshirt.

How we chose the best suits for men

Going through and choosing what we think are the best suits for men is a difficult process. Ultimately, what we think doesn’t mean that they actually are the very best. After all, it’s a subjective process that involves us going through and seeing what we like the most.

To be blunt, we chose these products by following the criteria that we suggested to you earlier on.

Most importantly, we wanted the suits to be worth their money across a variety of price ranges. We found a few truly budget options and then a few that would be an option if you had a bit of extra money to spend.

So long as the price point was justified by the material, the quality, the fit, and the style, then we really had no problems with listing it as one of our favorites.

Also, we had to look across a wide variety of products for different occasions. We understand that some people may want their suits for primarily office wear, and then some others may just want their suit for prom.

To be sure that we didn’t leave anyone out, we wanted to pick a couple of products that were at least suitable for each. From dinner party tuxedos to office two-pieces, we have got you covered.

A suit can be a true hallmark of style for a man.

And we want you to be no different.

That’s why in this article we went out of our way to find the best men’s suits for the money. Not only that, but we wanted to help you to understand what makes a great suit great.

We hope that you’ve learned a lot by reading this article, and we hope that you could give us some feedback in the comments below.


Before you go, we’d love to hear from you if you think we’ve missed any suits from our list. Perhaps you’ve got a favorite budget suit that you wear regularly, but we’ve forgotten it. Let us know.


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