7 Best Scrubs for Men in the Medical Field

best scrubs for men

Medical scrubs have to do it all, especially when you consider the type of work environment where they’re a necessity.

They have to be comfortable, yes, but also functional and have to stand up to the rigors of a healthcare workplace that’s often intense, fast-paced, and messy.

Finding the best scrubs for men – scrubs such as the Dickies Men’s EDS Signature V-Neck Scrub – is often a challenge, but we’re here to help with a comprehensive guide to men’s scrubs.

We’ll review our picks for the top men’s scrubs, discuss the various types of scrubs, and how to wear them. Let’s start with some things to keep in mind when buying men’s medical scrubs.

Quick summary

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bb2-table__imageDickies Men’s Eds Signature V-Neck Scrub
  • Comfortable and functional
  • Suitable for women also
  • Variety of colour options
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bb2-table__imageCherokee Men’s Workwear Scrub Set
  • High durability
  • Multiple pockets for storage space
  • Very flexible for easy movement
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bb2-table__imageG Med Unisex Scrub Set
  • Affordable price tag
  • The colors don’t fade in the laundry
  • Functional with plenty of storage space
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bb2-table__imageDress A Med Men’s Classic Scrubs 2-Piece Set
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Crease-free
  • Long-lasting
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bb2-table__imageLandau Unisex V-Neck Scrub
  • Durable
  • Unisex
  • Good fit to size ratio
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bb2-table__imageCarhartt Men’s Ripstop Multi-Pocket Scrub Top
  • Made to last a long time
  • Tag-less labels
  • Fits well and comfortable
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bb2-table__imageMedelita Men’s Modern Fit Scrub Top
  • Functional but look stylish
  • Ease of movement to the max
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
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Before you buy: 4 Things to consider when purchasing scrubs

Anyone who works in the medical field understands how important it is to find scrubs that are seen but not heard, i.e., they fit and function so well that the wearer may forget that they’re wearing them. That’s ideal.

Finding the right scrubs for you usually entails checking off the boxes in the following categories:

1. Material

Scrubs consist of a variety of materials depending on the brand. Cotton is common and the preferred material of many healthcare workers, because of its overall comfort and breathability. Cotton’s downside, however, is that it’s not as durable as other materials – which may include polyester and synthetic blends. Others consist of a blend of natural and synthetic materials.

Choosing the right material for you is a matter of personal preference. If it feels comfortable, breathes well, and isn’t too rigid – to you – then there’s no reason not to choose that material.

2. Functionality

Utility is another important factor to consider when buying scrubs for men, and the number of pockets a particular scrub has is of primary concern. The pants should have, at the least, two pockets on the side, while a chest pocket is another plus.

3. Fit

Fit and comfort work hand in hand and may be the deciding factors in why you choose a particular pair of scrubs over another. Here are some things to consider:

  • Baggy isn’t necessarily better

One school of thought regarding fit suggests that the best fit for scrubs is one that’s bigger than normal, i.e., you should buy them one size larger than your normal size, but baggy scrubs present other issues – such as having to pull up your pants constantly or extra material that interferes with your duties – that influence overall comfort.

  • Stretchy is nice

The best fit, then, is one that presents a happy medium between too tight and too baggy, not unlike how you want your regular clothes to fit. Scrubs made from stretchy material often help you achieve a “perfect” fit – or as perfect as anything can be,.

  • Wear scrubs made for men

Yes, it sounds overly obvious, but men should wear scrubs made for men. While men’s and women’s scrubs look the same, they don’t fit the same for many reasons: men have broader shoulders, women have thinner waists and wider hips, etc.

The good news is that there are plenty of unisex scrubs available today that work well for both men and women.

4. The look

Functionality and fit rank above style and appearance, and you should choose your scrubs accordingly. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while at work. Appearance often is determined by a particular workplace’s standards; many places require scrubs of a certain color, while others say it’s OK to wear multi-colored or patterned scrubs.

No matter what your workplace allows – or your fashion sense – a scrub’s appearance should never be more important than its functionality, however.

Next, let’s take a look at the best scrubs.

The 7 best scrubs for men 2020

1. Dickies Men’s EDS Signature V-Neck Scrub

Dickies Men’s EDS Signature V-Neck Scrub

It only stands to reason that Dickies – one of the world’s largest workwear manufacturers – is a big player the scrubs game, and it has several scrubs for men and women that rank among the best.

Their Men’s EDS Signature V-neck top is one of their best and one that’s preferred by healthcare workers in the U.S. and around the world. It consists of a blend of cotton and polyester. The cotton provides excellent breathability while helping to ensure all-day comfort.

The V-Neck scrub top also has side vents that make for improved movement and comfort, as well as a front chest pocket with a pencil slot that contributes to its overall functionality.

You also have a variety of colors to choose from with this top, including basic white and black. Moreover, it’s machine washable and easy to clean.


  • Combines comfort and functionality
  • Can be worn by women also
  • Multiple color options


  • Sizing may run a bit small

Bottom Line

Dickies makes quality workwear for a variety of occupations, and their EDS Signature V-Neck Scrub is no exception. It’s comfortable, functional, and built for the demands of the healthcare world.

2. Cherokee Men’s Workwear Scrub Set

Cherokee Men’s Workwear Scrub Set

California-based Cherokee is another brand known for its quality workwear, including its healthcare apparel. Their men’s Workwear Scrub Set is an excellent all-around product, and we like it for many reasons.

The Cherokee top consists of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, while the pants have more cotton than polyester. In both pieces, the material is durable and made to stand up to workday rigors. They’re also thinner than many other scrubs we researched; combined with their stretchiness, it makes for a workwear set that enhances rather than hinders movement, even when performing physically intensive tasks.

Functionality comes from a chest pocket on the V-neck (unisex) top, while the pants feature regular hand pockets, back pockets, and a cargo pocket. You have all the storage you need for the things you carry with you in the workplace.

The Cherokee Workwear Scrub Set is easy to wash and won’t shrink or wear out with repeated washings.


  • Pockets offer plenty of storage space
  • Very durable
  • Stretchy and thin enough to move around comfortably


  • More expensive than many other scrubs

Bottom Line

The Cherokee Workwear Scrub Set offers everything you require if you work in the medical field. They offer excellent ease of movement and the kind of functionality you need.

3. G Med Unisex Scrub Set 

G Med Unisex Scrub Set

We’ve talked about the importance of the two “F”s of scrubs – function and fit – and the Unisex Scrub Set by G Med answers the bell in both categories. You can add affordability to the list, as well.

Indeed, the Unisex Scrub Set has everything you’d expect from a quality pair of medical work clothing but at a price that’s hard to beat. If your budget is tight at the moment, then these scrubs are worth careful consideration.

The Scrub Set includes a two-piece top and pants set. The V-neck top feature a dolman sleeve (in which the sleeve and main body of the garment are in one piece) as well as one breast pocket and two patch pockets. The V-neck is deeper than on most scrubs, and that’s either a positive or a negative, based on individual preference.

With two side pockets on the pants, as well, finding a place to store all of your things won’t be a problem with this set of scrubs. The pockets are deeper than on many other scrubs, which means you can carry more items.

The low-rise straight leg pants have two side slits on the bottom of the legs, as well as a drawstring front. Another thing we like is that they’re machine washable and don’t shrink or lose color during the process.


  • Lots of storage space and very functional
  • Very affordable
  • The colors won’t fade with washing


  • The pants may fit a bit wide for some people

Bottom Line

G Med makes scrubs especially for medical professionals, and it shows in their attention to detail and functionality.

4. Dress A Med Men’s Classic Scrubs 2-Piece Set 

Dress A Med Men’s Classic Scrubs 2-Piece Set

The durable Dress A Med scrubs feature double stitching that prevents them from falling apart after repeated use (and repeated washings). They’re also lightweight and comfortable and have plenty of storage space, thanks to six total pockets.

These scrubs consist of a blend of polyester and cotton that’s wrinkle-free after one cycle in the dryer. Additionally, it has a masculine style that looks good while conforming to hospital uniform requirements. The fabric is liquid repellent.

The standard V-neck top has one chest pocket and a pen slot. The pants include a full drawstring, five pockets, and an additional pen slot. They also provide plenty of room without looking too loose or slouchy. That extra bit of room is important for maintaining mobility during long shifts in a high-paced medical environment.

Another thing we like about these scrubs is that they’re pre-shrunk, while their color doesn’t fade after even hundreds of washings (they even come with a color lock guarantee). And, again, Dress A Med’s double-stitching design helps you to get years of use from these scrubs.

Customers also appreciate Dress A Med’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Wrinkle-free


  • Some wearers say the pants fit too loosely and that you need to size accordingly

Bottom Line

Dress A Med’s scrubs are made for men, both in style and functionality. They’re also made to last, so your original investment will feel like a bargain in the long run.

5. Landau Unisex V-Neck Scrub

Landau Unisex V-Neck Scrub

Landau has a half-century’s worth of experience in designing and manufacturing medical scrubs for men and women, always with an eye on improving their existing products.

Their Unisex V-neck scrub personifies that commitment to quality and has a contemporary look that looks good in any healthcare environment.

The scrub consists of a blend of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) that’s designed to fit both men and women with maximum comfort. The neckline looks good and fits comfortably, no matter who’s wearing it, while its side vents and drop tail hem help to create a full range of motion.

It also comes with Dolman sleeves and a chest pocket with a pen division. The fabric blend is machine washable and durable enough to wear every day.

Landau tests each roll of fabric for durability before the scrub construction begins. They also scale their sizes proportionately – rather than just adding extra material for larger sizes – so each scrub top fits proportionately to body type.

Landau’s scrubs come in a variety of colors and designs; in fact, it claims to be the first scrub manufacturer to introduce prints into its products. They’re definitely cool men’s scrubs.


  • Unisex
  • Fit is proportionate to the size
  • Durable


  • Men’s sizes may run a bit large

Bottom Line

The Landau design is simple yet functional and an excellent choice for anyone who works in the medical field. You’ll like how it feels and how it doesn’t get in the way of you doing your daily tasks.

6. Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Multi-Pocket Scrub Top 

Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Multi-Pocket Scrub Top

Carhartt is a company known for producing workwear that can stand up to even the most physical of tasks. It’s no surprise that their medical scrubs provide the same kind of durability and toughness – but without sacrificing comfort.

Their men’s Ripstop Utility Scrub Top features a V-neck design with a chest pocket and incorporates Carhartt’s reinforced stitching for greater durability. The reinforced threads are lightly sanded on the inside to provide maximum softness – which is a feature unique to Carhartt’s ripstop line.

Further comfort comes from a bi-swing at the back yoke (the rear part of the shirt, including at the shoulders and hips), as well as side vents. The result is a properly-fitting scrub top that allows for the kind of easy movement required for a healthcare environment. Carhartt understands that nurses and doctors often work long shifts in which comfort and durability are crucial in what they wear.

The Ripstop Scrub consists of 55% cotton and 45% polyester and is machine washable. The chest pocket includes an angled pen slot in Carhartt’s unique Tradesman design. Meanwhile, the top has tag-less labels, which eliminates the potential scratchiness and irritation caused by standard labels.

While Carhartt’s reputation includes a strong foundation for producing superior blue-collar workwear, the company expanded its manufacturing to include other lines of work, including medical professions. Their Ripstop Multi-Pocket Scrub Top ranks among the best scrubs for men.


  • Built to last
  • Comfortable fit
  • Tag-less labels


  • More expensive than some other scrub brands

Bottom Line

Comfort, durability, and functionality help make this among the best men’s medical scrub tops available today. Plus, you’ll benefit from the durability common to all types of Carhartt workwear.

7. Medelita Men’s Modern Fit Scrub Top

Medelita Men’s Modern Fit Scrub Top

While scrubs aren’t meant to be a fashion statement – at least not in an intense, often chaotic and messy, medical environment – there’s nothing wrong with looking good. Medelita’s Modern Fit Scrub Top has a fashionable look (and we think it rates among the best designer scrubs for men) that presents a professional appearance no matter the setting.

It’s also a very functional and comfortable scrub, one that includes a variety of features that many medical staffers appreciate:

  • It has a raised neckline that doesn’t hang as low as the traditional V-neck design, which helps add to its overall professional appearance.
  • The redesigned shoulder-to-chest measurement makes for greater ease of movement.
  • It has a deep, reinforced chest pocket for storage purposes.
  • Medelita’s scrubs consist of bacteriostatic fabric technology that inhibits the growth or reproduction of bacteria. The fabric also wicks moisture and keeps wearers drier and more comfortable than similar fabrics.
  • There’s little to no shrinking with the first wash and none with subsequent washes. Medilita says the fabric becomes softer with each washing, while the colors won’t fade.
  • Medelita’s FreshGuard fabric is very breathable and keeps the skin cooler than many other fabrics. It’s also wrinkle-resistant, while stains come out easily in the wash.

Medilita’s scrubs come in four colors: black, grey, and a couple of shades of blue.


  • Fashionable yet functional
  • Unique fabric that provides plenty of softness and comfort
  • Provides maximum ease of movement


  • Limited variety of colors

Bottom Line

Medelita’s scrubs have a strong reputation for comfort and their professional appearance. They’re more expensive than most other scrubs but well worth the price to many customers.

Tips for properly wearing your scrubs

While scrubs aren’t meant to be a fashion statement, there’s no reason you can’t look your best – and professional – in your workplace. Here are some suggestions for how to wear scrubs appropriately.

First, why wear scrubs at all?

We’ll take a brief look at the history of scrubs in the following section, but the bottom line for the “why” of wearing scrubs is patient and health practitioner safety. They also prevent personal clothing from being ruined in a healthcare setting.

  • It’s easier to identify contaminants when wearing scrubs

Wearing scrubs of a solid color – which is mandatory in many medical facilities – makes it easier to identify contaminants, body waste, and other fluids or chemicals.

  • Scrubs are cleaner than regular clothes

Many healthcare facilities clean their healthcare professionals’ scrubs while using special cleaning chemicals and high-temperature machines. This type of harsher cleaning – which might ruin other types of clothing – ensures a thorough cleaning that removes contaminants.

  • Scrubs are less expensive than regular clothing

You shouldn’t have a problem finding an affordable pair of scrubs. Because they’re inexpensive, they’re also more disposable, which makes for less concern that they may be ruined under harsh cleaning circumstances.

  • Scrubs offer excellent functionality

We’ve discussed it in our reviews of the best scrubs for men, but it’s worth repeating: medical scrubs offer a lot of pocket space that makes it easier for doctors, nurses, and other practitioners to carry their tools and equipment.

  • Scrubs help identify medical personnel

Scrubs help patients and coworkers to identify nurses, doctors, and other healthcare personnel easily. The same principle applies to firefighters and police officers, who wear similar clothing that makes them more identifiable. Scrubs also help give healthcare organizations a more uniform and professional appearance.

The basic, but necessary, rules for wearing scrubs the right way

What to wear underneath?


It’s up to you whether you want to wear regular pants under your scrubs. Many medical professionals choose not to, because regular pants can get too warm when worn under scrub pants. “The more breathable, the better” is a general rule of thumb for wearing scrubs. That said, however, you may want to wear thermal pants under your scrubs during the colder months, especially if you live in a region that experiences harsh winters. You also may choose to wear another shirt under your scrub’s top, and a simple t-shirt is sufficient. However, your scrubs should conceal any additional clothing worn underneath.

If you choose to wear a t-shirt or collared shirt under your scrubs, make sure it fits snugly but not too tight. You want to maintain the freedom of movement that scrubs provide. Another thing to keep in mind about wearing clothing underneath your scrubs is that it should serve a purpose but not draw attention to itself.

While you can wear a regular t-shirt under your scrub top, you also can buy a scrub t-shirt – either short-sleeved or long-sleeved – such as this one  by Cherokee workwear.

When not to wear regular clothing under scrubs


You won’t be allowed to wear any regular clothing under your scrubs if you work in an operating room. The reason why is to prevent contamination through the spread of pathogens. Note: short-sleeved, V-neck scrub tops and cotton or polyester blend drawstring scrub pants generally work best in operating room settings.

Make sure the colors truly match


Unlike with regular clothing, scrubs are unique in that the tops and bottoms are often of the same color. You don’t have to worry about the colors matching if you purchase a two-piece scrub set, but some medical professionals prefer to buy scrub tops and pants separately. There’s nothing wrong with that, but make sure the two pieces are of identical color – and colors may vary slightly from one brand to the next. You don’t want to risk wearing an outfit that’s just a little “off” and draws unwanted attention to yourself.

Pay attention to the depth of the neckline


V-necked scrub tops provide excellent comfort and movement, but be careful not to choose tops in which the V-neck plunges a bit too deeply. Over-exposure isn’t always a good thing, especially if you aren’t wearing a T-shirt or other type of clothing under your scrub’s top.

The fit is everything


As we discussed earlier, a common stereotype for wearing scrubs is that baggy is best, but scrubs that are too large pose other issues regarding comfort and freedom of movement. While your scrubs shouldn’t be too tight that they’re constrictive, they shouldn’t be overly loose, either.

Scrubs as everyday wear


There’s a lot to like about scrubs: they’re comfortable, convenient, available in a variety of colors and prints, and more, and that’s why many people, not just medical professionals, use them as everyday wear. In general, wear scrubs as single pieces and not as a full set for casual use. Most people choose to wear scrub tops with regular pants, although no rule says you can’t pair scrub pants with a regular shirt (especially with a lightweight top of some kind).

Medical scrubs vs. Surgical scrubs vs. all the rest

Let’s get to the point: medical scrubs are different from surgical scrubs. That’s probably no surprise to anyone who works in the healthcare field, but it’s worth exploring a little bit. Let’s take a look at scrub, in general, as well as the differences between medical scrubs and surgical scrubs. But, first, a bit of history:

  • Uniforms are nothing new to nurses, who’ve worn them – including medical scrubs – since, well, a long, long time ago. Surgeons, meanwhile, simply donned their everyday clothes in the operating room – even into the 20th century. They didn’t even wear gauze masks. A shirt and tie? Yes. But everything changed, thanks, in part, to the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, which raised awareness about the spread of infection and prompted surgeons to start wearing masks when on the job.
  • Starting in the 1940s, surgeons began to wear white uniforms, which eventually changed to various shades of green, because the combination of white apparel and the brightness of operating lights caused eye strain.
  • Today, almost everyone involved with patient care wears some type of scrub, whether they work in hospitals, clinics, a general physicians practice, and even in dental and veterinary offices.

Surgical Scrubs


The biggest, and most obvious, difference between surgical scrubs and all the rest is that surgical scrubs are disposable. Among the reasons for this are the chemicals and bodily fluids that surgeons (and their assistants) get exposed to during surgical procedures. Surgical scrubs usually consist of lighter material, are sterile, and are comfortably loose to provide the surgeon with plenty of freedom of movement. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be so loose that they interfere with surgery.

Surgical scrubs also are easy to remove in case the surgeon or surgical assistant needs to change into a new pair during surgery.

Most operating rooms forbid exposed clothing of any kind, including a t-shirt worn beneath the scrubs. Outside clothing increases the chances of introducing unwanted pathogens into the surgical room. Surgical scrubs also serve to protect the skin during long surgeries.

Medical Scrubs


As mentioned previously, scrubs are worn by medical workers in a variety of settings, not just hospitals. Non-surgical scrubs, which aren’t meant to be disposable, are worn by the majority of healthcare workers and support staff. In many hospitals, the color of scrubs helps distinguish between patient care departments, such as an emergency room, pediatrics, and labor and delivery.

  • Male nursing scrub – Male nursing scrubs have masculine styling and coloring, wider shoulders – even a slightly different placement of pockets. The quality and functionality of modern unisex scrubs are high, but most men prefer wearing scrubs that are ideal for a male’s body shape, which provide comfort accordingly.
  • Female nursing scrub – Female scrubs come in feminine styles, often with the waist cinched in to help emphasize the female figure. They’re also narrower in the shoulders than scrubs designed for men, while they’re trimmer in the waist and wider in the hips.

Lab Coats


Lab coats also fall under the medical scrub category, albeit with obvious differences. They’re common wear for doctors conducting tests or consulting with clients. Most lab coats have long sleeves, are white, and are not meant to be heavy duty.

How we chose the best men’s scrubs

The best scrubs aren’t just comfortable or functional, they’re a combination of both, i.e., they have to fit properly while providing the practicality medical professionals need in their daily work lives. Our reviews included only those scrubs that could provide both.

We also considered the type of fabric, its durability, and – as always – the reviews of others, particularly those who work in the medical field.


Of course, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. What brand of medical scrub do you wear? Have you worn any of those listed here? We’d love to hear from you.


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