6 Best Razors for Shaving Your Head Bald Like a Pro

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best razor for shaving your head bald

Shaving your head is a big deal: for some men, it’s about managing their thinning hair; for others, it’s just a bold aesthetic choice.

Regardless of your ‘why,’ the ‘how’ of shaving your head is crucial, and finding the right razor for your needs can be a total game-changer.

So this review is purpose-built to help you find the very best razor for shaving your head.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks:
ATX Men’s Head Shaving Starter Kit

Our top choice is ATX Men’s Head Shaving Starter Kit, a spectacular all-in-one set that gives you everything you need to shave your head - at an exceptional price.

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide

Our no.2 choice, is the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide – designed for really close cuts and feature Flexball technology for super-easy handling. It is the absolute idea for men who want to use a disposable razor to shave their head.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also going to take a look at some of the very best accessories that can help shaving your head easier, and give you a detailed guide to shaving your head without getting razor bumps.

But first, let’s explore the 5 key factors you need to consider when buying a head-shaving razor.

Quick Summary

bb2-table__imageATX Men's Head Shaving Starter Kit
  • Very easy to use because of its design
  • Includes everything you need
  • Low maintenance
Check on Amazon
bb2-table__imageGillette Fusion5 ProGlide
  • Flexball technology makes it very easy to use
  • 5 ultra sharp long-lasting blades
  • Excellent for really close cuts
Check on Amazon
bb2-table__imageMerkur Long-Handled Safety Razor
  • Provides excellent reach, support, and balance
  • Comes with a non-slip grip to provide excellent control
  • Also great for shaving your face
Check on Amazon
bb2-table__imageWahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver/Shaper
  • Designed for ultra-close cuts
  • Hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skins
  • Great battery life
Check on Amazon
bb2-table__imageParker 96R Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Sturdy design
  • Handle is longer than normal
  • Easy to change the blades
Check on Amazon
bb2-table__imageGillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor
  • Sharp and very durable
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Blades are easy to clean
Check on Amazon

Before you buy: 7 Things you have to consider when buying a head-shaving razor

1. What type of razor do you want?

It’s important that you have a clear sense of which kind of razor you’re looking to buy – safety, electric, or disposable. Each offers a fundamentally different experience to the user and has different requirements.

Having a clear idea of this will help you massively narrow down your options and make the whole process of purchasing easier.

2. Grip and ease of use

Some razors come ready to use straight outta the packet; others required decidedly more effort. And while neither is good or bad, you should be clear on how much maintenance and work a particular razor is likely to require.

This extends to the grip and weight of the razor: some feel heavy and authoritative, while others are virtually feathers. Some have tight grips, whilst others have virtually no grip.

While neither is necessarily inherently better, it’s important to consider which sounds most like a shaving experience you’d want.

3. Length of the razor

As strange as it sounds, there is a huge variation between razors in size, and it’s important to consider what that will mean for you. If you’re looking to travel a lot with your razor, you might want to go for a more compact design, while a large razor is likely to be more durable.

The length of the blades varies somewhat too, and it’s worth considering whether you want a wider razor that will allow you to cover more surface in a single stroke.

4. Number of blades it comes with

While it isn’t the be-all, it’s certainly also useful to be aware of how many blades a razor comes with. This will help you assess the value you’re getting and the maintenance it’ll require.

5. What material is the razor made of?

The material your razor is made of will make a big difference, and you should seriously consider the construction and materials of any razor you’re considering buying.

Stainless steel is a good sign, as it tends to be more durable and a higher quality of construction. But you’ll develop a personal sense of what’s best for you, and much of this consideration will really come down to how much weight you want in your razor.

6. Is it right for your skin?

Every man’s skin is unique, and it’s vital that your razor doesn’t irritate or upset yours. If you have particularly sensitive skin, for example, you might need to look for a hypoallergenic razor.

Checking reviews to see how others with your skin type have fared with a particular razor is extremely useful, too.

7. How much are you willing to spend?

Finally, before making any grooming purchase, you should always have a clear sense of how much you’re willing to spend and what level of value you expect to receive for it.

If you go into the shop or log onto a store and just mindlessly browse, the chances of making an impulsive (and likely regrettable) decision are very high. But having a clear budget and set of expectations avoids this.

You should bear in mind that a razor can be an investment, and factor in the length of time you expect to keep your razor.

The 6 best razors for shaving your head

1. Best Overall – ATX Men’s Head Shaving Starter Kit

ATX Men's Head Shaving Starter Kit

Best features:

  • All-in-one kit
  • Water-soluble
  • Easy to use

The best razor for:

The full head-shaving experience


When it comes to shaving your head, there can be a pretty steep learning curve, and for lots of men, it gets a little overwhelming putting together a full kit.

For this reason – and many others – ATX’s Men’s Head Shaving Starter Kit is our number one choice for head shaving razor. It is designed for total beginners and makes the process of shaving your head.

While some kits like this offer sub-part parts, ATX has ensured each part of theirs is genuinely top class, meaning you can get everything you need to shave your head like a pro in a single place, and it has a bunch of cool and useful features to boot.

The HeadSlick razor itself is perfectly sharp and well-weighted, with its fun race car roller design that lets you roll it seamlessly across your dome for a quick, effective shave. And it comes with a great set of replacement razors that ensure you won’t have to buy another product for ages.

The HeadSlick is also water-soluble, so it’s easy to wash it every time you use it and keeps the maintenance down to an absolute minimum.

Plus, the cream gives you a great, scentless lather that makes the whole process so much easier and safer.


  • Genuinely includes everything you need to start shaving your head
  • Low maintenance and easy to use
  • Makes shaving your head fun


  • Some find the roller system a little bulky and difficult to get used to

Bottom Line

The very best head shaving razor kit we’ve found – nicely designed, with a good quality razor, good quality cream, and plenty of refills so you won’t get caught short.

2. Best Disposable – Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide

Best features:

  • Flexball technology
  • 5 highly durable blades
  • Lubrastrip

The best razor for:

An extremely close shave


Gillette is synonymous with disposable razors, and that level of market dominance just doesn’t happen by chance. While plenty of other brands offer great products, few come close to the level of confidence and trust that Gillette inspires.

Clearly, we could’ve chosen any number of Gillette products here, but for shaving your head, the Fusion5 ProGlide is as good a disposable razor as you’ll find. With its sharp, anti-friction blades, you’ll be able to get a smooth head with ease.

The Flexball technology is fantastic for your dome, as it cures and rolls along even bumpy surfaces. And the blades come with enhanced lubrastrip, which lubricates as you go and helps make shaving super comfortable.

The micro comb helps guide your hair to the blade, which really helps achieve a very close shave. Plus, there is a precision trimmer on the back, which helps you get at those tricky, left behind bits.

Not only is the quality of the razor great – it also comes with 5 refill blades, meaning you’ll be set for several months. Each blade is highly durable, meaning at its current price, this is an absolute steal.


  • 5 long-lasting flexible blades that provide ultra-close cut
  • Flexball technology makes handling easy
  • Designed specifically for really close cuts


  • Some reviewers suggest it might be a little rough on sensitive skin

Bottom Line

The best disposable razor we’ve found for shaving your head – the great, sharp blades combined with Flexball technology makes for an effortless cut.

3. Best Safety Razor – Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Best features:

  • Long handle
  • Inexpensive double-edged blades
  • Durable and precise

The best razor for:

Exceptional craftsmanship


It’s never great to stereotype, but German craftsmanship and engineering really are world-beating. Merkur’s Long-Handled Safety Razor is a great – though unconventional – example of it, and it’s that level of construction that makes it our pick for the best safety razor for shaving your head.

With its lightweight, aerodynamic design and beautiful chrome finish, this might be the most aesthetic razor on our list. But it isn’t just a looker – it’s also an exceptional shaver, giving you all the benefits you would expect from a safety razor.

The non-slip grip makes shaving safe and easy – you’ll feel totally in control as you roll it along with your head. And the long handle allows you to achieve great reach whilst also providing support and balance.

It runs on inexpensive double edge blades, which means while the razor itself is relatively costly, its upkeep and use won’t burn your wallet. The blades themselves offer an extremely precise shave, too, while avoiding the skin irritation often caused by multi-blades.

Plus, the quality of the construction is so high, you can expect exceptional durability from Merkur.


  • Exceptional construction and design go a long way
  • The blades are inexpensive
  • The non-slip grip and long handle make for super easy use


  • Changing the blades can be a little taxing

Bottom Line

Safety razors tend to be easier to use, and the Merkur Long-Handle provides fantastic precision, ideal for shaving your head.

4. Best Electric – Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver/Shaper

Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver- Shaper

Best features:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great for head and face
  • Ultra-close cut

The best razor for:

Sensitive skinned men


Electric razors are extremely popular with men who shave their heads – they make the whole process quick, easy, and relatively simple.

So while we’ve largely focused on other kinds of razors, we felt it important to include the best electric razor for shaving your head– and Wahl’s Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver was the obvious choice.

For one thing, it provides a level of precision you can’t always expect from an electric razor and will help you get an ultra-close cut with ease.

Part of that ease is a product of its design, which is relatively compact and allows you to effortlessly roll it along with your head while also giving you the control you need to get at those hard-to-reach places.

Plus, the gold foil on the blades makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skinned men who are particularly prone to bumps.

The rotary motor provides plenty of power and is rechargeable, offering an hour of charge time, which means you won’t often have to think about battery – which can be a pain with electric razors.

Combined with the cleaning brush it comes with, the Professional 5-Star is super low-maintenance and a general joy to use.

It’s worth noting that the Professional 5-Star is actually also a great shaver for your face, making it a versatile purchase that will take care of an awful lot of your grooming needs.

Though it’s not ideal for shaving from a full head of hair, nor is it amazing for very long, thick beards.


  • A precise, safe shave for sensitive skinned men
  • Strong battery life and easy to clean
  • It’s a beauty to look at, too


  • No trimmer means it isn’t great for shaving longer hair

Bottom Line

A classic looking, extremely close shaving electric razor that’s ideal for keeping your bald head beautifully shaved.

5. Parker 96R Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 96R Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor

Best features:

  • Sturdy design
  • Handle is longer than normal
  • Easy to change the blades

The best razor for:

A sturdy head-shave


Parker has been making safety razors for more than 40 years, and it’s fair to say they’ve pretty much perfected the art at this point. Their 96R Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor is a case in point – a beautifully constructed razor that will help you shave your head with ease.

Every blade is assembled by hand, using an advanced plating process that produces a really beautiful finish.

As with the Merkur Long-Handled razor, Parker’s long handle gives you a great combination of control and access, which is great for shaving your head as men’s heads are different shapes and often require a bit of a stretch.

The handle is textured for extra grip, and the brass frame offers a solid, durable frame that feels comfortable and sturdy. The overall feeling is of being in control.

The quality of the blades is also great: they’re double-edged and made with stainless steel. You get 5 with the initial package, and those should last several months of effortless head shaving.

It’s important to know that it isn’t particularly beginner-friendly, though – without the proper technique, you could really bump your skin. So only experienced head-shavers should consider it.


  • The construction is durable and impressive
  • Gives you the feeling of being totally in control as you shave
  • Highly durable and precise blades


  • It’s not very beginner-friendly

Bottom Line

A close competitor of Merkur’s Long-Handled Razor – a great design and quality construction makes for a top-quality razor that expert head shavers will love.

6. Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor

Gillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor

Best features:

  • Sharp and unusually tough blades
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Lubrastrip to provide a smooth glide

The best razor for:

Total comfort while shaving


While the Fusion5 ProGlide is unquestionably the best disposable razor for shaving your head, Gillette is their own best competitor in this category, and the Mach3 is a classic that should be at home on any list like this.

The Mach3 is an exceptional disposable choice for sensitive skinned men – because it uses 3 aligned blades to minimize the number of strokes you need for each shave, there is simply less opportunity to nick, graze or irritate the skin on your head.

Its blades use DLC (Diamond Like Coating), which makes them unusually tough, as well help to keep them sharp enough for a real close shave.

The lubrastrip function – as with the Fusion5 – helps the razor just glide along with your head, and the Mach3 boasts a spring-mounted pressure system which essentially adjusts to different types of skin and areas of your head, making the whole process incredibly easy and comfortable.

And the handle has ergonomic grip strips designed to ensure you feel in control of every stroke.

Ultimately, the experience is smooth, efficient, and easy – there are protective Microfins that gently smooth down your skin, and the combined sharpness of the triple blades with Gillette’s pivoting head design leaves you with an exceptionally close shave.

Plus, the Open Architecture System also makes the Mach3 easy to clean and keeps maintenance down to a minimum.


  • DLC and triple-blade design makes for tough and precise blades
  • Easy to handle and a nice weight
  • Glides along your head with guided precision


  • The blades don’t last as long as many on this list

Bottom Line

A classic razor you just can’t go wrong with: easy to use, comfortable to hold, and great for shaving your head precisely.

Method to the madness: How we made our list

Our process is simple but exhaustive: we look at the entire spectrum of products on offer in a particular category, narrow down the selection slightly based on reviews and industry knowledge, and then try as many of the products as we possibly can to see which really stand out.

For this review, we made sure we took into account every factor involved in choosing a head-shaving razor – from the width of the blades and quality of the material to different skin types, lifestyle needs, and budgets.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of razors out there – and plenty of them are good to shave your head with. And while we try to test as many as possible, there’s always going to be a limit, and there’s always a chance we’ve missed an amazing product.

If that’s the case – please let us know!

How to shave your head without getting razor bumps, in 5 simple steps

Any man who’s shaved his head knows the dangers of razor bumps – those cuts, nicks, and burns you get when the friction of the blade catches your skin in the wrong way.

But those bumps simply aren’t necessary: if you know what you’re doing, the process of shaving your head should be nothing but a joy.

Here is a simple 6 step guide to shaving your head without getting razor bumps:

1. Prep your equipment properly

   pre your equipment properly

A major error lot of men make is simply not checking their equipment properly. Make sure your razor is sharp, and the guard you’re using is the right length for your hair – so it isn’t just ripping the hair out and slicing your skull.

2. Wash yourself

wash yourself

Your skin needs to be clean when you shave your head, so be sure to hit the shower and shampoo yourself before you start hacking at your head.

3. Use plenty of lather

use plenty of lather

It might sound nuts, but tons of men start going at their heads without any lather at all. And that is really not a good idea.

Get yourself a good shaving cream, lather it up real nice, and then generously apply it to your head before you put a razor anywhere near it.

4. Shave carefully with the grain of your hair

shave carefully with the grain of your hair

Now you’re ready to shave, but sure not to start at the back of your head, as this is where the thickest and toughest hair tends to be.

Be sure not to apply too much pressure – the right razor should just breeze through, and your job is to let it do the work. And always stay with the grain of your hair, which should feel most natural anyway.

5. Aftercare is essential

aftercare is essential

Even if you’ve got through your shave without a single nick, your skin is still likely to be a little tender and needs some aftercare to ensure it stays clean, healthy, and tight.

You should try using both aftershave and moisturizer; take a small amount in your clean hands and gently massage it across the dome of your beautiful, bald head.

4 head-shaving razor accessories you need right now

So you’ve got the right razor, and you know how to shave your head like a pro. But the reality is, you’ll still need a couple of essential accessories to ensure a flawless head-shave every time.

1. Shaving cream or gel

As we’ve discussed, shaving your head without lather is dangerous.

Any man whose serious about shaving his head needs to have a good quality shaving cream or gel or tap at all times – it helps give you purchase on the hairs, ensuring you don’t hack off bits of your scalp as you shave your head.

Our current favorite cream is Jack Black’s Beard Lube – stuffed full of essential oils, it offers everything you need for any kind of shave, and if you’re shaving your head, its refreshing lather is about as good as you can get.

2. Moisturizer

Immediately after shaving your head, there’s a good chance your skin will be a little raw and has lost lots of its natural moisture. So you need a top-quality moisturizer to make sure the hair on your head stays healthy and has the moisture it needs to repair.

Our choice would be Jack Black’s Double-Duty Face Moisturizer: while it’s intended primarily for the face, its lightweight formula – filled with powerful organic and natural ingredients – not only improves the appearance and health of skin, it actually provides sun protection, too.

3. Aftershave

Moisturizer is great, but having an aftershave is just as important. Beyond merely re-moisturizing, though, it’s important that you give the skin on your head the refreshment and nourishment that it needs to look it’s absolute best – especially now that it’s on full show 24/7.

Your best bet here is Proraso’s Aftershave Lotion – it has a pleasant scent that isn’t too strong, and it refreshes and revitalizes the skin long after your shave is done.

4. Razor bump ointment

If you follow the guide above, you should never have to deal with razor bumps. But we get it: sometimes you’re in a rush, and accidents do happen. So it’s always ideal to have a specialized razor bump ointment on hand to deal with any nicks, burns, and irritation.

Our current choice is Evagloss’s Razor Bump Solution – its easy to use roll-on solution gives immediate relief for razor burns and repairs the skin very nicely indeed.


Shaving your head – for lots of men – is a life-changing thing. We hope we’ve given you everything you need so that you can do it as well as possible.

What’s been your experience shaving your head? Which razors do you use, and how do you find them?

Let us know in the comments below.


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Domen Hrovatin
Domen Hrovatin

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  • I have shaved my head for 40 yrs Gillette Mach 3 was very good but moved onto the fusion variety and it’s just bit better for me my ? Is how do I get that lovely tv bald head shine what do they use

  • I’m a newbie to head shaving. I don’t have a good shave cream but I do have a new blade (From Dollar shave club). I can only get my head to sandpaper-feeling length. I don’t know if it’s my cartridge razor, lack of shaving cream and post gel, or me! Or maybe all?

    • If your only getting down to sandpaper length, it is because of your razors. Dollar-shaveve may be inexpensive but you get what you pay for. Get a Gillete mach-3 and you’ll get down to skin. Also it’s important to note that you must shave against the grain to achieve the closest shave.

  • Thank you for your information. I had been using Dollar Shave Club and their blades were fine; however, their shipping methods meant I ran out of blades before new ones arrived. I was looking for alternatives after cancelling their service and found your site.
    I purchased the Gillette Mach 3 handle and blades this week. I am impressed with the clean cut on my face and head. I had to adjust to the handle, but a few shaves in and it feels fine.

  • RE: Harry’s. Zen monk here. Been using their products for five years to shave head and face. They work great; best thing I ever found. Cut shaving time for the full treatment from forty minutes to twenty, much closer and smoother, with no chapping, cuts, or nicks. Far from my experience with overpriced Gillette products from the supermarket

    The only exceptions were once when I inadvertently pushed the blade in the slicing instead of scraping direction (slight nick, hardly bled), and again when I was impatient and using a new blade and raking away like a wild man. That one was worse, though still within normal parametres. I’d like to see any other razor do better in those circumstances, which were both clearly caused by operator error.

    So I’m a big Harry’s fan. It’s done my head fabulously since 2014.. Somebody else’s may be different. (I guess?)

    • Hi RK Henderson, like hear that because I want order Harry’s blade, but one point says this : Our blades are designed for your face, and not recommended for head shaving.
      If you use them for shaving your head without problem. I think I do my order with Harrys too.

  • Has anyone tired the HeadBlade Moto over the ATX i would think the pivot of the Moto might be more convenient


  • To tell you the truth I have been shaving my head for over 20yrs and I use the supermarket brand razors & shaving gel (I need to use non chemical shaving cream for the risks with putting chemicals on my skin is not good) and even though they are cheap they do a good job.
    Would a more expensive one work better I don’t know maybe but my head is always smooth.

    • If it’s working for you, I don’t see a reason to change. As the old saying goes: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

      Every head, skin and hair is different.

  • Do any of you remember, maybe up until 2015, when the Dollar Tree carried a clear shave gel? It has a mildly menthol smell to it and could coat and protect your head, legs, face, arm….wherever….better than any other shave cream or shave gel on the market. I can’t find the stuff anymore. There’s a similar product at walmart, but it’s like $5.00.

  • I’ve been shaving my head for 10 years. I have found out that Harry’s (despite they say not to use it for heads) works really well for me.

  • I have been using the 3 blade Bic from Walmart or Publix lately and it has felt comfy when using for shaving head. I have used Gillete before and liked and trying to use a brand new razor for each new shave to stay safe against bacteria. The shaving cream I been using are Gillette and Gillette after shave cream. I shave once every 3 or 4 days

    Happy to hear any suggestions. Thanks.

    • Thanks so much Rosalinda! I am bald by choice since past 5 years and been shaving with a regular razor. Recently, a dermatologist recommended I use an electric shaver over a manual one, but I am used to and seem to work better with manual ones. I heard from a pharmacist and others how with electric razors bacteria builds up over time and now I use one manual razor for each shave. I recently bought a Remington electric rotary from Walmart but when opened the manual found out it is not recommended for using on head.

  • Try the unique twinshaver. Shaving back and forth without a break. 80% time savings. Designed for quick head shave with the natural hand position. No arm fatigue. Advanced development for body shaving such as arms, legs, chest and armpits. I guess it’s from germany.

    • The concept is interesting, though my concern would be ingrown hairs which can be caused by going over the same areas too often.

  • As for Harry’s Razor, I was ordering them when I received an email from them. They DO NOT recommend those blades for head shaving. They are, however, working on a razor that can be used for head shaving. Being a first time head shaver, I am just using DSC for the time being. I guess the main thing is make sure you shower to soften, then shave it.

  • I’ve tried about every available razor for shaving my head, including those listed here. However, the best by far has been the women’s Gilette Venus razor. I’m not sure it’s it’s the different shape or what, but it was the smoothest shave with no nicks or razor burn at all.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this post with us, It’s very inspiring when you are thinking you need to shave 🙂

  • While although I came here learn about the best blades for shaving my head, I fo want to add that Cremo makes a great, slick shave cream. It loves water. Wet your head, put a little dab in your hand, add some water, lather it up and go to town. If your a brush guy you won’t like this, but it’s the best for shaving my head. I never get nicks or cuts or razor burn. They just released a new bourbon scent and it is hands down now my favorite.

  • I started shaving my head around 1997. By far the best razor for a head shave is the Schick Extreme 3. The flexible head design matches the contour of your head. This makes shaving your head faster, safer and closer than any of the other blades listed. I have used them all. Hands down the best shave cream is the Body Shoppe Maca Root Shave Cream.

    • I concur. I have also sworn by the flexing blades of the Shick Extreme III. However I am not as satisfied with their new version with the fat handle. Each disposable doesn’t seem to last as long as before.

  • Love the Gillette Fusion razor, after using the Mach III for years. I’ve tried electric shavers of all stripes, but couldn’t get that “smooth as a baby’s butt” feel that we all love. Tried an old fashioned safety razor and a Dollar Shave Club “Executive” razor as well, and needed a blood transfusion afterwards, from both. I’ll stick with the Fusion, thanks!

  • Dollar Shave Club. Basic 4 blade, swivel handle. Been shaving face and head for 45 years, have a very heavy beard. Best shave and best value. All there products are outstanding and value priced. Wasted a lot of $$$ over the years on expensive gear. Don’t do it. I am no easy sell. I am functional and results orientated. You can choose different blades and handles. Try it, risk free. No, I am a customer only. No other affiliation.

    • I can vouch for Dollar Shave Club. I used the 6 blade monthly pack. When I run out and use the Mach 3s my wife has, I really dislike the Mach 3. Doesn’t cut as much and I have to go over and over. Intrigued by the single blade systems they mention here though.

  • Canned shaving cream is full of chemicals? That is a completely meaningless statement. Literally, everything is full of chemicals. Everything.

  • Merkur 34C HD. Grasp it close to the razors head with your first to fingers and thumb for best control. No need for a longer handle, the farther away from the head your fingers are, the greater the margin for error in angle and the less feel for where you are.

  • I’m using only Gillette razor. Before I was using another brand but I had a lot of irritations ;/

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