7 Best Men’s Pajamas You’ll Never Want To Get Out Of

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best mens pajamas

The most comfortable clothes many men own aren’t necessarily the ones they wear to work or while out on the town. Instead, they’re pajamas, those cozy clothes worn for sleep or for relaxing around the house.

Pajamas have been around forever and still favored by many men and women. But like with any other type of clothing or product, separating the good from the bad is important.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks:
Tony & Candice Men’s Classic Satin Pajama Set Sleepwear

Tony & Candice’s Men’s Classic Satin Pajama Set are the best pajamas we’ve ever found. Not only do they have a classic, stylish look – they are also super silky and soft, without breaking the bank.

Hanes Men’s Woven Pajamas

Hanes Men’s Woven Pajamas are perfect for summer: their cotton/polyester blend is super soft and light, and their two-button waist system is extremely comfortable and secure.

We’ll also list several pajama buying tips while discussing the benefits of sleeping in pajamas compared to sleeping with nothing on at all.

Quick summary

bb2-table__imageTony & Candice Men’s Classic Satin Pajama Set Sleepwear
  • Feels silky and soft
  • Classic and stylish
  • Breatheable, sleek material
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bb2-table__imageHanes Men’s Woven Pajamas
  • Two button waist
  • Perfect summer weight
  • Great comfort
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bb2-table__imageAlexander Del Rossa Mens Satin Pajamas Long Button-Down Pj Set
  • Durable for long lasting use
  • Nice colour palette options
  • Soft, silky texture
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bb2-table__imageRk Classical Sleepwear Men’s 100% Cotton Flannel Pajama Set
  • Many different size options
  • Breathable fabric
  • Excellent for warmth retention
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bb2-table__imageHanes Men’s Adult X-Temp Short Sleeve Cotton Raglan Pajama Set
  • X-Temp technology adjusts to body temperature
  • Looks good
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
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bb2-table__imageLILYSILK 100% Pure Silk Pyjamas
  • Durable
  • Soft and silky
  • Stylish
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bb2-table__imageEssentials By Seven Apparel Men’s Long-Sleeve Top And Fleece Bottom Set
  • Looks stylish
  • Simple design options but appealing
  • Warm, soft and comforting
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Before you buy: 5 Things to consider when purchasing men’s pajamas

Time for a pair of pajamas? There’s no time like now to buy new ones considering the many choices available. That said, here are some pajama-buying tips:

1. Size

Finding the right size sounds simple enough but a common complaint among customers is that what they believe to be their size doesn’t fit their purchase.

To avoid this, compare your size to the corresponding size chart. It’s usually better to choose one size larger if you’re in doubt; there’s not much you can do about a size that’s too small.

2. Type

For most men, “pajamas” refer to a two-piece garment consisting of an upper and lower garment (like a shirt and pants). But there are plenty of other types to choose from:

  • Nightshirt

The nightshirt is a long shirt that extends to your knees or slightly below them. Some come with buttons while others you simply pull over your head like a t-shirt. Nightshirts typically consist of lightweight material like cotton and linen.

  • Footed pajamas

Footed pajamas are similar to onesies in that they consist of a long-sleeve top and long pants sewn together. The primary difference is that a onesie has feet sewn into the pants.

  • Modern pajamas

The so-called “modern” pajama consists of a pair of underwear paired with a light cotton t-shirt. They come in many fabrics and styles.

3. Fabric

The fabric is another important thing to consider when you’re buying a new pair of pajamas. The most comfortable ones have a breathable, soft feel that doesn’t feel rough or scratchy on your skin (and may disrupt your sleep).

Cotton is comfortable and easy to care for, while fleece and flannel help keep you warm. Jersey-style fabric is stretchy and feels light against the skin.

4. How you plan to use your pajamas

Pajamas are great to sleep in, of course, but you may use them in other ways – such as for lounging around the house in your slippers, reading, or watching TV. Whether you prefer to sleep under heavy blankets should determine your buying choice, as well.

5. Care

Carefully look at the instructions for caring for your pajamas. Correctly following them will help extend your pajamas’ lifespan.

Let’s move on to our reviews of the best pajamas for men.

The 7 best men’s pajamas

1. Tony & Candice Men’s Classic Satin Pajama Set Sleepwear

Tony & Candice Men’s Classic Satin Pajama Set Sleepwear

Tony & Candice is a newer company – having formed in 2014 – but has made some serious inroads into the sleepwear and accessories market for men and women thanks to quality products such as their men’s Classic Satin Pajama Set Sleepwear.

Their men’s pajama set consists of a satin-polyester blend, is lightweight and has a silky feel that helps make for a great night’s sleep.

It comes in a two-piece set with a full button-down top that includes a notch collar and chest pocket, while the pants include an elastic waistband and a button fly opening.

The style of these pajamas is definitely “classic” but also timeless. You’ll look good and feel good as you relax around the house before bedtime.

The material drapes nicely to the shape of wearer’s physique and is nicely breathable. You won’t have to worry about becoming too warm in these pajamas, even when you’re under the covers for the night.

The top is also long-sleeved and features precise stitching on the edge of the fabric. Meanwhile, the bottoms have a looser cut that helps make for easy mobility and comfort.

Overall, these pajamas look and feel luxurious while providing the kind of function you desire in sleepwear.

Note: Tony & Candice mainly serves online customers but sells its wares in over 60 countries. They often update products to expand their buying choices.


  • Silky, soft feel
  • Classic, stylish look
  • Sleek and breathable


  • Sizes may run small

Bottom Line

Tony & Candice makes quality sleepwear, and that’s evident in their Men’s Classic Satin Pajama Set. It’s a set that has everything you’d want from a superior pair of pajamas.

2. Hanes Men’s Woven Pajamas

The Hanes Men’s Woven pajamas are a favorite of men and have been for a long time. For one, it’s all about comfort and the Hanes brand is built on providing the most comfortable pajamas and everyday wear for men.

These pajamas consist of a cotton/polyester blend that’s soft and an ideal summer weight for even the warmest climates.

While some may like the feel of satin or silk better, the Hanes Woven blend feels good and doesn’t aggravate your skin like some blends – which may disrupt your sleep.

They come with an old-fashioned button fly and two-button waist, a combination which is increasingly harder to find when shopping for men’s pajamas. They don’t include a drawstring or pockets.


  • Comfortable
  • Ideal summer weight
  • Two-button waist


  • Be careful of sizing issues

Bottom Line

The Hanes Men’s Woven Pajamas are a classic favorite of many men and with good reason. They rank among the softest men’s pajamas and are excellent for getting a good night’s sleep or relaxing around the house.

3. Alexander Del Rossa Mens Satin Pajamas Long Button-Down PJ Set

Alexander Del Rossa Mens Satin Pajamas Long Button-Down PJ Set

Who doesn’t want clothing that looks good and feels good? That’s what you’ll get if you purchase the Alexander Del Rossa Mens Satin Pajamas.

Made from 100% polyester satin fabric, you’ll instantly notice how comfortable these pajamas are. And the polyester thread is woven into a tight weave that helps make it sleek and fashionable.

While fashion isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind as we evaluate the best men’s pajamas, we don’t want to overlook it, either.

That said, the Alexander Del Rossa Mens Satin Pajamas have a classy look that comes in a variety of colors and patterns that include contrast piping.

But function usually tops fashion, at least in our minds, and these pajamas are excellent for sleep and lounging around the house, and their elastic waist bottoms help to ensure comfort and ease of use. They also come in a wide range of sizes.

Other features you’ll find in these pajamas include a full-button front top that’s easy to get in and out of, long sleeves, and double stitching that will help you get several years of use from them.

They’re also machine-washable and come with easy-to-follow wash instructions.


  • Soft, silky fabric
  • Durable
  • Nice variety of colors


  • Some find the waistband to be a bit tight

Bottom Line

You’ll love the cozy feel and look of the Alexander Del Rossa pajamas. They’re also easy to take care of and are built to last.

4. RK Classical Sleepwear Men’s 100% Cotton Flannel Pajama Set

RK Classical Sleepwear Men’s Broadcloth Woven Pajama

Robes King has serious street cred as a company that produces men’s sleepwear and their RK Classical Sleepwear pajama set is a testament to the quality of their work.

There’s plenty to like about the RK flannel pajamas, including superior comfort that’s derived from 100% cotton. But there’s more, including:

  • They come in a two-piece set that includes a long-sleeve top and a full-leg pajama bottom.
  • The flannel fabric is super soft and features a wide cut that helps increase sleeping comfort while also providing easy movement.
  • The pajama bottoms include a covered elastic waistband with adjustable buttons.
  • The pajama top has a button front closure as well as a button that’s closer to the collar.
  • RK’s pajamas come in a variety of colors and designs to present a classical

We think you’ll also like the top’s lined collar that will retain its shape even through multiple washings. There’s also a chest pocket while the armholes are roomy and made for comfort.

The pajama bottoms come with adjustable buttons that help provide an ideal fit and are, as mentioned, wide cut for easy movement.

The fabric used to make these pajamas is breathable and won’t bother you as you sleep. You’ll stay cozy during the coldest nights but you won’t get too warm, either.

RK’s pajamas come in sizes to fit virtually every customer, including extra-large and tall sizes. They’re also available in the following color combinations: blue-gray plaid, green plaid, black-gray plaid, blue-plaid, red-plaid, and gray-white plaid.

Moreover, these pajamas are easy to care for and made to last for many years.


  • Multiple sizing options
  • Keep you warm during even the coldest of nights
  • Breathable fabric


  • May shrink

Bottom Line

Any list of the best quality men’s flannel pajamas isn’t complete without Robe King’s Cotton Flannel Pajama Set. They look good and allow wearers freedom of movement without feeling restricted.

5. Hanes Men’s Adult X-Temp Short Sleeve Cotton Raglan Pajama Set

Hanes Men's Adult X-Temp Short Sleeve Cotton Raglan Shirt and Pants Pajamas Pjs Sleepwear

Hanes has another hit with this pajama set that includes a cotton shirt and pants and is made from technology that adapts to your body’s temperature.

They even have a trendy look that rocks whether you’re lounging on the sofa or settling under the covers for a good night’s sleep.

Like other Hanes products, this pajama set consists of a soft cotton knit material that provides superior comfort. Moreover, Hanes uses X-Temp technology that enables the fabric to adapt to your body temperature and keeps you cool and comfortable all night.

The set is tagless, which adds further comfort by preventing itching and skin irritation.

The raglan shirt has short sleeves, while the pants have a button closure fly and side pockets.

The material used for this set includes a blend of cotton (60%) and polyester (40%) that’s not only comfortable but also easy to care for and wash. It’s soft and breathable with a feel that’s never heavy or too warm.

Users report that the fabric adapts to each season, including that it keeps you cool even during the hottest weather.

Hanes markets this pajama set as being suitable for a variety of activities such as yoga and exercise (even jogging), but we’ll leave it up to you whether or not you prefer to take your morning jog in your PJs.

While we think you’ll like the look of these pajamas, your color choices are limited to black and heather grey, heather grey and light grey, and navy and heather blue.


  • X-Temp technology adapts to body temperature
  • Nice design and look
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Limited color options

Bottom Line

This pajama set has everything you’d expect from Hanes – comfort, softness, etc. – with a little extra added in, i.e., its X-Temp technology. They look good, feel good, and are even tagless to help you remain comfortable all night long.

6. LILYSILK 100% Pure Silk Pyjamas

LILYSILK 100% Pure Silk Pyjamas

Sometimes, a man just needs to spoil himself. And if that’s what you’re looking to do, Lilysilk’s Pure Silk pyjamas might just be the way to do it.

They are made from 100% pure Momme silk, which is extraordinarily soft, light and kind to your skin. And they are easy to just slip off, so great for a day of lounging around in luxury. And they regulate your temperature nicely, making them great for all seasons!

But they aren’t simply about luxury: they’re also very healthy. The silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids and can even moisturize your skill while you sleep. All that, as well as keeping you safe from bacteria, dust-mites and generally anything other than a great night’s sleep!

The stitching is very strong, making them durable – a great investment.

They are made with no chemicals and no artificial dyes; they are also machine washable, which is a big boon for pyjamas as sensitive and high quality as this – just make sure you keep them on a gentle cycle!

Aesthetically, they are quite straightforward: the silk-wrapped buttons and banded cuffs will delight many, but they are not the most ‘out there’ pyjamas on this list. However, you can very much see the quality of the craftsmanship, and they come in a variety of colours and sizes, which means everyone should be able to find a style that works for them.


  • Remarkably soft and light
  • Great for the skin
  • Very durable and well-made


  • Some complain about the fit, so be careful with sizing

Bottom Line

Luxury pyjamas in a variety of colours – great for your skin, and great for your sleep.

7. Essentials By Seven Apparel Men’s Long-Sleeve Top and Fleece Bottom Set

Essentials By Seven Apparel Men’s Long-Sleeve Top and Fleece Bottom Set

If you love the feel of fleece you’ll love these pajamas. You’ll also love an improved night’s rest thanks to this set’s cozy feel.

The two-piece Essentials by Seven set includes a long-sleeve Henley (pullover) top with a crew neckline, and plaid pants that are among the most comfortable men’s pajama pants.

The fleece comes from 100% polyester that keeps you comfortable and warm no matter what time of the day. Fleece is breathable, but also moisture-resistant, which makes it ideal for a variety of weather conditions.

Among this set’s other features is a three-button placket on the top, while the pants include a button fly, an elastic drawstring waistband, and pockets.

The provides a stylish contrast thanks to the bold-colored top and checkered pants – both of which come in a variety of colors.

All in all, it’s a fresh style that looks fashionable.


  • Soft, warm, comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Nice variety of style and prints


  • Fabric needs delicate care

Bottom Line

The look and feel of the Essentials by Seven fleece pajamas help set it apart from many other brands. It has a comfortable, warm feel that comes from high-quality fabric.

What’s better – wearing pajamas or sleeping naked?

There’s a debate raging that you may not have heard about, and it involves the question above. Specifically, does wearing pajamas make for better sleep – and overall health – than sleeping naked (or only in underwear)?

The answer is, well, it depends on the expert and what he or she believes. Like any debate, you’ll find yays and nays on both sides. Here’s a closer look.

Why Pajamas?

There’s a lot to like about pajamas. They’re comfortable, at least those that have the best quality. They’re often stylish. They’re good for other things behind sleeping, like for lounging around in after a long day at work.

But there are plenty of other reasons why wearing pajamas is a good thing.

  • They’re warm

Wearing pajamas – especially in the winter – provides a barrier against the cold. The good ones, like those we’ve mentioned in our review, not only keep you warm, but allow your body to “breathe” without overheating – especially if it’s material such as cotton or silk.

  • They’re hygienic

Studies show that our bodies constantly shed skin, which then renews itself, and the process continues as we sleep. Our bodies also shed bacteria, which can end up on your bedsheets if you don’t wear pajamas.

True, if you wear PJs the dead skin cells and bacteria will end up on them instead of on your sheets – which means they’ll be waiting for you the next evening. Of course, if you don’t regularly wash your pajamas, none of this matters.

  • They provide comfort even if your bedsheets aren’t the best

Perhaps you decide to save money and bought cheaper bedsheets that rub you and your skin the wrong way during your time of rest.

There’s nothing wrong with saving money, mind you, and if you decide to tough it out with your sandpapery sheets, wearing a comfortable pair of pajamas helps eliminate your dilemma.

  • They help prevent illness

Sleeping naked – or just with underwear – in a colder room can give you a chill if your covers should fall off. And a chill may lead to a cold or another type of common illness that can quickly become a pain in the ass.

  • They’re helpful in the case of emergency

No one likes to think of the worst scenario, but life may sometime surprise us with serious, unexpected events – such as a fire or a natural disaster. It’s nice to have a pair of pajamas on if you suddenly have to flee your house.

  • They’re helpful if you have roommates or visitors

Roommates and visitors are great as long as they’re not too nosy or prone to invading your privacy.

Having on a pair of pajamas when they unexpectedly barge in, or when you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, can greatly reduce those embarrassing moments.

  • They feel good

A good pair of pajamas feels good, whether you’re sleeping or relaxing. Why not enjoy that cozy feeling on a regular basis?

Why Naked?

There’s a fairly vehement school of thought that claims sleeping nude is better than sleeping in pajamas. Here’s why:

  • A person may become overheated in bed when wearing pajamas. Medical experts say that an overheated body produces higher cortisol levels, and increased cortisol may bring on stress and anxiety. It can also lead to food cravings and the weight gain that comes with them. But sleeping naked enables you to regulate your body temperature.
  • Sleeping naked eliminates distractions such as waking up because of a loose drawstring, twisted top, or button that suddenly feels like a pebble in your top at 2 a.m.
  • Some studies show that sleeping without clothing allows the body to produce healthy fats that, in turn, burn calories to generate body heat. In other words, sleeping in pajamas may slow your metabolism, at least according to those studies.
  • Sleeping naked may also help your “seed” and make you more fertile. In short, the hotter a man’s testicles get, the poorer quality of semen they’ll produce. Take note all of you family men out there.

So, what’s the best way to sleep? Perhaps the best answer is to say in a way that’s most comfortable for you. A pair of pajamas can help provide the warmth and security you need to get a good night’s rest.

They may also keep you healthier. But sleeping naked also seems to have some health benefits, including that it boosts your metabolism while also reducing stress and anxiety.

What it really comes down to is which option helps you get a good night’s rest. Sleep is too important to sacrifice.

The reasons we chose these products

To be honest, there aren’t a lot of major differences between men’s pajama sets, at least not regarding style, features (such as buttons and waistband material), and uses.

That makes separating the best from the rest a bit challenging, but for us it came down to comfort, durability, and a versatility in that makes them good for all seasons.

We also studied the reviews of others, including those of customers, while taking into account other factors such as style and price. Many other sets could’ve made our list but we think the eight we chose represent the high quality we always seek.


How about you? Do you have a favorite pair of pajamas? Have you tried any of those listed here? We always welcome your feedback and suggestions.


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  • Brooks Brothers makes the best pajamas and nightshirts in America. Better than all the ones listed. Excellent, wrinkle free material, great stitching and construction. When you put on a pair, you will thank me, and won’t want any other brand of pjs.

  • It’s quite underestimated to men how important feeling pretty and delightful to women really is.
    Silk is strong due to the amount of the amino acid called
    glycine within it, allowing the fibers to pack it tightly and strongly.

    Women prefer silk due to style that comes along with the material.

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