9 Best Non-Iron Dress Shirts That Stay Sharp & Crisp All Day

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best non iron dress shirt

Getting ready for work, a wedding, or a formal occasion can be an absolute nightmare. It is not always a simple case of grabbing something from the wardrobe.

If your shirt is wrinkled, then it has ruined your morning. If your shirt has picked up one crease, it has ruined your morning. You now have to add a good 10-15 minutes onto your routine as you rush to get an iron and quickly sort things out.

What is your alternative?

A non-iron dress shirt. The best non-iron dress shirts will take away almost all of the stress that comes with getting ready.

In a hurry? Here is our top pick:
Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirt Non-Iron Slim Fit

Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirt Non-Iron Slim Fit is a perfect example of what you get when non-iron shirts are done right. You have something that is form-fitting, sharp, clean, and – most importantly – crease-free.

That’s why we have put together this article for you. Not only are we going to provide a list of the 9 best non-iron dress shirts for men, but we will also provide a list of 7 things that you should consider before making your decision.

On top of that, we’ll let you know the difference between non-iron dress shirts and regular shirts.

Non-iron dress shirts are absolutely underrated. Just the very concept of being able to walk over to your wardrobe to grab any of your shirts and not worry about how they look is every man’s dream.

We all want convenience, and a non-iron dress shirt is up there with the most convenient things that we can think of.

Quick summary

bb2-table__imageCalvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirts Non-Iron Slim Fit Solid
  • Iconic, reputable brand
  • Slim-fit, no pocket design
  • Non-iron fabric with many colour options
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bb2-table__imageDiig Dress Shirt For Men
  • Easy care
  • Comfortable fit
  • Versatile
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bb2-table__imageTommy Hilfiger Men’s Dress Shirts Non Iron Slim Fit Solid Spread Collar
  • Reliable and trustworthy brand
  • Slim fit style, ideal for the workplace
  • Flattering shape, cut at the waist
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bb2-table__imageTommy Hilfiger Men’s Non Iron Regular Fit Gingham Button Down Collar Dress Shirt
  • Classic fit shirt
  • Gingham design screams smart
  • Combines style with quality
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bb2-table__imageButtoned Down Men’s Classic Fit Button-Collar Solid Pinpoint Non-Iron Dress Shirt
  • Made with premium supima cotton
  • Classic fit suitable for most men
  • Full non-satisfaction guarantee
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bb2-table__imageMizzen + Main Spinnaker Trim Fit Men's Button Down Shirt
  • High quality, luxurious shirt
  • Wrinkle resistant, four-way stretch
  • Athletic cut, perfect for men in great shape
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bb2-table__imageIzod Men’s Advantage Performance Non-Iron Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Ultra comfort fabric
  • Made with performance stretch spandex
  • Fantastic range of styles and colours
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bb2-table__imageEagle Men’s Non Iron Stretch Collar Regular Fit Solid Dress Shirt
  • Regular fit suitable for all men
  • Big and tall-fit options
  • Stretch collar for extra comfort and perfect fit
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bb2-table__imageVan Heusen Men's Dress Shirt
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Professional look
  • Adjustable cuff
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Before you buy: 7 Things to consider when purchasing non-iron dress shirts

1. Quality

The very concept of buying for quality is one that is pretty natural to most of us.

We don’t want to buy something of poor quality, because it makes absolutely no sense – unless, of course, you just feel like spicing things up and decide to buy something absolutely terrible for a laugh.

But 99% of us will be ranking quality right up there every time we buy something.

If we take a TV, for example, we will spend some time finding out which brands and types of TV’s are best.

We won’t just go into a store and buy the first one we see. We may not get the right quality, and when you’re parting with a decent amount of money, that can be the least sensible thing you ever do.

We can carry this logic over to clothing, and non-iron dress shirts in particular. We don’t want to spend our money on something that doesn’t actually work, isn’t actually comfortable, or isn’t going to last.

That’s part of the magic, of finding something of high quality. It’s actually a conjunction of many factors that all come together.

As we just mentioned, this can be inclusive of comfort, longevity, and function. In the case of a non-iron dress shirt, we will be looking for something that is comfortable, long-lasting, and actually works.

After all, we don’t want a non-iron dress shirt that we end up having to iron after the first wash.

2. Durability

To build on one of the points that we previously made, we want our non-iron dress shirts to be highly durable. What we mean by that, is we want our non-iron dress shirts to actually last as long as we wish they would.

When we go to buy a shirt, then we would be comfortably expecting it to last us plenty of wears, and that’s just what we’re looking for.

Whether you are wearing them every day or once a week, we want a shirt that’s going to be worn plenty of times whilst maintaining quality.

This is one of the key factors to look out for when deciding what shirt to purchase, as it is easy to just fall in love with a shirt and end up with something that isn’t going to last long.

The issue with that is, it’s actually going to cost more in the long run. For example, if your shirt only lasts 15 wears, then you are probably going to be replacing it every 2-3 months.

Instead, aim for shirts and brands that are renowned for durability. Again, and sorry to sound like a broken record, but the safest thing to do is probably to invest in something that is going to be higher quality.

It may cost more, but if it saves you money on regular replacements, then we believe that it is more than worth it.

3. Style

Styles of shirts are plentiful. When you are looking for your new non-iron dress shirt, you need to keep all of the different types in mind.

If you are wearing it to work all week, then perhaps you could just look for a standard button down, or even push the boat out by going for a gingham shirt.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something a bit more casual, then you can probably get away with something short-sleeved, or just something that’s a bit less formal.

At the end of the day, the style that you go for will completely come down to you and your personal preferences. Each and every one of us will prefer a different look, a different vibe, and a different style.

All we can do is persuade you to take that and run with it. Buy the shirt that you love the look the most and enjoy it.

4. Purpose

On a related note, the style can fall hand-in-hand with purpose. Whilst we would love to just buy ourselves non-iron dress shirts that we love the most, it is not always entirely possible.

To illustrate, just picture yourself going to work as a lawyer. If you love the look of a non-iron paisley shirt, we expect your boss will not be massively impressed when you arrive at the office wearing it – unless you are the boss, then go ahead!

Ultimately, the purpose for which you are buying your dress shirt will massively change the shirt that you end up buying. If it is for something as simple as a Christmas party, then you can afford to go for something a bit more out there – something colorful, for example.

On the other hand, if you are just looking to get dress shirts for a working, formal environment, then sticking to the basics and going for what you know is safe would be your best bet.

5. Price

Even though we all wish that it was not an issue, we need to keep the price of items in consideration at all times. We all make different amounts of money, and we all have different budgets that we wish to spend on things like dress shirts.

The most important thing that we stress here is that you always stick to your budget. We may believe that one particular shirt is one of the best non-iron dress shirts for men, but that does not mean that you should break the bank for it. In fact, we believe the opposite.

Look after yourself first, and just get your perfect non-iron dress shirt by getting one that is within your budget.

In fact, what makes the perfect non-iron dress shirt is massively relative when it comes to price. We could find the most expensive non-iron dress shirts from the most expensive designer brands, and then that would make our decision process much easier.

It is safe to say that the most expensive shirts are likely to be the most comfortable, the most durable, and highest quality. With that being said, we believe that you should always aim for the top end of your personal budget when picking out your shirt.

Of course, there are exceptions, and if you can find one that’s great, but, as a general rule of thumb, stick to a budget, but keep to the upper limits.

6. Brands

Another key factor to keep in consideration when purchasing your non-iron dress shirt is that you may be able to stick to your favorite brands.

Not only that, but other brands which are known for making dress shirts, and non-iron ones, in particular, will be available.

Instead of buying your shirt from a brand that is hardly known and unrecognizable for most, we believe that everyone should try to, at least, stick to the brands that are recognizable and renowned for their quality.

The hunt for top-quality shirts becomes a lot easier when you stick to brands that are known for being great.

Some non-iron dress shirt brands include Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Eagle, and more. We all know that they are top quality, and if they are within your budget, then this could be a failsafe option.

Similarly, we all have brands that are our favorites. If we always buy our shirts from a particular brand, then sticking to that brand could be your best pick.

After all, each shirt fits and feels slightly different, and sticking to a brand you trust is going to mean that you’re happy with your shirt as soon as it arrives.

7. Reviews

The final thing we believe to be greatly important is the number of customer reviews that a product has – and, more specifically, the number of positive reviews.

After all, we can provide you with our opinion, but that is just one opinion. It is not massively well rounded and cannot take into consideration each and every person’s body type, preferences, and styles.

Instead, that’s what customer reviews are for. If you are intrigued by a particular shirt, and you see that the reviews are all overwhelmingly negative, then that’s a sure-fire way to be turned off of the shirt and begin looking elsewhere.

By that same token, if you are looking for a new shirt to buy, then you likely will be drawn towards the ones with five-star reviews from plenty of people. That’s a normal reaction, and it is one that we fully support.

We believe that ensuring hundreds, if not thousands, of people, also love the product that you are looking for is ideal.

The 9 best non-iron dress shirts

1. Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirts Non-Iron Slim Fit Solid

Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirts Non Iron Slim Fit Solid

Calvin Klein is known for excellent quality. If we just think about some of their other products, we know that to be true.

The first example is the famous boxer brief; Calvin Klein really found fame with them, and it’s not just because of their eye-catching and sexy ads. Instead, it’s primarily because of the quality that they provide.

You can buy a pair of their boxers and be comfortable with keeping them for years and years. They have great quality and excellent durability.

We believe that this reliability extends to their non-iron dress shirts. They have a reputation to uphold, and we feel that a brand as big as Calvin Klein would not make an advancement into dress shirts if they did not feel that their quality was up to scratch.

This shirt, in particular, is formal, smart, and stylish. It is your perfect companion for business, dinner parties, or any other situation that demands class. You will not look out of place, and you will absolutely love the convenience of never needing to get the iron out.

In terms of style, you have the luxury of many colors. Not every man likes to wear a white shirt every day. Instead, we may want to wear something like a navy or a purple to work. It is nice to switch things up, and Calvin Klein facilitates this with some great color options.

The fit is a slim-fit. Don’t let that put you off. We believe that slim fit can be flattering for nearly any body type. Regular fit shirts can look strange, and they are generally pretty outdated. A slim fitted shirt will add a bit of stylish taper.

If we look at the additional features, this shirt has absolutely none. If you were hoping that you could benefit from a shirt pocket, then you will have to look elsewhere.

However, we love the minimalism of this shirt and feel that it would be ruined had they added something like a pocket into the mix.


  • A well-known and reputable brand
  • Slim-fit, non-iron fabrication
  • No pocket
  • Great color options


  • It is a ‘loose’ slim-fit, not a traditional slim, if that’s what you are looking for

Bottom Line

Grabbing a high-quality shirt should be first on your agenda, and, if you are also looking for one that’s smart and perfect for a formal situation, this Calvin Klein shirt ticks all of the boxes.

2. Diig Dress Shirt For Men

Diig Dress Shirt For Men

Dress shirts require a certain amount of care to look their best, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a tall mountain to climb.

A shirt such as diig’s dress shirt for men is easy to wash – either by hand or in the washer – and it holds its lines well without looking like a crumpled ball after you’ve washed it.

But there are other reasons we like it, including that it features a cotton/spandex blend that’s comfortable and stretchy. It’s also very breathable, which adds to its overall comfort.

We also like it because it’s versatile enough to wear to the office, but also for (smart) casual outings in which the occasion isn’t quite as formal. Plus, you have 34 colors from which to choose.


  • Comfortable fit thanks to its cotton/spandex blend.
  • Easy care.
  • Good for all seasons.


  • Some say the colors may fade too quickly.

Bottom line

Diig’s dress shirt is versatile enough for formal and less-formal wear, exceptionally comfortable, and easy to take care of.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Dress Shirts Non-Iron Slim Fit Solid Spread Collar

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Dress SHirts Non Iron Slim Fit Solid Spread Collar

Tommy Hilfiger is another one of those brands that simply screams out excellence. It is hugely reliable, and you know that all of the products they release will all follow in the same vein.

We don’t think that they are the best ever, but they are not going to come out with products which they feel are going to be of poor quality. After all, they have that reliable reputation to uphold.

This shirt is styled with what we feel would be absolutely perfect for a work environment. It is a slim fit shirt with tapered sleeves and a slimmer cut at the waist, but that does not mean that it is not a great shirt for any man.

Either way, this is one of the best slim fit non-iron dress shirts, as they have really worked hard on the flattering shape that it provides.

You always want to look your sharpest when going to work, and this Tommy Hilfiger shirt will certainly allow you to look sharp, and it will do so whilst retaining its shape at all times without ever having to iron it.


  • Reliable and household name brand
  • Slim fit dress shirt perfect for work


  • The slim, athletic fitted shape will not suit everyone

Bottom Line

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that all men will recognize, yet not many will have seen their non-iron dress shirts. Unsurprisingly, they are just as impressive, and we fully recommend them.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Non-Iron Regular Fit Gingham Button-down Collar Dress Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Non Iron Regular Fit Gingham Buttondown Collar Dress Shirt

Understandably, not every man is looking to buy a dress shirt that is a solid block color. Many of us will want to stand out at work or just wear something that we feel is a little more stylish.

Everyone wears white shirts to work, and they can feel pretty repetitive if you are wearing them every single day unnecessarily.

Instead, it should be a high priority that you switch things up and feel comfortable doing so.

You will feel comfortable so long as you get a shirt that is high quality and made from a respectable and reputable brand – Tommy Hilfiger is one of those. By grabbing this non-iron dress shirt, you will love the quality and comfort that it provides.

Not only that, the style is different: the classic gingham checked style. You can pick from an array of colors, and that simply goes to show how you can switch up your wardrobe on a daily basis (if you can afford to get a couple).

This is also a classic fit, meaning that you do not have to worry about feeling like your body shape does not suit something modern like a skinny fit or a tapered fit. You will find that this is reliable and works well on its own or under a jacket just fine.


  • Smart gingham style
  • Classic fit shirt


  • Be careful of sizing

Bottom Line

Not everyone loves wearing regular dress shirts, and some wish to look stylish in something like a gingham shirt. This one from Tommy Hilfiger combines style with quality, and we are sure that it will leave you happy.

5. Buttoned Down Men’s Classic-Fit Button-Collar Solid Pinpoint Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Buttoned Down Men’s Classic Fit Button-Collar Solid Pinpoint Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Good quality budget options are often hard to come by. Budget often brings a plethora of items that aren’t of excellent quality. Fortunately, we have done some digging and picked out some non-iron dress shirts that tick both boxes.

This shirt is made from 100% supima cotton, and that is evident of the quality that they have put into this.

They are not looking to just provide an option which is cheap and acceptable. They are looking to provide an option that is cheap and outstanding. The luxury cotton comes with a lightweight finish, giving you a luxurious and comfortable experience.

The shirt itself is actually perfect for almost all situations. Regardless of whether you’re popping over to a family meal or heading to an interview, this shirt is great for both – and everything in between.

It is a long-sleeve pinpoint oxford shirt that comes with or without a pocket. In terms of the fit, it is a classic fit with relaxed fit across the shoulders and chest.

If you are not completely satisfied with the shirt, there is a money-back satisfaction guaranteed.

Considering that the shirt is so cheap in the first place, we really believe that this is just reflective of their quality. For them to offer such a guarantee is massively impressive.


  • Classic fit ideal for the majority of men
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Made from luxury supima cotton


  • The sizing is quite difficult to get right

Bottom Line

Getting a shirt with a satisfaction guarantee gives you that added bit of security, particularly if you’re buying a shirt on a budget. This shirt gives that and then some, and we are certain you’ll be delighted by the style and quality of this option.

6. Mizzen + Main Spinnaker Trim Fit Men’s Button-Down Shirt

Mizzen + Main Spinnaker Trim Fit Mens Button Down Shirt

A luxury, expensive option is always going to yield a higher quality, but this one has surprised us, despite the price.

It is an expensive option, yes, but it is massively worthwhile. First, it is made from an actual performance fabric. This means that you are going to be extremely comfortable.

Not only that, but you are going to rest easy knowing that your moisture is going to be stretched and wicked away.

The shirt has been seen on many professional American athletes, indicative of how lovely the shirt is.

Naturally, since the shirt is made from performance fabric, it is a tailored athletic cut. It will fit close to the body, and that is something that you should keep in mind, especially if you are not someone who looks like an athlete.

As part of the luxuries of a performance fabric, there’s a four-way stretch. You’ll be comfortable all day, every day wearing this shirt, and you’ll be pleased knowing that the dress shirt is wrinkle resistant.


  • Luxury, higher quality shirt
  • Athletic, performance shirt ideal for athletes and those in great shape
  • Wrinkle resistant, four-way stretch


  • Not perfect if you are not in an athletic shape

Bottom Line

Mizzen + Main have combined the comfort and flexibility of athletic gear with the functionality of dress shirts. They believe that traditional cotton shirts are restricting and uncomfortable and feel that this shirt can provide an excellent alternative.

7. IZOD Men’s Advantage Performance Non-Iron Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt

IZOD Men's Advantage Performance Non Iron Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt

Many men are fed up with the feel and style of regular shirts. They are often uncomfortable, rigid, and feel like you are trapped in them. They are not ideal for working all day, and you will find the commute excruciatingly painful.

This shirt combines everything that you want from a shirt: comfort and ease. You will be able to throw this on, feel comfortable, feel stylish, and make the most of a modern material that is made for comfort.

The reason why it is so comfortable is because it has been created with a performance stretch fabric. This is the style of your favorite athletic clothing, and the prospect of that material being worn all day at work is actually pretty exciting.

Despite the shirt being made from performance materials, it is actually a regular fit, meaning that it is acceptable for everyone. They are made with relaxed armholes and come with a regular cut.


  • Performance stretch material with spandex
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Great styles and color options


  • Sizing tends to run a bit big

Bottom Line

It is normal to be fed up with the fitting of regular dress shirts. This one provides a stretch fit alternative that combines comfort and ease.

8. Eagle Men’s Non-Iron Stretch Collar Regular Fit Solid Dress Shirt

Eagle Men’s Non Iron Stretch Collar Regular Fit Solid Dress Shirt

This 100% cotton shirt is a regular fit dress shirt made from a stretch material that is non-iron, moisture wicking, and wrinkle free. As one of the best wrinkle free dress shirts, this retains its shape comfortably, despite being a regular fit dress shirt.

The collar is made from a stretch material, making it easier to find your size.

Unlike most shirts, you will not be forced to choose from one particular collar just because of your chest size. The stretch will allow a bit of leeway on either side, and that’s perfect for men who change depending on the brand.

This shirt is ideal for absolutely everyone, because the shirt comes in three different fits: regular, big, and tall.

This means that, regardless of your height or weight, you will be able to find one of these shirts that fits you and get to live the convenience of a dress shirt that is non-iron and forever wrinkle free.


  • Regular fit dress shirt perfect for any man
  • Also comes in big and tall fits
  • Stretch collar for added comfort and easier fitting


  • Quite formal

Bottom Line

Eagle, a well-known brand, has really made a non-iron shirt that is worth the money. It is made from 100% cotton, has an almost perfect fit, excellent color options, and flexible collars to make your life easier.

9. Van Heusen Men’s Dress Shirt

Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt

Van Heusen has been in the shirt business for a long time and with good reason. They make quality men’s apparel, and their men’s dress shirt with pinpoint striping is no exception.

The VH dress shirt features a generous cut through the shoulders, chest, and waist for exceptional comfort and classic fit wearers have come to expect from the company.

Comfort also comes from a cotton (60%) and polyester (40%) blend that helps you feel good through the course of your workday.

It’s also wrinkle-free and requires little care. You can wear it straight from the dryer, which is always an excellent option to have.


  • Wrinkle-free
  • Comfortable cotton blend
  • Regular fit


  • The neck feels stiff to some wearers

Bottom line

A Van Heusen shirt has a place in most dress shirts reviews. Their men’s dress shirt with pinpoint striping combines quality, comfort, and excellent styling.

How do non-iron shirts work

Non-iron shirts come with superior performance and are really made for keeping your shirts crisp and comfortable. They require little-to-no ironing following a simple wash (hot or cold) and are pretty much ready to just be thrown on and worn straight out of the door.

Non-iron shirts work because of the types of materials that are used. They often include spandex that allows the shirts to fall out simply, which keeps them comfortable.

Not only that, but they are highly reliable. It is a lovely concept to just grab the shirt from your wardrobe without having to worry about adding time to your getting ready routine.

We don’t all have the time, patience, or the skill to iron our shirts on a regular basis. These are a reliable and painless option for all men who need it.

Non-iron dress shirts or regular dress shirts?

A regular dress shirt is the traditional one. It is bought, washed, ironed, washed, ironed, repeat. Regular dress shirts can be made from some incredibly high-quality materials.

However, the effort of having a regular dress shirt can be too much for many men to handle. You will need to get the iron out after almost every single wear, and that’s because they get very wrinkled after a wash, being rendered virtually unwearable.

The conflict surrounding non-iron dress shirts has been there ever since conception. Traditionalists hate the very concept of them. They love the military style of having to iron out your dress shirt each time you wear one.

It is a measure of discipline, and a neatly ironed shirt really shows what kind of man you are. That’s not to say that the process shouldn’t be replaced for the simple matter of convenience and reliability.

A non-iron dress shirt allows you to just wash your stuff for the week and wear them straight off the hanger. For the majority of men, this provides an opportunity to save an extra 10 minutes every single day, and those 10 minutes can be incredibly valuable.

Having that option is perfect for a lot of men, and that is why we see non-iron dress shirts as a brilliant option.

Not only that, but non-iron dress shirts are more likely to be made from comfortable materials. For example, look at the spandex. It is included in many non-iron dress shirts, and the addition makes them so much more comfortable than many regular rivals.

If you’re thinking about a regular dress shirt, then perhaps you should also look at how to iron one. This could make up your mind as to whether you’d like to do this every day or not:

How we chose the best non-iron dress shirts for men

To be perfectly honest, for the majority of our selections, we just followed the advice that we provided earlier in this article.

The factors that we noted as being important to consider before purchasing are the ones that we follow ourselves. After all, if you tick all of those boxes, we strongly believe that you will have a dress shirt that you love and is well worth the investment.

To illustrate, we decided to take our point about the price and really make sure that we covered a few price points.

Obviously, not all of our readers can afford designer shirts, so we had to cover a few price points. As a result, you will find both expensive and budget options in our selections.

Ultimately, we didn’t want to sellshort any of our readers, and that’s why we have gone for the items which we believe have the best quality from multiple price points.


The art of ironing is something that many men have yet to master. Avoiding it altogether tends to be the logical way out of that problem.

A non-iron dress shirt makes that perfectly possible, as you’ll be able to get ready for work, a wedding, or any other occasion without having to pull out the iron.

This sounds like a dreamy situation for many of us, and that’s why we have decided to compile a list of the best non-iron dress shirts that you can find on the market.

On top of that, we tried to help you to come to your own informed decisions by providing 7 of the best purchasing tips.

However, our opinions are not enough, and we’d love to hear from you, too. Do you wear non-iron shirts yourself, or is it something that you’ll now be contemplating after reading our article? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to have a chat.


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