16 Best Men’s Messenger Bags That Will Skyrocket Your Style

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best messenger bags for men

When a backpack makes you look too much like a college student and a briefcase is too formal, there’s only one choice: the messenger bag.

With the strap over the shoulder look, it’s got great style, whether you’re suited up on a business flight or at a cafe wearing chinos and Chuck Taylor’s. But it’s supremely functional too, providing a padded compartment for your laptop or tablet, along with extra slots and pockets for all your other essentials.

And we made choosing the best messenger bag easy by compiling a list of our favorite styles and brands.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks:
Newhey Men’s Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

Our top pick, the Newhey Men’s Genuine Leather Messenger Bag boasts a classic look and top-quality materials

Tocode Men’s Laptop Messenger Bag

Our #2 pick, the Tocode Men’s Laptop Messenger Bag, has a sleeker, more modern profile and a shock-proof design to protect your laptop

Plus, we’ll be comparing messenger bags with other types of men’s bags, along with providing some general tips for buying and taking care of your next messenger bag.

Quick summary

bb2-table__imageNewhey Mens Messenger Bag 15.6” Waterproof Vintage Genuine Leather
  • Crafted with top-quality materials
  • Looks great and stylish
  • Blessed with internal space for laptop and accessories
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bb2-table__imageTocode Mens Laptop Messenger Bag 15.6”
  • Stylish but has the slick, discreet look
  • Protects your laptop with shock-proof feature
  • 1-year warranty
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bb2-table__imageKenneth Cole Vegan Leather Travel Messenger Bag
  • Comfortable and easy to carry
  • Tear-resistant vegan leather
  • Great capacity for your items
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bb2-table__imageXincada Mens Bag Messenger Bag
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Perfect as a smaller messenger bag option
  • Plenty of space for your items
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bb2-table__imageLeaper Retro Messenger Bag
  • Positive reviews galore
  • Retro design, rucksack style
  • Made with soft but durable canvas
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bb2-table__imageTomtoc Travel Messenger Bag
  • Water resistant makes it perfect for any use
  • Superior quality, antishock design
  • Fashionable look
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bb2-table__imageEgoelife LB-BBPHF18 High Quality Canvas Satchel Messenger Bag
  • Fantastic affordable option
  • Multi-purpose, can hold many items
  • Great quality leather and canvas
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bb2-table__imageSweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag
  • A variety of colour options
  • Long-lasting, good quality materials
  • Ideal for all-purpose use
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bb2-table__imageRavuo Messenger Bag For Men, Water Resistant
  • Robust and durable composition
  • Easy to carry with comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Water-resistant
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bb2-table__imageVX Vonxury Messenger Bag For Men
  • A generous 13-pocket design for all your items
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Versatile and comfortable
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bb2-table__imageTimbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag
  • TSA-approved, great for travel
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Combines style with purpose
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bb2-table__imageVaschy Vintage Genuine Leather Canvas Messenger Bag
  • Excellent quality manufacturing
  • Warrranty included
  • Made with cowhide leather and canvas
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bb2-table__imageSechunk Vintage Military Leather Messenger Bag
  • Unique design, military retro style
  • Suitable for men looking for the combat look
  • Great choice of materials
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bb2-table__imageTopfox Men’s Multifunctional Canvas Messenger Bag
  • Plenty of capacity to store your items
  • Sleek and chic design
  • Top-quality production
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bb2-table__imageDOMISO Messenger Bag
  • Great for professionals
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Features a USB charging port
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bb2-table__imageTimbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag
  • 100% man-made materials
  • Excellent, breathable fabric
  • Superb premium messenger bag
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Before you buy: 9 Things to consider when purchasing a messenger bag

1. Quality

First things first, we need to consider the quality. Like any other item you are thinking of buying, the quality needs to be at the top of your considerations. If it isn’t, then you may be left wondering why you’ve spent your money, feeling regretful.

Taking that extra bit of time to ensure that you are getting the highest quality available will minimize the risk of hating your new items, maximizing the success of your investments.

What makes something high quality comes down to the subjectivity of the item. For example, a high-quality TV will be something with the ability to run 4K material. With a messenger bag, however, the boundaries are less obvious.

Generally, we will be looking at the durability and material of the item in question. This is something that we will be getting into more in-depth later on in this section, so we don’t want to discuss it too much now.

Ultimately, the better your messenger bag is in terms of durability, and the higher quality the material, then the higher quality your bag is going to be in general.

At the end of the day, we just want everyone reading this article to only buy a messenger bag if they feel that it is high quality and worth their hard-earned cash.

If you are ever in doubt about your own research, then be sure to use one of our examples, as we have done the research for you, and we are certain that you will love them.

2. Durability

As we briefly discussed under quality, the durability of an item is massively important, and that is definitely the case with messenger bags.

If you are going to be investing in an item that you could be taking on travels, to work, or to school, then you expect it to last a long time.

The worst thing is to spend your money on a bag only to realize that you are having some issues with it 2 weeks down the line. By that point, it is too late, and you’ll have to spend your money on a new one.

We feel that these issues can more or less be avoided with some research into the durability of the brand, material, and specific item. If all research comes back positive, then it is likely that you can spend your money without worrying that it is going to backfire.

Getting an item that is durable can make all of the difference in the quality of your item, and that is why we have placed such an emphasis on it in this section.

3. Style

Surprisingly, messenger bags come in many different styles. Whilst the premise remains a constant – that is, a single strap bag over the shoulder – you can get alternative styles that you might not have thought of before.

First, you obviously have the classic, single strap bag that many people automatically assume when thinking about messenger bags. They are the classic look, pretty stylish, and often made from high-quality materials that are going to last a long time.

This will be the style that the majority of men will go for, because it is timeless and altogether convenient.

Second, there are messenger bags that are now in a crossbody purse style. This type of man bag is something that is highly popular with the elderly. They are the perfect size for people to include their most necessary items.

For example, if you are looking for a small messenger bag, then this is likely to be your ideal choice.

Third, the retro messenger bag, like Leaper Retro Messenger Bag The style is very similar to a rucksack, but it is a canvas messenger bag that combines the convenience and function of a messenger bag with the success of the rucksack canvas style.

The styles are even more interchangeable if we look at the interiors.

Many vintage, classic messenger bags are just going to have the single open pocket for all of your things, but some modern messenger bags make the most of clever designing to include all of your accessories in one smart place.

Ultimately, the style that you go for comes down to you. There’s no ‘best’ style of messenger bag, and it is something that you have to work out for yourself by seeing what you like.

Inevitably, there are some exceptions: for example, if you are desperate for the best laptop messenger bags, then you should get a classic style that allows for a laptop.

4. Purpose

Closely tied in with our previous point, the purpose behind you buying a messenger bag also holds huge weight over what you decide to get.

If we think about it, if you just want a messenger bag to wear down to the nearest sports bar, then you probably don’t need something that’s 17 inches and designed to fit a MacBook Pro.

And that is exactly what we mean. Each person has a different purpose in mind when considering a messenger bag. For some, it could be their daily commute bag, and for others it could just be for whilst they’re traveling.

You need to figure out your specific purpose behind wanting a messenger bag and then purchasing accordingly.

As a general rule of thumb, we feel that it would make sense for anyone commuting to work to go for a messenger bag that is designed to hold laptops. That is because then it also will fit A4 paper, notepads, the whole works.

If you are someone who just wants the messenger bag to wear around town or down to the bar, then you could definitely look at something smaller and slightly more convenient. There’s not so much of a demand for wearing something big and chunky.

5. Price

Even though we hate to see it listed, the price of your potential messenger bag has to be something that you take seriously.

We want to mention this, because we feel that it is important that we are all sensible with our money, and we know/recognize what our budgets are.

If we are going to spend money on a messenger bag, we need to have a budget in mind. Once that is in mind, the process becomes considerably easier, and that is the primary goal.

If your maximum budget is 100 bucks, then that makes your job easier, since you won’t be looking above that point. By doing so, you can look for the highest quality within your budget, and that will result in you getting the best for your investment.

If you don’t follow a set budget, then you can get yourself into a whole world of trouble. To be blunt, many men can get into a habit of spending more than they set out to, and that can cause issues if it happens that their bag is faulty or breaks sooner than expected.

Another thing to note with the price is that the quality often follows.

Obviously, there are many exceptions to the rule, but, on a general note, the bags with the best materials, greatest durability, and by the best brands are going to be the most expensive.

It is natural for that to be the case, and that is why we believe that you should always try to go for the upper end of your budget.

Obviously, if there’s an excellent messenger bag on sale, then, by all means, go for it, but, as a general rule, you ought to be taking your budget and pushing it to the limits to reach your targets.

6. Brands

Understanding why brands are worth more than others can go a long way in deciding your next purchase. To make it easier, we will take a general, everyday example that you should understand.

When buying yourself a new pair of shoes, you want to invest in a brand that is worth the money you are parting with. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok are ones that instill confidence as soon as you read the name.

The same can be applied to messenger bags. You’ll need to trawl through the haystack to find the needle. Once you figure out the brand of messenger bag that you love the look of, then you can go ahead and make a purchase.

More specifically, some brands will care a lot more about their products than others, but it is hard to tell on the surface.

It will require some deeper digging to figure out which brands actually try that little bit harder to produce messenger bags that are above and beyond the competition.

The downsides are also worth keeping in mind for those of you who are guilty of buying items based off of the brand name alone.

Fortunately, with fewer household brand names producing messenger bags, it is likely that you actually will have to do your due diligence into whether or not the bag is high quality and worth the investment.

7. Material

Another massive part of what makes something high quality is the material. This can take a messenger bag from perfect to completely flawed.

It is what takes a jacket from being waterproof to useless in wet conditions, and it is what separates different types of jewelry in terms of their quality.

Every item that you have ever bought has likely had different material options, but it is up to you to decide which you prefer best.

Fortunately, some high-quality materials like leather are used in messenger bags. This is to give the vintage look that many men are looking for. Leather has the unique advantage of actually looking better as it ages, and that is something to keep in mind.

If you go for a leather messenger bag, then, as long as the build holds up, you should expect to keep it for years to come as it develops its own natural wear and tear that actually looks quite cool.

One of the downsides to leather is that you will either need to find one that has been specifically coated in a water-resistant substance, or you will have to actively avoid the rain when you’re out and about. For some of us, that is easier said than done.

Other materials to expect from a messenger bag include canvas and polyester. Even though these don’t sound as impressive as leather, many types of these materials are high quality and well worth the money.

Again, it is just going to be up to you to do some research and find out which you would prefer.

8. Additional Extras

When we say extras, we don’t mean the classic keychain hanging off of the bottom of the bag. Instead, we are talking about the physical ‘additional’ extras that are quite often built into the bag.

Even though the majority of bags are simple, with a flap revealing one or two big compartments with perhaps a little zip inside, you can get some that really push the boat out in terms of complexity and accessories.

One obvious example is that many messenger bags are created with laptops in mind. People are always looking to take their laptop around with them, for many reasons, and that is something that is worth keeping in mind.

If you expect to travel with your laptop at any time, then perhaps you should specifically look for messenger bags that will allow you to do so comfortably.

Another is to look out for bags that have been made with complex and thorough interiors. This may involve many different pockets or many extra places that have been specifically designed inside.

Some bags may have a part specifically for work-related items, like pens and stationery. On the other hand, some will have slots for your passport or other travel-related items.

Again, it is something that you need to reflect on with yourself, in order to figure out what you need.

If you are someone who is going to be traveling a lot, and carrying around a laptop a lot, then you already are looking at some pretty niche bags to find one that is perfect for you.

9. Reviews

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and that is exactly why you should dig into the reviews before you make any sort of final decision. The reviews, both of independent websites, like our own, and customers are greatly influential.

Getting an understanding from those who know more than you can really help. If you just take the manufacturer’s word for it, then you will be sold into believing that every bag you read about is the best.

However, this is far from the truth, and the truth often unravels as soon as you start looking at reviews and the honest feedback that people provide.

Quite often, reviews will completely shape our decisions, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If you can look at items with hundreds of reviews, then the average rating is likely to be one that you can take seriously.

Obviously, there are downsides. For example, some people may just be making fake accounts and reviewing their own products, but this is in the minority.

Do your own due diligence and just double-check every review to ensure that you believe that they are legitimate and true.

Once you have gone through many reviews and figured out which ones are getting the most consistent positives and fewest negatives, then you have probably found your match.

The 16 best messenger bags for men

1. NEWHEY Mens Messenger Bag 15.6” Waterproof Vintage Genuine Leather

NEWHEY Mens Messenger Bag 15.6” Waterproof Vintage Genuine Leather

This bag instantly stood out to us because of the look.

It is a messenger bag that has followed the vintage look, and we feel that this vintage look is one that looks excellent, regardless of when we are looking to use it. In fact, the look goes with pretty much any outfit and looks as stylish as it does smart.

The crazy horse cowhide leather is only going to wear and age into its own unique style, anyway, which means that you’ll be getting long-term use and even better style from the bag.

Fortunately, this bag avoids some of the key downfalls with other leather messenger bags: they have taken their time to ensure that they will be waterproof.

This bag, in particular, has water-resistant canvas, so you can take it outside, regardless of the weather. This is yet another reason why this bag is a great choice for many men.

If we look inside the bag, we will notice a huge amount of room for organizing your items. The bag has 9 (nine) separate pockets to suit your needs and will allow you to fit anything – from passports to umbrellas.

It also is clear that this messenger bag is one of the best messenger bags for college. It can suit your laptop (up to 15.6”), all of your stationery and notebooks inside of the many pockets and will look great on you at the same time.

On top of that, the bag is inherently multi-use, and this will allow you to wear it at any time of the day, regardless of the situation.

To look at what others are thinking, the customer reviews on this product are overwhelmingly positive, and that is always a good sign.

If hundreds of others have liked the messenger bag we are promoting, then it is probably something you can put your trust in.


  • Great-looking messenger bag
  • Made from high-quality materials – crazy horse cowhide leather and water resistant canvas
  • Plenty of interior space for laptop and more
  • Customer reviews are positive and well-received


  • The zippers are not the best quality

Bottom Line

The bottom line with this item is that it appears to be one of the best messenger bags for men on the market. You will look stylish and meet all of your bag-carrying needs simultaneously. Win-win.

2. Tocode Mens Laptop Messenger Bag 15.6”

Tocode Mens Laptop Messenger Bag 15.6”

This messenger bag has opted for high-quality PU leather. Although it is not in the classic brown color, the strong, quality leather, combined with the water-repellent waxed canvas fabric, will ensure that you get a classic look, classic feel, and stylish design.

The bag itself is perfect for any situation, which really makes a massive difference. If you feel that the classic leather color is a bit too formal and professional for everyday situations, then this could be your perfect choice.

This type of leather looks great but is not overpowering.

If you are worried about slinging your laptop over your shoulder, then this bag erases that. You will benefit from a thick foam padding compartment that keeps your laptop completely safe and free from the dangers of the environment.

This means that you are getting an accidental bump, shock, and scratch damage relief.

We always love when companies offer a warranty with their items, because this generally indicates that they actually care about the service they are selling.

In this instance, you can benefit from a 1-year warranty, and this will get you a refund, should you be unhappy with your purchase.

This always seems like a sensible thing to look out for when you are spending a bit of money on something new, as it makes it essentially risk-free.


  • Good looking and less offensive than some classic leather messenger bags
  • Shock-proof briefcase – protects your laptop at all costs
  • 1-year warranty


  • Due to the foam padding, thick laptops may struggle to fit inside

Bottom Line

If the classic leather color and design is too much for you to handle, then a leather alternative could be your best opportunity.

This messenger bag provides you with all of the benefits of a leather bag without any of the negatives, making it a great choice for anyone who wants it.

3. Kenneth Cole Vegan Leather Travel Messenger Bag

Kenneth Cole Vegan Leather Travel Messenger Bag

There’s just something about leather: the look, the feel, and even the smell.

It’s no wonder the material is such a time-worn classic of style and functionality.

But while genuine leather is often seen as a mark of quality and class, for others, it’s a problem. They simply don’t agree with turning animal products into fashion accessories, no matter how useful.

And then there are people who don’t want to deal with the maintenance required to keep their leather bag looking its best.

Fortunately, there’s a compromise, allowing you to get that same leather look and feel without the negatives that come with genuine leather.

Yes, we know faux leather has gotten something of a bad name in the past, but there are genuinely good faux leather products out there. And this Kenneth Cole Reaction messenger bag is one of them.

It’s made of a tear-resistant “PU” leather, which is much better quality than most synthetic leathers out there. In fact, some people have trouble telling it apart from the real thing.

But it’s got a softer feel which, combined with the 56-inch extendable shoulder strap, makes the bag super comfy to carry.

Inside, you’ll find a padded laptop compartment that’ll fit portables up to 15”. And there are plenty of other pockets and slots, for pens, notebooks, and what have you. The bag is pretty spacious and is perfect for both travel and running around town.

Plus, the flap snaps in place with two magnetic closures, which make it easy to open and close, for those times when you just need to grab your passport or a pen from inside while you’re breezing through airport security.

Really, the only downside is that even the best synthetic leathers aren’t as durable as genuine leather. And this bag is no exception. But on the bright side, it’s easier to care for, and doesn’t pick up as much gunk and debris.


  • Tear-resistant faux leather
  • Comfortable when carrying
  • Spacious storage


  • Not as durable as real leather

Bottom Line

A stylish messenger bag with high quality tear-resistant vegan leather that is comfortable to carry around. A great choice.

4. XINCADA Mens Bag Messenger Bag

XINCADA Mens Bag Messenger Bag

This bag is slightly different to many messenger bags, because it is so small.

Small messenger bags are useful for those who want the convenience and suitability of a messenger bag but don’t want the hassle of something that is so big over our shoulder all day.

This alternative is perfect for keeping all of your necessities safe, without having to carry around something that’s too big. This only weighs 1.21lbs on its own, indicating how light and easy to carry it is.

In terms of material, you do not need to worry. The bag is made from high-density canvas that is comfortable to touch, to wear, and is durable against scratches and general damage.

On the interior, we can describe this bag as somewhat of a tardis. There are plenty of pockets on the inside and out that have enough room for phones, wallets, keys, and even an iPad.

In terms of color options, you can go as inoffensive or as bold as you want – from classic leather colors to blue and purple. If you have a color that you’ve specifically wanted for your messenger bag, then this one may be a perfect opportunity to grab it.


  • Suitable if you do not need a full-sized messenger bag
  • Good material options
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Plenty of room for your items


  • Larger items are too difficult to fit, like umbrellas.

Bottom Line

Messenger bags quite often come in big sizes, and that is not suitable for everyone. If you just need a bag to carry around your bare necessities, then get a small one like this.

5. Leaper Retro Messenger Bag

Leaper Retro Messenger Bag

As one of the best sellers in messenger bags, this one has a high reputation. This reputation is made even more prominent when there are over a thousand positive reviews.

The bag itself is different to many messenger bags. It comes in a different, retro style that reflects a rucksack, although it has the one strap that makes a messenger bag so recognizable.

Because this bag is worn across your back, we feel that this is an option that many men will love. It is stylish, but it is extremely comfortable, because you do not have the stress of it weighing down one side of your body or dragging along your back.

Instead, you will benefit from the style and function of a rucksack whilst maintaining a messenger bag look.

The material is soft, durable, and washed canvas, but it does use some PU leather for the decoration. The canvas material is described as very durable; even though those are their words, many of the reviews agree.

It’s a fantastic all-purpose messenger bag, and that is something that many manufacturers fail to get right. This one, on the other hand, is certainly perfect for school, dates, shopping, or traveling.

Inside, there are many pockets, and this makes it incredibly multi-functional. As they note, you will be able to fit anything from a small laptop to a bag of candy without a problem. Plenty of room for plenty of activities.

The only blatantly obvious downside is that it is not waterproof. This makes it a pretty poor choice for outdoor activities.

However, if you live in a climate where rain is rare, or you are going out on days where it will not be raining, then this is still an excellent choice. It is just worth keeping that in mind, in case it is going to heavily sway your decision one way or another.


  • Retro, rucksack style messenger bag
  • Soft and durable canvas material
  • Thousands of positive reviews


  • Material is not waterproof

Bottom Line

Despite this messenger bag not being waterproof, the retro design makes it a popular, timeless classic. It is stylish, comfortable, and all round a great choice for many.

6. Tomtoc Travel Messenger Bag

Tomtoc Travel Messenger Bag

This messenger bag emphasizes one thing: Protection!

If you are a person who carries your laptop in your bag often, you definitely understand how stressful it is when you accidentally drop it.

Tomtoc tries to help with these accidental drops, and that is evident with their Tomtoc Travel Messenger Bag which provides an anti-shock design. It is constructed with thick protective padding at its bottom and sides, reducing this way possible damage to your belongings. Additionally, the fabric is also spill-resistant, which, not only does it add to the protection but also makes it suitable for traveling on light rainy days. 

As for storage space, it features a large compartment along with two front pockets to store smaller items such as passports, chargers, etc.

Another important addition is its luggage strap which makes it possible to hang the bag to your suitcase for easier maneuvering and comfort.

Overall, I was surprised by the build quality of this bag. It appears and feels very premium while managing to be lightweight to the hand.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that some reviewers noted that the zippers are prone to failure. While we didn’t experience such a thing when we reviewed it, make sure to not mistreat them with aggressive force.


  • Water resistant bag – ideal for any activity
  • Anti-shock design
  • Modern, and stylish


  • Some reviewers note that the zippers are not durable enough like the rest of the bag

Bottom Line

This is a great messenger bag for people who want to protect their laptops from accidental drops.

7. Egoelife LB-BBPHF18 High Quality Canvas Satchel Messenger Bag

Egoelife LB-BBPHF18 High Quality Canvas Satchel Messenger Bag

This bag is a budget option that is worth the investment 10-fold. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the fact that there are hundreds of them can only be a good thing.

Even though it is only a standard, classic design, it is a very good bag for pretty much all activities. However, judging by the looks of it, we would recommend that this as ideal for work, school, or traveling.

Your daily use will be supported by the high-quality canvas and leather that should be durable enough to keep it functional for months or years to come.

Practically, it fits 13-inch laptops, iPads, phones, and more. Any larger than the 13-inch models, and you will have troubles.


  • Positive reviews across the board
  • Very good bag for all-purpose activities
  • Can fit plenty, including 13” laptops
  • High-quality leather and canvas materials
  • Good budget choice


  • The bag is smaller than you would expect from the photos

Bottom Line

If you’re on the hunt for small messenger bags, then you are probably in the right place. This one can just about fit a 13” laptop in, but, other than that, it is stylish and a very good bag for all men.

8. Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag

Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag

This messenger bag is advertised for all-purpose use, and we can see why.

It contains an extra-large main compartment that can fit just about anything you need, including laptops up to 15.6”. Other than that, you will be able to fit all of the water bottles you need and then some.

The materials are definitely durable: they are cotton canvas and metal accents. For an extra touch, the front flat has a Velcro closure, meaning that you do not need to leave it open the entire time.

You get many color options with this messenger bag, and we just feel like that brightens things up a bit. You can choose from something as dull and basic as black to army green and a turqoisey-blue. These won’t suit everyone but certainly will please others.

All of the reviews love this bag for how easy it is to use and for a combination of the size and style. It really is ideal for pretty much all occasions, and it looks and feels comfortable whilst doing them.


  • Perfect for all-purpose use
  • Many color options
  • Durable and high-quality materials


  • The bag has no support inside – this is something the manufacturers highlight, but it is still worth noting

Bottom Line

Although there is no support inside to prevent your laptop from being smashed in, the bag itself is perfect for all-purpose use and can keep you comfortable and stylish, regardless of what you are doing.

9. RAVUO Messenger Bag For Men, Water Resistant

RAVUO Messenger Bag For Men, Water Resistant

This messenger bag is constructed from soft and durable cotton canvas, which is both heavy-duty and water-resistant, making it ideal for most men and their general requirements.

You will be able to keep your books and laptops inside of this bag and not worry about them breaking.

This messenger bag has gone an extra couple of lengths to ensure that you are getting the best in terms of safety and padding.

The laptop compartment will fit up to 15.6”, but it has extra padding to ensure that you won’t be getting any damage. On that same note, the shoulder strap is thick and has some additional padding, so you won’t become uncomfortable throughout the day.


  • Durable cotton canvas – heavy-duty and water-resistant
  • Easy to carry – extra padding across shoulders and in laptop compartment


  • A bit of an eyesore if you are wearing it regularly

Bottom Line

Ultimately, this bag does its job just fine. It is sturdy and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It fits a lot of items inside, and you will be able to keep all of your essentials in there without the fear of them getting damaged.

10. VX VONXURY Messenger Bag for Men

VX VONXURY Messenger Bag for Men

This 14-inch nylon messenger bag is both durable and water resistant. The rugged and long-lasting nylon outer fabric is enough to provide all of your items with adequate waterproofing and safety when wearing it outside.

The briefcase itself is very slim, which is nice when finding a new messenger bag. This one, in particular, has a total of 13 pockets, which is enough to fit just about anything that you could need.

In terms of the total capacity, you will be able to fit a 15-inch laptop inside of the padded main pocket, plus more smaller items in the exterior and interior pockets.

The bag itself is both comfortable and versatile. You will not find yourself uncomfortable wearing the bag over long periods of time, and this makes it ideal for all purposes, including loading it full of heavy stuff.


  • Durable and water resistant
  • A total of 13 pockets, enough to keep all of your things safe
  • Comfortable and versatile bag


  • Because it is so lean, it is quite flimsy in nature

Bottom Line

If you do not mind your bag being made from thin nylon, then this could be a great bag. It comes at a low budget price point and provides you with all of the comfort and functionality of a successful messenger bag.

11. Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

This messenger bag comes at a price point that is higher than many of the other options that we have provided today. The material is 100% durable and high-quality polyester, but that is not the primary attraction.

The USP with this bag is that it is a TSA-compliant bag that makes traveling super easy. You will be able to just whisk it through airport security without having to remove everything from your case, as it opens up ready for them to see the contents.

This is the perfect messenger bag for traveling, because of the additional extras that they have provided. For example, this one in particular has quick access to chargers or other cords, thanks to the external access zipper pocket on the side.

Construction includes TPU lining and a weatherproof flap, helping keep your things safe and sound.


  • High-end messenger back that is stylish and functional
  • TSA-compliant – perfect for travel
  • High-quality construction


  • An expensive choice for many

Bottom Line

Spending a lot of money on a messenger bag feels questionable, but this bag erases all doubt. It is your perfect travel companion, and it is easy to see why so many people love it.

12. VASCHY Vintage Genuine Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

VASCHY Vintage Genuine Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

The Vaschy messenger bag is constructed from high-quality materials that make a difference. Firstly, the superior cowhide leather; secondly, the durable canvas.

Over time, the bag will start to age and get wrinkles and scratches. This is a good thing and only indicates that the leather is becoming even better.

The leather itself is thick yet delicate. This helps to support the most important parts of the bag, including the flap, straps, and zippers.

Whilst the main compartment of this bag is intended to keep a laptop, there are other main pockets, where you can easily keep a wallet, money, or other necessities, like mobile phones.

As an additional bonus, this messenger bag comes with a one-year warranty, and this is suitable for everyone who likes to buy items risk-free.

Price-wise, this is for those with a higher budget – as they could be looking at quite a hefty fee – but it is worth it.


  • High-quality construction
  • Comes with warranty


  • Can appear expensive for what it is

Bottom Line

The truth is that, when you are going for genuine cowhide leather, you can expect to pay a bit extra. This messenger bag is constructed from cowhide leather, and therefore demands a higher price.

However, it is likely to be worth your cash, as it is an exceptional looking bag with great features.

13. Sechunk Vintage Military Leather Messenger Bag

Sechunk Vintage Military Leather Messenger Bag

This bag is unique because it is in a military style that is not often replicated by brands that produce messenger bags. We feel that the style is something that many men would love to wear, and it just screams alpha male.

The primary material is high-quality cotton canvas, giving you that durability that is so desperately necessary with messenger bags. There are a total of six pockets, which can seem like not much at all, but these bags come with plenty of room to capitalize on.


  • Military, retro style that is unique
  • Great option for men who love the military look
  • Good choice of material and structure


  • Some reviews mention the bag being ‘floppy,’ despite the heavy-duty material

Bottom Line

This messenger bag is a stand-apart from many of the others, because of its unique design. It has gone for a retro-military style that is different from many other messenger bags we have looked at. Because of that, we feel that the bag deserves a place on our list.

14. Topfox Men’s Multifunctional Canvas Messenger Bag

Topfox Men’s Multifunctional Canvas Messenger Bag

Despite this being a canvas messenger bag, here is no doubt it is one of the coolest messenger bags. The style on this bag is so minimal yet chic, and we believe that is why it looks so cool.

On top of the style and design, we can look at the high-density cotton canvas.

This is a very durable shoulder bag that is perfect for both outdoor and sporting activities. In fact, we would say that this is also perfect for school, college or work. It just has that innocent look that is so great for all use.

Capacity-wise, we can fit quite a bit into this bag, and that makes it a great choice for any man looking to purchase a regular messenger bag.


  • Cool, stylish and chic design
  • High-quality construction
  • High-capacity bag


  • The strap is too short for some peoplel

Bottom Line

We really feel that this messenger bag would enhance your style. It is a cool design and is perfect for all activities.

15. DOMISO Messenger Bag 

DOSIMO Messenger Bag

What sets this messenger bag apart from the rest is the fact that it is designed for businessmen.

It is very stylish and premium-looking while being very functional. It features a space for up to a 13’’ laptop or tablet, and it comes with a built-in USB charging port, so you would never run out of battery for your meetings.

It also features multiple pockets on the front and a zip pocket on the back to provide available storage if needed for other necessary items such as files, chargers, etc.

As for its durability, it is constructed with a 5-layered fabric that not only does it protect from accidental drops but also water spills – as its exterior is water-resistant.

It is also available in other sizes and other color combinations, so you can pick one that suits your style and needs.

However, when reviewing it, we found the detachable strap a little bit uncomfortable if the bag has weight in it, i.e. your laptop.


  • Fashionable, professional design
  • Very durable and water-resistant
  • Comes with a USB charging port


  • Shoulder strap is not very comfortable

Bottom Line

Every businessman would appreciate DOMISO’s Messenger Bag professional look, functionality, and durability.

16. Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 make some of the most high-end messenger bags on the market, and this is another one. It has one of the highest price points of those that we have highlighted in this article, but it is well worth the investment.

What sets this bag apart is the 100% man-made material. Within that, we have water-resistant TPU lining the entire bag, making sure that you have a water-resistant bag for those days where it just suddenly pours down on you.

The fabric itself is all premium and looks the part. You get good ventilation from the strap pad, too, and you should have absolutely no problem putting your things inside.

For the more daring men among us, you can choose from pretty much any color on the planet with this bag. We challenge anyone to try to pull off the “Ska” color.


  • Great, high-end messenger bag
  • 100% man-made materials
  • Premium fabric and good ventilation


  • The interior organizational design is quite poor

Bottom Line

Splashing out and getting a high-end messenger bag for your daily use can be a risk, but Timbuk2 generally eliminates that risk with its quality. This bag is no different.

What made us choose these messenger bags?

Out of the thousands of messenger bags on the market, what made us choose the 16 in this article? It’s a difficult question, no doubt, but we have the answers.

Ultimately, we wanted to only recommend products that we would use ourselves. Not only that, but we wanted to only recommend products that we know our readers will love.

Given that these are our two main motivations when selecting products, it was easy to know where to start.

And that is by looking at the purchasing tips that we provided ourselves at the beginning of this article.

By following the script and keeping to our own advice, we were able to pick out messenger bags that were great quality, well backed, and favorites of many others across the world.

One key example is the materials: whilst our personal favorite is leather, we knew that we had to at least pick out a few examples of each.

The reason for this is that not every single one of our readers is going to be massively sold on leather. With that in mind, we wanted to please the majority.

On that note, we had to make sure that we covered many different price ranges. Earlier on, we discussed how each person buying a messenger bag will have a different budget and maximum amount of money that they are comfortable spending.

To make sure that we were fair to everyone, we included messenger bags that were spread across all budget ranges.

To ensure that what we were recommending was going to be worth the money that you’re spending, we cross-referenced everything we selected with customer reviews.

By making sure that others across the world reciprocated our feelings toward the products, we knew that we were onto a winner, and that was enough for us to push forward.

Succinctly, we selected our products by following our own advice, by only choosing messenger bags that we will all love.

How to take care of your messenger bag

Great, you’ve now bought your messenger bag – or, at least, you are heavily considering it. Once you are at this stage, the hard work doesn’t stop. You need to continue to keep your messenger bag in the pristine condition that you found it in.

Obviously, different messenger bags will have different needs. For example, the process to keep a leather messenger bag clean and safe will definitely differ from the process required for a messenger bag made from rugged nylon.

Although there is no material that should get complete preferential treatment, leather messenger bags are up there with those that deserve it most.

Without any further time wasted, let’s get on to the primary tips for looking after your messenger bag.

1. Be Careful

This is the key, number one tip, because we feel that many people aren’t careful enough when it comes to care for their man bags.

If you are too rough, or use something that should not be used on your bag, then you will reap what you sew. Spoiler alert: it’s quite often something that you won’t like.

Instead, always read up on specific instructions for your bag, and make sure that you follow them to a tee. They are there for a reason, and if you ignore them because you feel like you could do better, then you’ll probably be risking the entire investment.

The result of negligence is quite often that you will end up cleaning your messenger bag but weakening the material or staining it in a weird way. If you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on the bag, then you shouldn’t be risking it all.

2. Be Aware

The second piece of advice that we have to give is to be aware of all the materials that you have on your bag. For example, it may be leather, but is it finished with a canvas layer? Or is it leather but faux and therefore doesn’t need the same treatment?

These are all questions that you should ask yourself before you continue with cleaning it.

Not only that, but this can tell you a lot about what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your bag. You wouldn’t want to throw your leather one across the room when you get in the front door after work.

However, if it is some heavy-duty nylon, then you probably won’t be too bothered.

3. Avoid Damages

This is certainly easier said than done, but it’s just worth keeping in mind by having that conscious thought trail to avoid damages.

You can easily scratch your bag, drop it, or catch it on things, and typically it’s because you aren’t watching where you’re going or even just suffering a lapse of concentration.

By being alert and prepared for these damages to happen, you’ll increase your chances of avoiding them altogether.

Avoid them, and your bag will go much further, without the requirement for cleaning or anything more drastic.

4. Cleaning Leather

Should you be in the unfortunate situation where you’ve got a stain on your leather, or it’s just generally filthy as a result of heavy and intensive use, then you probably want to know how to sort it out. Fortunately, it’s actually quite simple.

It all comes down to being over-the-top careful and never using anything that you feel could cause irreversible damages.

First of all, if you are not comfortable with cleaning an expensive leather product yourself, then it may be worth approaching a professional and seeing if they could do it for you.

This may cost a bit of extra money, but it’s cheaper than completely replacing the bag if you mess things up.

Generally speaking, you always want to use a gentle cleanser on leather or even something that has been made specifically for leather. Once you’ve bought this, you can apply it to the bag using a damp cloth and then finish things off with a leather conditioner.

This should be enough to keep things safe, but still be careful.

5. Cleaning other materials like nylon or canvas

Considering we made leather cleaning sound like nuclear science, it’s probably just as well that it’s nowhere near as complicated for nylon or canvas material.

To keep these in condition, you’ll probably just need to give them a regular rinse with a cloth and regular detergent. This should be enough to remove stains and dirt, giving it a new breath of life.

6. Patch Test

When cleaning any messenger bag, you should always do a patch test. This is essentially where you test the cleaning product on a small part of the bag before you do the rest. This will prevent you from ruining the entire bag, and it is something that will go a long way.

Once you’ve tested it, wait to see if it’s worked, and if it has then you can do the rest without worries. If it hasn’t, then discharge this product and try something else.

7. Don’t worry too much

Lastly, we feel that you shouldn’t worry too much about the state of your items, especially if they are leather.

Leather, as it ages, should get dirty and should get stained, as this only increases the look and the value of the item. If your bag is starting to get like this, then do not panic – it’s probably a good thing.

Messenger bags vs the competition

There are many different types of bags to choose from, and each has its own positives and negatives. To help you to understand this a bit further, we’ll briefly discuss them now.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are what we’ve been discussing this entire article. They are recognizable, due to their one main pouch and single shoulder strap. This is a characteristic that is only found on messenger bags.

The positives with these are that they often have a lot of space in a little bag. When compared to a rucksack, a messenger bag is probably only half of the size, if not less. To be able to keep your laptop and the majority of your daily goods in there is impressive.

On the downside, they can be quite awkward to carry around, especially if you commute on busy transport services.


A briefcase is similar to a messenger bag, but the key difference is that it is often hardback and will not include a shoulder strap.

The positive of a briefcase is that you can often feel like an alpha male. You will feel like James Bond, and therefore it is massively suitable for professional office environments.

On the downside, they aren’t massively useful for travel, and we wouldn’t recommend that you go on your summer vacation carrying around a briefcase. It just isn’t convenient.


A rucksack is an old-school favorite among many – kids, teens, and adults.

They are the perfect item for storing everything you could possibly need for a day. These are recognizable because they are a bag type that sits evenly on your back, fixed with two straps.

Rucksacks we believe are pretty much perfect for travel, for school, or for work. They tick all the boxes, and that’s why they are loved by so many.


Even though messenger bags have waves in which they go out of style, there is no denying the convenience of owning one. The ability to store all of your things for the day in a stylish and comfortable way is one that should not be understated.

For that reason, we wanted to use this article to champion the messenger bag and try to bring them back to the forefront of male fashion. There is a place for messenger bags in every man’s wardrobe, and this article has proven that there is a choice for everyone, too.

With that, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you into messenger bags? Or are you someone who would rather continue with a classic rucksack?


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