10 Best Dopp Kits & Toiletry Bags That Are Just Fantastic

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best dopp kits for men

It’s easy being a well-groomed man at home. After all, you’ve got your full arsenal of tools, products, and concoctions right there at your fingertips.

But things get a little more complicated when you’re on the road. You’ve got to decide what to pack and how to pack it. And unfortunately, too many guys end up settling for a cheap toothbrush and a stick of deodorant in a Ziploc bag. Not cool.

That’s why we assembled this list of the best dopp kits around. Each of these bags will make it easy to take your grooming essentials along when you travel.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks:
Letherology Multi-Pocket Hanging Toiletry Bag

Our top pick, the Letherology Multi-Pocket Hanging Toiletry Bag is made of high-quality leather and comes in several colors, with lots of compartments to organize your things.

Vetteli Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

Or if you like a slightly more classic look, try our second pick, the Vetteli Leather Toiletry Bag for Men. It’s got a vintage, eye-catching style – but it’s still easy to maintain.

Along the way, we’ll also cover some of the most important things to look for when choosing a dopp kit, talk about the difference between a dopp kit and a toiletry bag, and even give you some tips on how to best use them.

Quick summary

bb2-table__imageLetherology Multi-Pocket Hanging Toiletry Bag
  • Several compartments
  • Made from high quality leather
  • Good durability
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bb2-table__imageVetelli Leather Toiletry Bag For Men
  • Good storage and easy access
  • Easy to maintain and keep looking new
  • Vintage style
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bb2-table__imageLizzton Toiletry Bag for Men
  • Dries quickly
  • Great resistance to water
  • Bigger in size than average
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bb2-table__imageManscaped The Shed Men's Toiletry Bag
  • Stylish
  • Great for travelling
  • Premium vegan leather
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bb2-table__imageAmerileather Leather Toiletry Bag
  • Geniune leather
  • Very spacious
  • An abundance of internal storage
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bb2-table__imageHerschel Men’s Chapter Travel Kit
  • Well constructed, very stable
  • Fabric liner
  • Long-lasting product
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bb2-table__imageAlpine Swiss Lauter Toiletry Bag
  • Stylish design
  • Offers superb value for money
  • Crafted with genuine leather, very durable
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bb2-table__imageMake Life Exclusive Leather Dopp Kit for Men
  • Modern, minimalist design
  • High quality vegan leather
  • Spacious with water resistant interior
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bb2-table__imageKomalC Buffalo Leather Unisex Dopp Kit
  • Classic style
  • Made by hand
  • Geniune leather
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bb2-table__imageZero Grid Travel Dopp Bag
  • Keeps its shape at all times
  • Durable nylon outer lining
  • Zippered pouch for separating contents
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Before you buy: 6 Things to consider when purchasing a dopp kit

A good Dopp kit should not only help make packing and travel easier but also should last you a long time. While you have plenty of options from which to choose, a quality kit usually comes down to the following factors:

1. Material

Dopp kits come in a variety of materials, but usually in leather, vinyl, and canvas. Another common dopp kit material is ballistic nylon.

  • Leather

There’s something about the refined look of a leather Dopp bag: it’s classy, it smells great, and it’s masculine. With proper care, a leather Dopp kit should last you a long, long time (like the rest of your life).

While you don’t need to panic if you spill a bit of water on your leather Dopp kit, you don’t want to soak it underwater, either. That’s one reason why you should keep your leather Dopp bag off the bathroom counter. A little water is fine. A lot? Well, not so much.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is waterproof, so you don’t need to be as cautious around moisture as you do with a leather bag. Is vinyl as classy and refined-looking as leather? No, but it has its advantages.

Besides being waterproof, vinyl also costs less when compared to the majority of leather Dopp kits. So, if price is a concern, you may want to research the best vinyl bags available.

  • Canvas

Canvas is the material of choice for many men shopping for Dopp kits, and with good reason. It’s relatively lightweight, for one, and it’s environmentally and animal-friendly.

  • Ballistic Nylon

“Ballistic” nylon sounds explosive and volatile. Like something James Bond would use to ward off his enemies. Then again, James Bond would probably have a leather Dopp kit, because of its classy, refined look.

But we digress.

In reality, ballistic nylon is a type of nylon fabric designed for maximum durability and abrasion resistance; DuPont created it in World War II to protect aircraft personnel from bullets, shrapnel, and other ballistic impacts.

Ballistic nylon has a particularly tight and dense weave that maximizes its durability and tear resistance. Those are major reasons it’s used in the construction of gear that is subject to wear and tear, such as Dopp kits, luggage, backpacks, and duffel bags.

2. Compartments & Pockets

If you tend to travel light and only pack the bare essentials into your Dopp kit, then compartments and pockets may not be as important to you as they would with another guy.

However, you may need to pack extra toiletries when you travel for an extended period, and that’s where a Dopp kit that has additional compartments (and two zippers) comes in handy.

3. Waterproof Interior

If you pack your Dopp kit with shampoo, shaving cream, or anything that could leak, it’s crucial to have a bag with a waterproof interior.

If any of these items should bust open (it can happen, especially with how some airports handle baggage), you don’t have to worry about it leaking out onto your clothes or getting all over the other items in your Dopp kit.

4. Portability

Proper packing means making the most use of your space, whether it’s a suitcase, carry-on, or another type of bag.

A Dopp kit that’s too big can take up extra space that you could use to pack other things, but you don’t want a bag that’s so small it significantly limits how many toiletries you can pack within it.

5. Washability

At some point, your Dopp kit is going to get dirty, both inside and out. Some bags are machine washable, which is very convenient if you prefer a less hands-on approach, while others – such as bags made of leather – must be washed by hand.

6. Price

Dopp bags, in general, cost between $15 and $50, although you can spend more for some. Finding a quality Dopp kit below $20 is often a challenge, however, but also keep in mind that a high price tag doesn’t guarantee high quality.

The 10 best dopp kits for men

1. Letherology Multi-Pocket Hanging Toiletry Bag

Letherology Multi-Pocket Hanging Toiletry Bag

Some Dopp kits, such as the Letherology Multi-Pocket Toiletry Bag, include a piece of material that allows you to hang it from a hook, which is handy for storing it and keeping it out of the way when you’re maneuvering around the bathroom.

Given the smallish size of some hotel bathrooms, the space around the sink represents prime real estate that has only so much room.

Letherology has your back in those situations with its multi-pocket hanging bag that’s handy, convenient, and sacrifices nothing regarding style.

But that’s nothing new for Dallas-based Letherology, a company founded by the sister-and-brother duo of Rae and David Liu.

Letherology is a unique, online luxury brand that has a diverse collection of kit bags, tote bags, wallets, cosmetic pouches, travel bags, and more. The company sells directly online, and online only, to help pass savings onto its customers.

The Hanging Toiletry kit is the perfect traveling “companion,” because, among other virtues, it has ample storage space.

Its interior includes two zippered mesh pockets and three elastic mesh pouches (which are ideal for packing soap, shampoo, your toothbrush, and other essentials).

The bag has two additional pockets on the outside for even more storage space, while a hanger extends from the bag so that it easily hangs from a towel rack or shower rod. Moreover, the bag’s lining is water-resistant and ideal for if and when spills happen.

Letherology uses fine, top-quality leather in the construction of its products, and the Hanging Toiletry Kit is no exception.

It has a polished finish with a soft feel that’s luxurious, yet it ages gracefully – as only leather can – and it’s durable enough to last you a long time, no matter where your journeys may take you.

The Letherology multi-pocket hanging bag is available in five colors: navy, black onyx, rustic saddle, cognac, and chocolate brown. No matter what color you choose, you’re getting the highest-quality men’s toiletry bag.

Type: Leather


  • Multiple compartments.
  • Consists of excellent leather.
  • Durable.


  • You may want to consider another product if you prefer a smaller bag.

Bottom Line

Letherology makes quality products that earn plenty of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers, and their multi-pocket hanging toiletry bag is no exception. It looks good, has ample storage space, and will last you a good long time.

2. Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

Vetelli’s Leather Toiletry Bag qualifies as a “vintage” bag because of its traditional look and design that, some say, resembles the first bags constructed by Charles Doppelt and his team of craftsmen. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

There’s also plenty to like about this bag, not the least of which is a lifetime warranty that has you covered if the bag develops defects of any kind. That’s saying something for a product that gets serious mention for the best leather Dopp kit today.

You’ll also like that the Vetelli toiletry bag includes two large, zippered pockets that can easily hold a wide range of travel and shave accessories, as well as two inner zipped pockets and two mesh pockets meant to hold travel-sized bottles and other containers.

There’s also a nylon, waterproof lining that protects you from spills and leakage, while the bag’s steel zippers provide strength and long-lasting functionality. The kit’s inner bottom provides additional protection from liquids.

The folks at Vetelli even toss in a couple of silicone travel bottles that are TSA compliant.

While this bag technically consists of leather, it’s not 100% genuine leather like you’ll find on many other bags but rather leather with a polyurethane plastic surface.

The PU leather doesn’t cheapen the bag by any means; instead, the coating helps make the bag resistant to water (and easier to clean than genuine leather).

Type: Leather


  • Easy access.
  • Ample storage.
  • Vintage look that many customers love.
  • Easy to clean and keep clean.


  • Made from synthetic leather.

Bottom Line

With its premium, vintage design and excellent functionality, many men loving bringing their Vetelli toiletry bag with them when they travel.

3. Lizzton Toiletry Bag for Men

Lizzton Toiletry Bag for Men

Hey, we’re guys. And a lot of us simply don’t have the time nor the inclination to organize our toiletries and pack them neatly and snugly into a fancy leather dopp kit, like mom cutting the crusts off the sandwiches when she packed your lunches in first grade.

We just want to toss some stuff in there, head to our destination, take it out, mix it up, and then throw it back in the bag. If that sounds like you, then you’ll love this Lizzton Toiletry Bag’s large size. Not only can it fit a lot of stuff, the main pocket has mesh sides, meaning you don’t have to rummage around blindly to find what you’re looking for.

Of course, other guys will appreciate the extra storage space simply because they have a lot of stuff to store. Electric razor, electric toothbrush, that big bottle of cologne; now you can finally fit all your grooming products in one bag.

Plus, the outside of the bag is water-resistant, and there’s also a water-resistant compartment inside. You can get the bag wet – and you can store wet things in it – without worry. The nylon material even dries quickly.

The only drawbacks are that it’s not quite as stylish as some of the other kits on our list, and it may be too big for some suitcases.

Type: Nylon


  • Water resistant
  • Dries quickly
  • Larger than average


  • Won’t fit in all suitcases

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a no-fuss dopp kit that’ll hold all your stuff and won’t get ruined by a little water, the Lizzton Toiletry Bag for Men is a great choice. It’ll fit all your essentials – and then some.

4. Manscaped The Shed Men’s Toiletry Bag

Manscaped The Shed Men's Toiletry Bag

Let’s be real: few bags look as simple and cool as Manscaped The Shed’s Toiletry Bag. With its stylish, premium vegan leather and super compact design, it’s the ideal toiletry bag for a jet setting, low-maintenance guy with a strong conscience.

The construction is sturdy and durable – totally water-resistant, with a solid zipper that works effortlessly. When you combine that with its very reasonable price, you get exceptional value – this really is an investment in quality.

The design is smart, with a little foldout section to store your razor in, and plenty of space for the rest of your kit – it’s surprisingly spacious, given its dimensions.

And while it’s harder to describe, the feeling of the vegan leather – along with the easy to use handle – make carrying this bag around with you feel genuinely great.

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Type: Faux Leather


  • Looks great
  • Smart, compact design
  • Fantastic to travel with


  • Vegan leather feels cheap to some

Bottom Line

A cool looking travel bag which is ethical made and super durable. Great for a gift – for a friend, family member or just for yourself!

5. AmeriLeather Leather Toiletry Bag

AmeriLeather Leather Toiletry Bag

Another travel toiletry bag that consistently earns high marks – and, in some cases, the highest marks – is the AmeriLeather Toiletry Bag.

Crafted from genuine leather (not the synthetic stuff), it’s a luxurious, sturdy bag that adds a touch of class to your travels while efficiently carrying your toiletry items.

It’s also a larger bag, which means you can pack more items than you can in some other bags, but not so large that it’s going to take up too much room in your carry-on or suitcase.

If you’re going on an extended vacation or business trip, this bag has you covered with room enough to carry whatever you need.

There’s also plenty of storage, thanks to three major compartments: a large main pocket, a side pocket, and a bottom pocket.

The side pocket is handy for smaller items, such as floss and razor blades, while the bottom pocket has plenty of uses, including that it can hold shaving cream tubes and the like.

The roomy interior also includes two pouches for even more storage.

Another excellent feature found on AmeriLeather’s Dopp kit is a body reinforced with metal.

What’s cool about that is that the bag will remain upright and not sag when you set it on the counter. That makes it easy to reach into the open top of the bag to find a specific item.

We also like that the bag has rubber “feet” on its bottom to keep it slightly elevated and above any mess or water spilled on the bathroom counter. It’s a great way to protect the leather.

The bag also features a double-stitched nylon inner that works well to contain any spills. You don’t have to worry about liquids leaking out through the bag and onto other items in your carry-on, such as your go-to dress shirt.

Type: Leather


  • Spacious.
  • Genuine leather.
  • Plenty of interior storage space.


  • Zipper isn’t made from steel.

Bottom Line

The AmeriLeather toiletry bag holds more and offers more, including genuine leather construction, than many other Dopp kits.

6. Herschel Men’s Chapter Travel Kit

Herschel Men’s Chapter Travel Kit

It only stands to reason that travel editors understand the importance of packing and choosing the right products to make your journeys go smoothly.

So, it’s worth taking note that a group of editors ranked Herschel’s Men’s Chapter Travel Kit among their best men’s travel bags.

And what’s not to like? The Chapter Travel Kit has a traditional, yet unique, design, features solid construction, and is roomy enough to hold your most important toiletry items.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Herschel specializes in backpacks, bags, travel goods, and other accessories – all designed to make life easier for anyone on the go.

They stand behind their products with a limited lifetime warranty that covers any material or manufacturing defect.

But back to their bag, which features Herschel’s signature fabric liner, an internal mesh storage sleeve, a waterproof main compartment, and a front zippered pocket that adds to its overall storage capacity.

It also features a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation.

Type: Fabric liner


  • Fabric liner.
  • Solid construction.
  • Durable.


  • It must be hand-washed

Bottom Line

The Herschel Supply Men’s Chapter Travel Kit is spacious enough to hold whatever you need and strong enough to last you a lifetime.

7.  Alpine Swiss Lauter Toiletry Bag

Alpine Swiss Lauter Toiletry Bag

There is a lot to love about Alpine Swiss Lauter Toiletry Bag, a very stylish and high-quality bag that is somehow also surprisingly inexpensive.

It’s made with 100% genuine leather to create a fashionable but also vintage look that is both badass and professional. A great Dopp kit for businessmen or people who value style.

At 9.5″ x 5.75″ x 5″ while not the most spacious Dopp kit in the market, it is spacious enough to store all your necessary items without worrying.

As for durability, it is made from premium grain textured leather, so you know it will last. It also features a water-resistant interior lining, so you won’t have to worry about liquid getting spilled.

Whether you’re going abroad or just to the gym, or just want a way to organize your things, this is an absolutely top-quality bag that will last and won’t cost you a fortune.

Type: Leather


  • Premium sleek design
  • Great, great value for money
  • Made with genuine leather


  • Maybe a little bit small for some

Bottom Line

A great Dopp kit that has it all. Great price, durability, and stylish design. A must-have!

8. Make Life Exclusive Leather Dopp Kit for Men 

Make Life Exclusive Leather Dopp Kit for Men

Make Life Exclusive’s Leather Dopp Kit for Men, is a high-quality toiletry bag that helps keep everything organized and tidy.

Make no mistake, Make Life Exclusive takes it to the next level with this toiletry bag’s design. To start, it looks smart, elegant, and modern. It is made with premium PU leather that feels like the real one but with the added benefits of being vegan and cruelty-free. It is constructed with three layers in order to enforce its durability.

But there’s more! The interior comes with a water-resistant lining that keeps any leaks inside so you won’t ruin your clothing in your carry-on bag if you are traveling.

Now let’s discuss its storage space. Unlike other Dopp kits on our list, this one comes with two storage compartments instead of one. One larger at the top and one smaller at the bottom.

The top compartment offers space to put your larger items such as shampoos, conditioners, etc. The smaller compartment offers organized pockets to store items, such as your toothbrush, razors, hair wax, etc. Convenience at its best.

On the last note, this Dopp kit is comparable with the previously reviewed Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag for Men. Make Life Exclusive Leather Dopp Kit for Men has similar functionality but with a more modern than a vintage look.

Type: PU Leather


  • Modern, elegant design
  • Durable vegan leather
  • Water-resistant interior


  • Some people might prefer genuine leather

Bottom Line

With its exceptional quality, functionality, and modern design this Dopp bag is a must for the modern man.

9. KomalC Buffalo Leather Unisex Dopp Kit

KomalC Buffalo Leather Unisex Dopp Kit

You may or may not have heard about KomalC, a small, family business located in Chicago that makes quality handmade leather articles.

Since moving to the Windy City in 2012, KomalC has served 20,000 customers while developing a reputation for creating superior products.

Among those products is their Buffalo Leather Unisex Dopp Kit, which represents a classy-yet-practical way to transport your toiletries from one place to another.

It’s also a classic Dopp kit in many ways: it has a slim, rectangular shape, a traditional side handle, zippers on both sides of its top, as well as a side zipper to store smaller, more delicate items.

Made from fine (Buffalo) leather, some reviewers say the KomalC toiletry bag harkens back to the original Dopp kit bags developed in the 1920s, but it also has a one-of-kind look that distinguishes it from other Dopp kits found on today’s market.

The KomalC Dopp kit features metal zippers that add to its classic, classy look, as well as a water-resistant interior lining.

Type: Leather


  • Handmade craftsmanship.
  • Genuine leather.
  • Classic look and design.


  • A bit small for some customers.

Bottom Line

The KomalC has a plethora of 5-star reviews to back up its quality, and you’ll find it hard to beat their Dopp kit’s overall craftsmanship and design.

10. Zero Grid Travel Dopp Bag

Zero Grid Travel Dopp Bag

Zero Grid is a company that specializes in travel accessories designed by people who spend a lot of time traveling. It’s a winning combination, no doubt, and their Travel Dopp Bag is proof enough.

The Zero Grid bag adheres to the company’s mantra of “less is more.” That doesn’t mean sacrificing quality by any means, but Zero Grid designed its Dopp kit so that it’s not too bulky or including too much wasted space.

In other words, it’s a bag that won’t get in your way or take up too much of your luggage space.

The Zero Grid bag consists of ripstop nylon that won’t fray, rip, or tear and which should last you many, many years, if not a lifetime.

Zero Grid uses nylon because of its durability, but also because it works well to repel moisture, unlike some bags made from genuine leather that can’t handle spills nearly as well. The bag is also 100% TSA compliant and approved.

An interior zippered pouch allows you to separate certain items from the rest of the bag’s contents. Meanwhile, the bag maintains its unique barrel shape, thanks to piping, and will continue to keep its shape even if the bag isn’t full.

There’s also an inner divider that helps keep your toiletries from getting jostled around when you travel while also making it easy to keep them organized. You’ll like the bag’s carry handles, as well. You can easily tote the Zero Grid Dopp Bag from place to place.

We like the bag’s versatility, because it serves a variety of functions, whether it’s for use as a freshen-up day bag for the office or for taking to the gym. Even better, it’s machine washable.

Type: Nylon


  • Bag maintains its shape.
  • Durable nylon exterior.


  • The opening isn’t as large as on some other bags.

Bottom Line

Zero Grid is all about making travel more convenient and enjoyable, and their Dopp bag will help make your journey smoother and less stressful. It’s a durable bag with enough room to store your essential toiletries comfortably.

How we evaluated & chose these products for our review

There are plenty of options when it comes to Dopp kits, and not just because there are so many products from which to choose.

Dopp kits vary according to a lot of factors, including the storage capacity, the number of pockets and compartments, the material used in their construction, and more.

For us, the overall functionality is crucial when deciding on which Dopp kit to buy. A bag that looks good but doesn’t make organizing your travel easier shouldn’t get high marks.

The good news is that, like the bags on our list, functionality and design often go hand-in-hand.

Other factors we considered were water-resistance – how a bag will hold up if something spills – the quality of the zippers, size, and more. We also factored in price while trying to find bags in a diverse price range to suit all budgets.

7 Tips for getting the most out of your dopp kit

One of a Dopp kit’s many attributes is that it saves space when packing while also helping you to keep your toiletry items A) all in one spot and B) not leaking all over your clothes. There’s an art to packing efficiently, and a Dopp kit is an essential tool for the process.

But there are also ways to get the most from your Dopp kit, not the least of which is deciding what to include in it. You also want to avoid leaks and spills from liquid containers, which may mean taking some additional precautions. Here’s a closer look:

1. Decide what you absolutely, positively must bring

A good method for deciding what items you must have in your Dopp kit is to think about your daily routine.

Most of us have a morning and evening routine – with a few modifications and spruce-ups in between – and you should think about the step-by-step grooming process you follow every day.

If there’s something in your Dopp kit that isn’t part of your daily routine, it’s not a bad idea to leave it at home.

2. Think about what you can get at your destination

There’s no problem with bringing your favorite shampoo and shaving cream with you on your next trip, even if they’re available at your destination.

However, if you’re torn between bringing a certain item and not bringing it, think about whether you can get it once you’re there.

If you can, you might as well save space in your Dopp kit.

3. Go solid

Worried about liquid items leaking within your Dopp kit? Go solid, instead, whether it’s solid soap, shaving bars, utility bars, even solid toothpaste. Another advantage of solid toiletries is that you can trim them to whatever size makes them easier to pack in your Dopp kit.

4. Make the most of refillable bottles

You may find that one of your favorite products isn’t available in a travel size. Have no fear, however, because you can get reusable and refillable sample bottles that meet TSA requirements.

5. Check the lids and seals on your toiletries

It’s always a good idea to check the caps, lids, and seals on your liquid toiletry items before you leave home. There’s nothing worse than opening up your Dopp kit and finding a leaking mess after you’ve arrived at your destination.

6. How to prevent spills

There are a variety of things you can do to guard against leaks and spillage within your Dopp kit:

  • Wrap your liquids in a small Ziploc bag and make sure to seal the bag tightly.
  • Take a piece of Saran Wrap and use it to cover the opening on the item’s bottle. Then, screw the top back on. It’s not only a great way to protect the other items in your bag, but it also helps prevent the container from exploding (which sometimes happens because of intense air pressure changes while flying).
  • Finally, you can wrap a small roll of Teflon tape around the cap of the container to prevent leaks. You can tear off the tape once you get to your destination and then re-wrap it before you return home.

7. So, what should I pack in my Dopp kit?

What you decide to pack in your Dopp kit is a matter of personal preference, i.e., what you feel that you must pack probably varies from what another man would pack.

It also depends on the length of your trip – the longer you’re gone, the more stuff you’re going to need potentially – and where you’re going.

Nonetheless, here are some basic items you should consider packing:

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Dental floss
  • Body wash (or a bar of your favorite soap)
  • A beard comb
  • A razor (preferably a quality re-usable razor, not a cheap plastic disposable one)
  • Earplugs (for the plane, for sound sleep, etc. You can pack them in a place other than your Dopp kit, if needed).
  • Medication (any prescription meds or things like aspirin, stomach relief, etc.)

Note: You can find quality foldable toothbrushes for a favorable price. They’ll help to save space in your Dopp kit.

Of course, dedicated beardsmen understand the importance of packing their favorite beard oil or balm, as well as a pair of beard scissors. You don’t want your beard to become unruly and have no way to fix it before you head out to an important meeting.

Also, remember that the TSA (Travel Security Administration) limits liquid and gel items to bottles no larger than 3.4 ounces. The only exceptions are for essential medications and food for infants and children.

Some tips for cleaning your Dopp kit

Getting the most out of your Dopp kit also means keeping it clean and in good shape, so it lasts you a long time. With proper care, a quality Dopp kit may last you a lifetime, and that’s why periodically cleaning it and inspecting its contents is vital.

  • Take everything out of your Dopp kit when it’s not in use. Empty the pockets, the mesh compartments, etc. and then take it outside to dump out any bits of debris. Clean the interior with an antibacterial wipe and, if possible, leave it in the sun or a similarly dry place to air it out.
  • Use an antibacterial wipe to wipe down the travel bottles and other containers. Let them air dry on a counter for an hour.
  • Check the expiration dates on all pills, liquids, and creams at least once a year. Toss out anything that’s expired and get refills if still needed.
  • Check the content levels of shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. While most hotels and other travel destinations provide complimentary toiletry items, it’s often an aggravation to get to your destination and discover that you left, say, your favorite shaving cream at home.

What’s the difference? Dopp kit vs. toiletry bag

When someone refers to a Dopp kit, is he or she referring to a toiletry bag? The answer is yes, but with one caveat: the term “Dopp kit,” to get a bit anal about it, technically refers to the type of bag invented by Charles Doppelt in 1919.

Doppelt’s creation was commonly referred to as a toiletry bag at first, but over the years people started to refer to it as a Dopp kit, which sounds better than “toilet bag” or even “toiletry bag.” Or, at the least, it seems a bit more socially acceptable.

A toiletry bag also may refer to a bathroom kit, toilet kit, travel kit, washing bag, shaving kit, ditty bag, or even “that thing I use to carry my razor and stuff when I travel” – which is about the most general description of all, but most people know what you mean when you say it.

Dopp kit is a name used most frequently in the United States. Doppelt, a craftsman working in Chicago at the time, developed the bag for U.S. soldiers serving in both world wars.

There became a great demand for his toiletry bags as the soldiers returned home, many with Dopp kits in hand, telling others about the many qualities of their “Dopp” bags.

Today’s Dopp kits come in a variety of styles and materials. Samsonite purchased the Dopp brand name in the early 1970s.

No matter what you call it, however, the Dopp kit is an essential travel companion for holding items you absolutely must bring with you without having to pack them separately in some other fashion.


A Dopp kit – i.e., toiletry bag – is an essential item to have when you travel. It helps keep personal items organized, while also helping to conserve space in your travel bag – whether it’s a carry-on or a suitcase.

It’s important to choose one that fits your travel needs, whether you’re an infrequent traveler or someone who’s always heading off to their next destination.

Do you use a Dopp kit for travel? If so, what brand and bag do you use, and why do you like it? We’d love your input and hope to hear from you soon.


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Domen Hrovatin
Domen Hrovatin

Domen—a self-confessed facial hair addict—is a grooming professional, style enthusiast, and someone with deep personal experience and knowledge about male pattern baldness. His work was mentioned in countless notable men's grooming and style publications, including Beardbrand and AskMen.

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