13 Best Blazers for Men That Look Nice & Dapper

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best blazers for men

Don’t own a blazer? It’s time to get one, brother.

Or, maybe you’d like to add another blazer or two to your wardrobe.

A blazer is a highly versatile piece of menswear that every man should own, and your choices are nearly endless.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks:
Cole Haan’s Slim-Fit Blazer

Our top choice for blazers is Cole Haan’s Slim Fit Blazer. It has a truly refined look, very stylish. Plus it provides just the right amount of stretch to give you a perfect fit.

U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Wool Blend Sport Coat

U.S. Polo Assn.’s Wool Blend Sport Coat is another great choice for men who like luxury. Its sophisticated style is augmented by elbow patches and a modern fit that will certainly help you stand out.

We’ll roam the entire blazer landscape, from the best blazers to tips for wearing blazers, to blazer types, and the difference between blazers, suit coats, and sports jackets. Let’s start with some blazer buying tips.

Quick Summary

bb2-table__imageCole Haan Men's Slim Fit Blazer
  • The 2% spandex blend provides the right amount of stretch
  • Coolmax lining and a hidden inside zipper pocket
  • It has a refined look
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bb2-table__imageU.S. Polo Assn. Men's Wool Blend Sport Coat
  • It has a look of luxury and sophistication
  • Elbow patches help to give it a distinctive look
  • Modern fit with a two-button closure
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bb2-table__imageHaggar Clothing Men's Tailored Fit In Motion Blazer
  • It consists of wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • It has a lightweight feel and stretches nicely
  • It has a regular fit, which makes it suitable for different body shapes
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bb2-table__imageP&L Men's Classic Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer Suit Separate Jacket
  • Lightweight design helps keep you cool and dry
  • Excellent versatility
  • Functional design with a classic fit
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bb2-table__imagePJ Paul Jones Men's Casual Knit Blazer Suit Jacket
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Machine washable
  • Versatile
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bb2-table__imageKenneth Cole REACTION Men's Slim Fit Evening Blazer
  • The unique look that makes a bold statement
  • Double-vented design allows for excellent freedom of movement
  • Three interior pockets as well as full lining
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bb2-table__imagePerry Ellis Men's Slim Fit Suit Separate (Blazer, Pant, and Vest)
  • It has a slimmer fit and looks good on men with athletic builds
  • The fabric has a nice stretch
  • Two-button closure and straight flap pockets
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bb2-table__imageGoodthreads Men's Slim-fit Stretch Twill Blazer
  • Cotton made
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Its modern styling features a slim fit
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bb2-table__imageAmazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's Slim-Fit Wool Blazer
  • It has plenty of pockets you can use to store your items
  • It has navy blue piping and a plaid butterfly liner
  • It features classic, casual styling that makes it very versatile to wear
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bb2-table__imageBeninos Men's Slim Fit Casual One Button Blazer
  • Excellent price
  • The casual vibe and feel make it suitable for many occasions
  • The slim-fit design isn’t too tight, and it offers a streamlined, classic look
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bb2-table__imageCOOFANDY Men's Floral Party Dress Suit Stylish Dinner Blazer
  • Unique design stands out from the rest
  • Offers a good fit for bigger men
  • Elegant look that’s great for special occasions
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bb2-table__imageChaps Men's All American Blazer
  • Stylish design
  • Made with wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • Classic fit provides freedom of movement
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bb2-table__imageLuciano Natazzi Two-button Wool Blazer
  • Modern trim fit design
  • Good for all-season wear
  • Has just the right amount of stretch
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Before you buy: 5 Things to consider when purchasing a blazer

There’s a lot to keep in mind when buying a blazer because blazers are somewhat like snowflakes in that no two are the same. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your choices:

1. The fit is everything

The fit has to be right, or the other factors to consider won’t matter. A blazer’s fit should:

  • Provide enough room in the shoulders to allow for full arm movement but not an excessive movement.
  • The sleeves should extend to the wrist bone and show from ¼ to ¾ inches of shirt cuff when standing straight.
  • There should be enough room in the chest to fully button the jacket but not so roomy that you could hide a baseball underneath it.
  • The blazer’s length should cover your backside, and perhaps a little bit more if your 6-foot or taller. Choose a shorter length if you’re less than 5-6.
  • The fit of the shoulder is critical. The blazer’s seams shouldn’t extend beyond the end of your shoulder.
  • If you’re between two sizes, go for the smaller fit.

2. Fabric

Blazers come in a variety of materials, and the fabric you choose should take into account climate, look, and use.

  • Wool

Wool is one of the warmest fibers and suitable for cooler temperatures. It has large stitching – because the fabric is naturally more substantial than other materials – and you can wear wool for almost every occasion.

  • Cotton

Cotton is durable and wearable for many types of events and climates. It tends to have a more casual look, but pairs well with a nice pair of pants and a dressier shirt.

  • Linen

Linen is of a lighter weight than wool and cotton, and it’s also much cooler and breathable. It’s thinner, has a more casual look, and is less durable than other fabrics. But it’s an ideal fabric for warmer weather.

  • Tweed

Tweed refers to a rough woolen fabric that has a refined look and pairs well with almost any outfit. It’s a warmer material that you’ll want to wear during the colder months, for the most part.

3. Colors

Blazers come in a wide variety of colors, and you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that suits your palette.

Standard colors such as navy and black work best for everyday wear, however.

Black blazers tend to be somewhat more casual, and they pair beautifully with a quality pair of jeans.

4. Design

The design and details of a blazer are other essential factors to consider when shopping for one that fits your tastes.

The width of the lapels is something to keep in mind; if it’s too skinny or too wide, it can give away the year in which you bought it. The lapel’s notch shouldn’t be too high, but more or less line up with the shoulders or slightly below it.

A blazer with buttons has a more formal look than one that doesn’t, while pockets can help dress things up, especially side pockets. Meanwhile, interior pockets provide extra space for carrying your valuables.

5. Price

The amount you’ll pay for a blazer depends on the fabric, brand, and other factors.

Luxury brands will cost more, as you’d expect, but you’ll find many great blazers at an affordable price. The key is to find a well-constructed blazer in a style you like that fits your budget.

The 13 best blazers for men

1. Cole Haan Men’s Slim-Fit Blazer

Cole Haan Men's Slim Fit Blazer

Best features:

  • Flexible
  • Lightweight construction
  • Coolmax lining

The best blazer for:

Men looking for a casual wool blazer style


Cole Haan’s Slim-Fit Blazer earns high marks for many reasons, including its lightweight construction and ventilated mesh yoke that make it cooler and more breathable than many other wool blazers.

Comfort also comes from a 2% blend of spandex that gives an extra bit of stretch and always provides a comfortable fit . And there’s more:

  • It features Cole Haan’s signature Coolmax lining that helps to enhance comfort and breathability.
  • The blazer comes in a stylish two-button design.
  • It’s a slim-fit design, but Cole Haan offers a very wide range of sizes that fit most men.
  • You have plenty of colors from which to choose, including classic colors such as blue, navy, black, and gray.
  • It features a hidden, zippered pocket inside that’s an excellent addition and one that allows you to store your valuables while protecting against theft. There’s even felt eyewear storage included in the breast pocket.

The Cool Haan Slim-Fit Blazer also comes at a very reasonable price considering all that it has to offer (and how it looks).


  • It has a slim-fit design but comes in a vast array of sizes.
  • The Coolmax lining is very breathable and helps keep you cool in warmer weather.
  • Cole Haan offers a wide range of color options.


  • You can’t buy it with custom options.

Bottom Line

Cole Haan has a hit on its hands with its men’s Slim-Fit Blazer. It’s breathable, has just the right amount of stretch, and available in many colors and sizes.

2. U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Wool Blend Sport Coat

U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Wool Blend Sport Coat

Best features:

  • Iconic design
  • Elbow patches
  • Modern fit

The best blazer for:

Men looking for a distinctive blazer design


Whether you wear it for a more formal look or want to dress up your casual style a bit, the U.S. Polo Association’s Wool Blend Sport Coat is versatile and stylish.

It’s also distinctive and a bit iconic thanks to elbow patches that give it an excellent sense of sophistication. While elbow patches aren’t an ideal choice for suit coats, they look great on blazers. It’s a vintage look that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

There are other reasons to choose this blazer, including that it offers a “modern” fit. It’s excellent for men with smaller frames, who sometimes struggle to find the right fit, but it’s a good fit for most body shapes and sizes.

The U.S. Polo Wool Blend Sport Coat features a two-button closure, as well as a non-functional button detailing on its cuffs. Its other features include a chest welt pocket, a flap welt pocket, four interior pockets, a notch lapel, and side vents.

The blazer consists of a 55% wool and 45% wool/polyester blend that’s flexible and of a comfortable weight.


  • The four interior pockets are a nice plus.
  • It features a modern fit with two-button closure
  • Its elbow patches give it a posh and stylish look.


  • The sizing runs a bit lean.

Bottom line

You’d expect a sense of sophistication and luxury from apparel with the U.S. Polo Association name – and that’s what you get from the Wool Blend Sport Coat, which ranks among the best classic blazers.

3. Haggar Clothing Men’s Tailored Fit In Motion Blazer

Haggar Clothing Men's Tailored Fit In Motion Blazer

Best features:

  • Tailored fit
  • Ideal weight
  • Doesn’t wrinkle easily

The best blazer for:

Men looking for a blazer that isn’t in the slim-cut style


Making sure that a blazer always looks it best while on vacation can be a challenge, especially if it’s packed in a suitcase or carry-on for any length of time.

You won’t have any worries with Haggar’s Tailored Fit In-Motion Blazer, however. It keeps its shape and remains wrinkle-free, even if stuffed away in a suitcase for hours, and it also looks good right out of the box after you purchase it.

The 100% polyester Haggar blazer features a straight fit, unlike the slim-cut fit you’ll find for many blazers and other men’s clothing, and many reviewers say it fits true to size.

Its features include a two-button closure, four sleeve buttons, mesh armhole insets, side vents, and notched lapels. It has a nice stretch to it, which encourages a full range of movement without feeling constrictive in any way.


  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric is great for travel.
  • Lightweight feel, and the stretch fabric adjusts easily to your body’s movements.
  • Ideal weight overall for most men.


  • May run tight in the arms if you have a muscular physique.

Bottom line

Haggar’s Tailored Fit In-Motion Blazer offers a comfortable, regular fit that’s lightweight and very flexible. It’s an excellent blazer for travel.

4. P&L Men’s Classic Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer Suit Separate Jacket

P&L Men's Classic Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer Suit Separate Jacket

Best features:

  • Breathable
  • Elegant classic fit
  • Lightweight

The best blazer for:

Men looking for a versatile blazer with breathable fabric


Who doesn’t appreciate versatile men’s apparel? There’s a lot to love about versatility, not the least of which is that you can wear it for different occasions and pair it with many types of clothing.

That’s one of the reasons why we think you’ll like the P&L Classic-Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer Suit. It’s ideal for everyday living (wear it to the office), business meetings and gatherings, parties, weddings, and even proms if you’re of a certain age.

You’ll also like it for several other reasons, including:

  • It’s made from a breathable fabric – 93% polyester, 4% viscose, 2% linen, and 1% spandex – that’s lightweight.
  • It provides a full range of motion because it offers just the right amount of stretch.
  • It has a half-lining, which means it doesn’t close off the entire inside of the jacket. In turn, heat isn’t trapped inside – which means you’ll stay cooler, as well as drier, because you won’t sweat as much in warm weather and climates.
  • It has a single-breasted design with a two-button closure.
  • It features a classic fit that suits many body types and sizes.
  • It includes flap pockets in which the flap is sewn into the top of the pocket to cover the opening. It helps to keep your things safe.
  • There are four sleeve buttons placed closed to the hem.

The P&L Classic-Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer is a true all-season type of menswear, and while it’s not entirely wrinkle-resistant, many reviewers say it’s easy to get the wrinkles out while making it look as good as new.


  • It has a lighter weight than some other blazers because of its half-lining.
  • You can wear it for business or casual events, and it’s a great casual blazer for men with jeans.
  • It features a functional, practical design with a classic fit.


  • Sleeves may run long.

Bottom line

Los Angeles-based P&L Suits makes a wide range of men’s blazers, suit coats, and formal wear that meet the needs of today’s men. Their Stretch Blazer Suit is a versatile blazer with excellent styling.

5. PJ Paul Jones Men’s Casual Knit Blazer Suit Jacket

PJ Paul Jones Men's Casual Knit Blazer Suit Jacket

Best features:

  • Two-button closure
  • Variety of colors available
  • Machine washable

The best blazer for:

Men who would like a very versatile and easy to clean blazer


PJ Paul Jones surely might not be the most famous brand in terms of blazers, but they definitely know how to design one that ticks all the boxes. That is why PJ Paul Jones Men’s Casual Knit Blazer Suit Jacket made it to our list.

First of all, it looks very stylish and fashionable, and it provides a tailored modern fit that will surely make you look smart and stand out from the crowd.

It is constructed with 75% polyester, 22% viscose, and 3% spandex. This combination of fabrics not only provides a soft and comfortable feel but is also very lightweight. This means it will not weigh you down or feel uncomfortable after long hours of wearing it.

But, there’s more.

The fabric is also breathable and provides some decent elasticity because of its inclusion of spandex. This means greater freedom of movement.

Nevertheless, what makes this blazer better are the facts that 1) it is machine washable and 2) it is almost wrinkle-free. This makes maintaining and cleaning very easy without the need of visiting a dry cleaning store every time you need to wash it.

Its two-button closure design makes it very versatile to use on literally any occasion, smart or casual. It is also very spacious in terms of storage as it features inner and outer pockets, which you can use to easily store your essential belongings for easier access.

However, the sizing runs a little bit small. Make sure to check the size list before you order one.

Additionally, while we found the quality solid for the price, some Amazon reviewers found the quality of the blazer cheap. Nevertheless, for the price, you can’t go wrong with it.


  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Breathable and wrinkle-free
  • Machine washable is a huge plus
  • Versatile – can be worn on any occasion, smart, or casual
  • Great price


  • Sizing runs small
  • Quality is not as high as other more expensive blazers

Bottom line

A great affordable blazer that is easy to wash and is very versatile.

6. Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Slim Fit Evening Blazer

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Velvet Slim Fit Evening Blazer

Best features:

  • Colorful design
  • Interior pocket
  • Designed for freedom of movement

The best blazer for:

Men looking for a quality slim fit blazer


Kenneth Cole’s Reaction Slim-Fit Blazer is one of the best blazers around, and it’s the epitome of classic evening attire and casual wear.

Then again, it’s not meant only for the evening, because you can wear it during the day as well – especially when paired with jeans and a patterned shirt.

It’s eye-catching, no matter when you wear it, however, and a great choice for men with a bold attitude. It has a subtle shine in the evening lights and comes in a variety of colors that capture the nighttime vibe perfectly.

It has a lot else going for it, as well, including double vents that provide a nice range of movement. Its shoulders are higher and its sleeves trimmer, which helps give it a tailored look.

Other key features include a two-button closure and notch lapel, two flap pockets on the side, a single breast pocket, and three interior pockets.

And, like everything else in the Kenneth Cole Reaction Label, it’s designed to be travel-smart.


  • Fresh and eye-catching look that helps to make a bold statement.
  • Comfortable tailoring that allows wearers full freedom of movement.
  • Fully-lined interior with three interior pockets.


  • Color is perhaps a little lighter than shown.

Bottom line

If you wish to add a slim-fit blazer to your wardrobe, then you should give Kenneth Cole’s Reaction Slim-Fit Evening Blazer serious consideration.

7. Perry Ellis Men’s Slim Fit Suit Separate (Blazer, Pant, and Vest)

Perry Ellis Men's Slim Fit Suit Separate (Blazer, Pant, and Vest)

Best features:

  • Nice stretch
  • Comfortable
  • Slim-fit design

The best blazer for

Men with athletic builds


Another blazer with a slim-fit design is the Perry Ellis Slim-Fit Blazer. It runs true to size and is an especially good look on men with athletic builds.

It’s also a comfortable fit with the right amount of stretch that doesn’t hinder your natural movement. The Perry Ellis Slim-Fit Blazer consists of 65% polyester and 35% viscose.

Viscose is a type of (semi-synthetic) rayon fabric made from wood pulp used as a silk substitute. It has a similar look and smooth feel of silk. It’s considered semi-synthetic because of chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

But you don’t have to worry about the Perry Ellis Slim-Fit blazer having the “shiny” look of silk or satin because it doesn’t. Instead, it has a classic finish, and it’s a great addition to any wardrobe.

As mentioned, the blazer (which is part of a suit that includes pants and a vest), is a great fit for men with athletic builds. It features a two-button closure, a notch lapel, straight flap pockets, and side vents.


  • Many reviewers say you can wear it right off the rack without worrying about its fit.
  • It allows for excellent comfort and ease of movement.
  • The fabric is flexible and offers a nice stretch.


  • The blue is darker than you might expect.

Bottom line

Perry Ellis suits earn plenty of good reviews and ratings, and with good reason. Their Slim-Fit Separate blazer allows for substantial comfort and ease of movement.

8. Goodthreads Men’s Slim-fit Stretch Twill Blazer

Goodthreads Men's Slim-fit Stretch Twill Blazer

Best features:

  • 98% cotton
  • Slim fit
  • Comes in a variety of colors

The best blazer for:

Men who like to wear stylish blazers on casual outings or traveling


Goodthreads came a long way in recent years. It is a men’s clothing brand that is owned by Amazon, like Amazon Essentials and Buttoned Down. Goodthreads is a little more fashionable and higher quality than Amazon Essentials, but not as formal as their Buttoned Down collection. This makes the brand a perfect blend between casual and formal. This is reflected by their Men’s Slim-fit Stretch Twill Blazer.

You’ll appreciate Goodthreads Men’s Slim-fit Stretch Twill Blazer’s comfortable fit. It is constructed with 98% cotton and 2% polyester making it very soft and breathable to wear. It has a slim-fit design and a modern yet classic look, making it perfect for smart-casual occasions such as a night out or a date, etc.

Additionally, there’s plenty of storage space built into this blazer, including three exterior pockets for storing your phone, and other important items.

Even though the manufacturer says it is very lightweight, it is important to note that while there are plenty of heavier blazers out there, this one has some weight on it, and it is also on the thicker side. Nevertheless, this doesn’t take away from its comfort and also means that it is very durable.


  • Breathable and durable design.
  • Stylish modern look.
  • Cotton makes it feel very soft when wearing.


  • A little bit thicker than expected.

Bottom line

If you like to wear blazers casually, then you will find Goodthreads Men’s Slim-fit Stretch Twill Blazer great for you. It has a modern design that is perfect for casual and semi-formal occasions.

9. Amazon Brand – Goodthreads Men’s Slim-Fit Wool Blazer

Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's Slim-Fit Wool Blazer

Best features:

  • Warm
  • Versatile design
  • Slim-fit

The best blazer for:

Men looking for a wool blend blazer that’s budget-friendly


The Amazon Goodthreads collection is all about wear-everywhere apparel that can take your style to a new level.

A prime example is the Goodthreads Slim-Fit Wool Blazer, which looks great in casual settings but which you can also wear for more dressed-up occasions.

The Slim-Fit Wool Blazer isn’t entirely wool – it consists primarily of a blend of wool (50%) and polyester (40%) – but it’s warm like wool and has a heavyweight feel and design that makes it ideal for cooler weather.

You can purchase it in slim-fit, standard-fit, and extra-large sizes, and its design includes three exterior patch pockets, two interior slit pockets, as well as a plaid flannel lining.

It’s also versatile in that you can pair it with many types of clothing, including long and short-sleeve button-down shirts and chinos made from wrinkle-free fabric. Of course, it pairs well with polos and t-shirts for a sporty casual look.


  • You can easily find the right fit for you because it comes in three sizes.
  • It’s a go-to blazer that pairs well with a variety of wardrobe staples.
  • Non-functioning cuff buttons enhance its overall look.


  • Material is a little heavy for some.

Bottom line

The Amazon Goodthreads line, including its men’s slim-fit wool blazer, features versatile, stylish apparel that looks great with a variety of clothing.

10. Beninos Men’s Slim Fit Casual One Button Blazer

Beninos Men's Slim Fit Casual One Button Blazer

Best features:

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Interior pocket

The best blazer for:

Men on a budget


The Beninos Slim-Fit Blazer presents a casual, minimalist look that’s ideal for casual outings – including business-casual work settings.

Made from a lightweight blend of cotton and polyester, this blazer features a clean design that includes a one-button closure, a notch lapel, two front flap pockets, and an interior pocket that’s ideal for storing your valuables.

It‘s also versatile enough to pair with many different clothing options, whether it’s with a white dress shirt, khakis, or jeans. You can also wear it with casual shoes.

The buckle blazer button lies in the waistline position to highlight the waist outline; again, it’s more of a slim-fit design, so choose according to your body shape.

But one of the best features of the Beninos Slim-Fit One-Button Blazer Jacket is its price. You can buy it for under $50, and it comes in a variety of colors.

While the fabric isn’t the same quality as some other top-quality blazers, it’s durable enough, and – for the price – you can buy a couple of them to help fill out your wardrobe.


  • It’s more affordable than many other blazers.
  • It has a lightweight feel and design that makes it ideal for warm-weather wear.
  • You have many color options from which to choose.


  • Sizing may run small.

Bottom Line

Looking for a nice, affordable blazer that won’t break the bank but still adds plenty of style to your look? The Beninos Slim-Fit One-Button Blazer may be just what you need.

11. COOFANDY Men’s Floral Party Dress Suit Stylish Dinner Blazer

COOFANDY Men's Floral Party Dress Suit Stylish Dinner Blazer

Best features:

  • Distinctive design
  • Great for special occasions
  • Good fit for bigger men

The best blazer for:

Men who want a blazer that stands out from the crowd


Standard blazer colors and designs are cool and suit almost every man. Sometimes a man wants something a little different, however.

Coofandy’s Floral Party Blazer qualifies as “different” with its eye-catching floral design that’s for any man who prefers something out of the ordinary – or even extraordinary, for that matter.

It’s also extremely versatile in that you can wear it for all kinds of special gatherings: weddings, prom, banquets, graduation ceremonies, formal parties, etc. And it comes in three colors, gray, red, and black.

Plus, it’s a quality jacket that does more than just “pop” with its uniquely good looks. It has a notch lapel, two fake flap buttons, a one-button closure, and four-button cuffs.

Interestingly, it’s advertised as having a slim fit, but its reviewers – at least some, that is – say it’s suitable for men with larger frames.

You can also pair it with other types of clothing: from white dress shirts to sharp leather shoes, and with a bow tie.


  • The floral design is an excellent touch for men who want to add pizazz to formal outings.
  • Comes in seven sizes to suit most men.
  • You can choose from three colors.


  • Some men may prefer an exact slim fit.

Bottom line

Coofandy has you covered if you want to rock a floral design blazer that sets you apart from the rest.

12. Chaps Men’s All American Blazer 

Chaps Men's All American Blazer

Best features:

  • Classic fit
  • Modern look
  • Two-button closure

The best blazer for:

Men looking to modernize their wardrobe without going too slim


Chaps Men’s All American Blazer is a blazer that deserves a mention on our list. Why? This is because of its unrivaled quality.

It is constructed with 60% polyester, 28% rayon, and 4% elastane fabric making it super comfortable to wear. What makes this fabric blend special is that it is wrinkle-resistant. You can move freely without worrying about creating unwanted wrinkles on your blazer. This means you will look your best no matter the situation – unless you spill your drink on it that is.

It also has a regular cut, which goes against the grain somewhat in a world where many blazers feature slim-cut designs. The classic fit makes it very breathable and provides unrivaled freedom of movement while wearing it.

Lastly, it is true to size and features a button closure. It is available in a variety of colors (black, blue and light grey) and can be bought with their respective pants – if needed.

Its only drawback is that it is a little bit expensive, but we believe it is worth the price for its quality.


  • The fabric’s fibers are wrinkle-resistant and breathable.
  • It’s stylish to wear to almost any occasion.
  • Classic fit provides great freedom of movement.


  • A bit expensive.

Bottom line

The Chaps Men’s All American Blazer has the look, comfort, and feel of a blazer that’s well suited for any smart-casual or formal outings – absolute versatility.

13. Luciano Natazzi Two-button Wool Blazer

Luciano Natazzi Two-button Wool Blazer

Best features:

  • Made from worsted wool
  • Versatile
  • Modern styling

The best blazer for:

Men looking for a trim-fit wool blazer


Luciano Natazzi is a men’s apparel company worth keeping an eye on, and their Two-Button Wool Blazer is an excellent choice for any man seeking a wool fabric coat good for all seasons.

It’s made from worsted wool, for starters. Worsted comes from the name of a village in England, where it has its roots. Worsted wool refers to stronger, finer, and smoother wool that makes for an excellent suit and blazer fabric, among other things.

It also includes a slight blend of polyester, which helps to give it a bit more stretch than it might have otherwise.

It has what Natazzi calls a “modern, trim fit,” and includes a two-button closure, dual side vents, a notch lapel, a single-breasted design, an external chest pocket, and three interior pockets.

We also like this blazer because you can wear it for daily use or business meetings, weddings, and classier dinner parties. Plus, the wool isn’t so warm that you can’t wear it when temperatures turn a bit warmer.


  • It’s an excellent all-season wool suit.
  • It has a modern, trim fit and design.
  • Plenty of pocket space.


  • Sleeve length may run a tad long.

Bottom line

There’s a lot to like about the Luciano Natazzi Wool Blazer, from its design to its comfortable feel. It’s a strong option among wool blazers.

6 Tips for wearing a blazer

The blazer is a smart-casual jacket that’s exceptionally versatile. You can pair it with a variety of clothes to add a beautiful blend of style and class to your everyday wardrobe.

1. Consider the fit

We discussed the importance of getting the right fit in our earlier section about blazer buying tips, but it’s a factor that’s worth extra emphasis.

In general, a blazer’s fit is too tight if there’s an “X” shape at the closure when it’s pulled too tight across the chest. If the shoulders aren’t broad enough, the length of the arm will ride up and become too short.

Another sign of a tight fit is a collar that bunches up and pulls at the neck, which further limits movement.

A fit that’s too loose causes the blazer’s closure to sag and droop forward, as well as the shoulder to extend past your actual shoulders to create a lumpy, untidy look.

A too-loose fit also results in the sleeve length falling past the base of your thumb, as well as a collar that pulls away from the neck to leave a noticeable gap.

Something else to keep in mind regarding fit is that it should accommodate an additional layer. That’s important for cooler weather and colder climates in which you may want to layer with, say, a sweater or other knitwear.

2. The blazer in a business casual workplace

Some workplaces are more casual than others. Pairing a polo shirt with chinos is a classic, ubiquitous look for those workplaces, but you can raise the bar a bit style-wise by wearing a blazer over your polo.

You can always wear your blazer with a white dress shirt and tie if you want to rock a dressier workplace look.

No matter what you wear it with, however, you’ll appreciate a blazer’s versatility.

3. Have more than one blazer in your closet

Blazers are not only versatile but provide wearers with the opportunity to try out different styles, colors, and brands. Your wardrobe should include a mix of inexpensive and pricier blazers that help you to be ready for every occasion.

4. Buttons

Two or three buttons remains the standard for blazers, while anything less or more than that may fit specific trends – or not.

5. Some classic blazer looks

There are so many different ways to pair blazers thanks to their versatility.

We just mentioned wearing a blazer with a dress shirt and tie, which makes it appropriate for more formal events. You can mix and match dress shirts and ties to fit your style. But make sure the blazer isn’t too casual, or you’ll create something of a frumpy look.

Wearing a blazer over a polo shirt is a way to look dressier in typical business casual workplaces, and it also presents a sporty look that’s ideal for many occasions.

Cardigans and sweaters add warmth, comfort and texture when worn under blazers, and even present an air of sophistication.

A casual, yet cool look is to wear a blazer over a v-neck t-shirt. A v-neck tee presents a better look with the blazer’s lapel than does a traditional crew neck t-shirt.

You can also dress up your casual look by wearing a blazer with a nice pair of dark jeans. Or, you can wear slouchy or distressed jeans to mix things up and to present an interesting, unexpected look.

6. Use different colors, patterns, and fabrics

If you prefer a bolder look, don’t hesitate to wear blazers of vibrant colors, as well as in prints and patterns such as stripes and checks. Mix up the fabric, too, and wear everything from linen to velvet blazers, if you so choose.

8 Blazer types you should be aware of

Blazers come in a variety of fabrics, styles, and colors, which is good news for men looking to enhance their wardrobe and look. The different types of blazers include:

1. Two-button single-breasted

A standard blazer style is the two-button single-breasted design. It’s extremely versatile, especially if you choose it in a common color, such as navy.

2. Three-button single-breasted

The three-button single-breasted style has become more popular, and it’s an ideal choice for men taller than 6-feet. Wearing a three-button blazer with pants of a different color adds a nice sense of (style) balance for taller men.

3. Six-button double-breasted

The six-button style is more formal than the two- and three-breasted design, and usually includes peaked, rather than notched, lapels, although not in every case.

4. Structured & and unstructured

Structured blazers feature sharp, clean shapes, and shoulder pads, and are well-suited for more formal events. Unstructured blazers have a softer, more flexible design that has minimal, if any, shoulder pads. That makes them better for more casual occasions.

5. Cotton

You can also define blazer types based on their fabric, which we discussed earlier in our section blazer buying tips.

Lightweight cotton blazers represent a summertime staple and work best with casual outfits. You can buy them in a variety of colors, but you should choose a color that works well with your skin tone.

6. Wool

Wool is a bit heavy for the summer, but they’re great for the other seasons. Navy and gray blazers provide versatility to your wardrobe.

7. Linen

Linen, like cotton, is an excellent choice for blazer fabric for the summer because it’s lightweight and breathable. Linen blazers look best when unstructured.

8. Tweed

Tweed is a heavier blazer fabric that makes it most suitable for the winter. Tweed has a classy, sophisticated look that also works for more casual wardrobes.

What’s the difference – A blazer vs. a suit coat vs. a sports jacket

Any man who wants to get the most from his wardrobe benefits from knowing how to distinguish between different types of clothing. The same rule applies to blazers and other types of jackets, specifically suit jackets and sports coats.

Knowing the difference between the three can help make shopping easier while ensuring that you always look your best for any occasion.

1. The blazer

We’ve already talked a lot about blazers in this post. As many of you know, a blazer is dressier than a sports jacket but isn’t as elegant as a suit coat.

That said, a blazer represents a piece that falls nicely in the middle, and that can elevate your overall look without it becoming too formal.

Among a blazer’s many attributes is that it’s very versatile; you can wear one to dress “up” or “down” depending on the occasion.

Blazers also come in a variety of colors, although navy blue is the traditional color. Men’s fashion experts often suggest that you choose navy blue if you plan to have only one blazer.

Blazers have a bit more shoulder structure than a sports jacket (and more tailoring) and come in two-button single-breasted, three-button single-breasted, and six-button double-breasted varieties. They also feature buttons and pockets.

Standard blazer fabrics include wool, cashmere, serge, linen, and cotton blends.

2. The suit coat

The suit coat is the dressiest of the three types and has also been around the longest.

One of the most obvious distinguishing characteristics of a suit coat is that it usually comes with a pair of matching pants, or even a vest made of the same fabric and weave.

Suit coats tend to have fewer embellishments than blazers and sports jackets and come in a smaller variety of colors. Instead, they generally feature neutral colors and simple patterns.

Of the three, suit coats are the most fitted, and men typically don’t wear them in layers (and shouldn’t).

Suit coat fabrics include wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, and more.

3. The sports jacket

The sports jacket, or sports coat, is less formal than blazers and suit coats. Sports jackets get their name because they once served as outerwear for sporting activities, such as hunting.

Today, sports jackets offer an excellent alternative when the season or occasion doesn’t require something as formal as a suit.

Sports jackets come in a wide variety of colors and patterns; they’re less structured than blazers and suit coats – which means you can wear them with other layers – and pair well with denim pants when you want a slightly more formal look.

Sports jackets also come in a variety of fabrics, including flannel and tweed.

5 Cool blazer accessories

There are plenty of accessories you can use to show off your style, and to enhance your overall look, when wearing a blazer. Here’s a look at some of the most common ones:

1. Necktie

You can dress up your blazer “look” with a dress shirt and necktie. A necktie is always a good option for more formal outings, and it’s one of the best accessories for business settings.

There are a plethora of quality neckties from which to choose, including Weishang’s classic silk neckties. The latter comes in a 12-piece set, and at an affordable price.

If you prefer, you can add a tie clip as a further embellishment, and add a bit more distinction to your outfit. Check out Jstyle’s tie clip set.

2. Pocket square

A pocket square is a small detail that can raise your suit game and style to another level.

An important factor to keep in mind when wearing a pocket square is that it goes well with your tie, i.e., it should be of a complementary color, although you’ll have some freedom when choosing color and pattern.

Jeatonge offers a 20-piece pocket square set that should fit your needs.

3. Lapel pin

Don’t hesitate to spruce up your blazer fashion with a lapel pin. It’s another small detail that provides an extra bit of flair.

Lapel pins can be decorative, or represent the wearer’s organization, or affiliation with a cause. They may work best for special occasions, but that’s not a hard-and-fast rule by any means.

There are many, many lapel pin styles available on Amazon, so we’ll let you choose the one that best fits your needs and style.

4. Watch

A watch is a classic piece that pairs brilliantly with a blazer and suit.

If you’re in the market for a classic wristwatch, Seiko Men’s Presage 23 is a great choice. If more expensive watches are your thing, check out our review of the best luxury watches.

5. Cufflinks

Cufflinks also work well with blazers as long as the formality is in line with the jacket. Dressy links may not pair as well with some blazers as would simple metal or leather links.

Rovtop offers formal cufflinks with a simple design and an affordable price.

How we chose these blazers for our review

To say no two blazers are the same is a vast understatement. Picking the best blazers from a multitude of designs, fabrics, and features isn’t easy – but, then again, we’re not looking for sympathy.

Instead, we dug in an examined all factors. Fit, is obviously important, and the reviews of others (not the least of which are customers) reveal a lot regarding fit. Slim-fit, for example, is a popular cut these days, but it doesn’t necessarily suit every man.

We also examined different types of fabric, overall design, features such as buttons and cuffs, and even if it remained wrinkle-free during travel. And we considered price; the cost of blazers varies widely from brand to brand, and design.

Finally, we noted how well each blazer worked for different occasions.

While blazers are less formal than sport coats, you can still wear them for occasions when the setting is a bit more formal.

Frequently asked questions)

What is a blazer?

A blazer closely resembles a suit jacket but has a more casual cut, and a looser fit. It often features buttons that borrow from its boating club origins.

How do you fold a blazer?

Begin by holding the blazer at the center of the collar. Flip one shoulder inside out, but not the entire sleeve, then the jacket in half backward.

Make sure to stack the shoulder pads on top of each other so that the jacket’s lining faces out. Then fold the blazer in half at the waist.

How to wear a blazer

We look at different ways of wearing blazers in a section above (“Tips for wearing blazers”). In general, blazers work great in business casual settings, but also when paired with a wide variety of clothing – from dress shirts to jeans.

How should a blazer fit?

Your blazer shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, as we discuss above.

The sleeve length should reveal a ¼ to ¾ inch of your shirt cuff when standing, while the shoulders should have enough room to allow for full arm movement. There should be enough room in the chest to button the blazer comfortably.

How should you pack a blazer for travel?

Place the blazer on a flat surface, unbuttoned. Fold the right shoulder inside-out and underneath the jacket. Flip it over and pull the left shoulder under the right shoulder. Fold it in half twice and then place it on the top of the other belongings in your bag.

What to wear with a blazer

One of the many attributes of a blazer is its versatility. You can wear it with casual clothing, such as polos, chinos, and jeans, or with a white dress shirt and tie for a more formal look. The possibilities are many.

How to measure blazer size

Blazer measurements include upper arm width, forearm width, chest width, the collar to shoulder measurement, shoulder to sleeve, shoulder to shoulder, waist width, front length, hip width, and sleeve hole width.

How to wear a blazer with jeans

Color is of crucial importance when pairing blazers with jeans. Navy blazers work best, although grays and tweeds look nice, as well. Jeans of a darker color pair well with blazers, although lighter color jeans present a nice casual look.

What should you wear under a blazer?

A blazer can give you a polished look without the formality of a suit. Among the things you can wear under it are a tailored cotton dress shirt, a polo shirt, a t-shirt, and a flannel shirt.

How do you iron a blazer?

Set your iron to a cool-to-warm setting if the blazer consists of a polyester blend or wool, or hot for cotton, linen, and denim.

Start by ironing the shoulders – unless it has shoulder pads – while draping the shoulder over the end of the ironing board. Move to the sleeves next, then the body and, finally, the collar and lapels.

How to wear blazers casually

There are many ways to create a casual look with a blazer, from pairing one with jeans and chinos, with polo shirts and t-shirts, to even shorts if you want to add a little fun to your look.

What color pants should I wear with a blue blazer?

A blue blazer pairs best with dark gray shades of pants, and even light gray (although you don’t want to go too light). You can also wear them with white and off-white trousers if you wear a darker shirt.

What color pants go best with a black blazer?

Black blazers look best with black, grey, or light blue pants. You’ll want to stay away from navy and dark brown pants.

When should you wear a blazer?

One of the many great things about a blazer is its versatility. You can wear it on a date, to dinner, a night out with family and friends, to small office gatherings. It’s not as formal as a suit coat, but don’t be afraid to pair it with a nice shirt and pants.

What do you wear with a navy-blue blazer?

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to the clothes you wear with a navy-blue blazer.

Blacks pants and a black shirt with a navy-blue blazer is a good combination for more formal events, while a white shirt adds a prim and proper look.

A navy-blue blazer with jeans, or khakis, creates a quintessential casual look.

How long should a blazer be?

The blazer should end around your mid to lower crotch area. Shorter men should keep the length to about mid-crotch, while taller men can wear a blazer that’s longer than that. The length of the blazer creates a balance between your upper and lower body.

What do you wear with a black blazer?

What to wear with a black blazer most often comes down to its style and when and where you plan to wear it.

In general, a black blazer with gray pants is a stylish combination, and you can pair it with a white shirt and black dress shoes. For a smart-casual style, pair a black blazer with beige pants.

What’s the difference between a blazer and a sports coat?

A blazer is considered dressier and more formal than a sports coat. Blazers are also more tailored. The sports coat is a staple of casual styling, although it can offer a bit of sophistication, as well.

What should you wear with a gray blazer?

Grey blazers pair well with lighter pieces, such as a blue shirt. A nice pair of chinos looks great with a gray tweed blazer, while you can wear a black shirt and pants with a dark gray blazer. Or, you can wear gray pants with a gray blazer if the tones match.

How to wear a velvet blazer

Velvet blazers make for ideal dinner jackets, while black velvet is great for super formal events.

Or, if you prefer a more edgy look, pair a velvet blazer with black, skinny jeans.

Finally, slim jeans and plain, untucked t-shirts create an excellent casual velvet look.

How to make a blazer

Pick a pattern and fabric you like before you start constructing your blazer.

You’ll find good sewing patterns here, while other considerations include whether you want to line the jacket (either full or half-lining), and the type of pockets.


You can do a lot with a blazer. It pairs well with a variety of clothing, and you can wear one for a multitude of occasions. Adding one or two to your closet enhances your wardrobe and helps to give you a versatile look.

What are your thoughts? What blazer do you own and why do you like it? Have you worn any of the blazers we list on our reviews? We’d love to hear from you.


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